Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

His interests rose high. Despite that, however, I didn’t hesitate to approach the door.

“Then I’ll be leaving.”

With that, I’ve paid back all the debts I owed him before.

‘I should hurry home and cross out some things on the paper.’

I was opening the door, but just then.

Click, the door shut back closed the moment it started to open.


I was flustered when I saw an arm above my head, his hand against the door.

The men who approached me from behind so fast was keeping the door closed with his arms out.

I was in a position where I was trapped between him and the door.


A low voice ringed throughout the room.

I was visibly flustered from the unexpected position I was in.

“Wh, what is it? Do you still have something to say?”

Vinter replied after a moment of silence.

“……I want to return the favor as you’ve watched the kids for me.”

“It’s fine. I wasn’t supposed to enter in the first place…… .”

“I’m the kind who cannot live on when I have depts to pay back.”

He lowered his head dow towards me while speaking. The two masks were now a level closer.

‘Is he perhaps threatening me to make sure that I keep my mouth closed?’

My throat felt dry. Even if he didn’t act this way, I was still going to watch my mouth as I didn’t wish to get involved with him any deeper.

I leaned against the door on my back, trying to get even a bit further away from him, but still tried to look calm and relaxed as I shrugged.

“I don’t really need anything specifically.”

Debt my ass, your name will be crossed out from the paper when I get out of this place.

Vinter waited a moment before stating something out of the blue.

“I’m a sorcerer.”

“…… .”

“I have a skill where I can do things that most of the others cannot.”

I suffered as I couldn’t understand where he was getting with this.

‘So is he saying that others cannot kill me but he can or what.”

I was trying to find the words to reply to his threats.

“Please visit us whenever you need help.”

That moment, a white box appeared behind Vinter’s head.

Hidden Quest [Reveal the sorcerer’s secret!] Mission Completed!

You have successfully figured out his secrets in the sorcerer’s secret space. [The Sorcerer’s Help 1 use] is given as an reward.

Would you like to accept the reward?

[Yes. / No.]


The reward was so absurd that made a feigned laughter come out from me.

Fear, decision making, and the fierce worries that I had to experience due to the unexpected quest.

Isn’t the reward too ridiculous thinking that it is given to me who is currently running away from the situation, thinking in mind that I’ll never going to see him again?

“……How cruel.”


Vinter asked when I muttered to myself.

I softly pushed him away from me.

I didn’t use my strength in pushing, but he backed away anyways.

He was how completely behind the system box. Then I secretly pressed on [Yes.] while pretending that I was taking my hands off him.

“I’ll visit again when I need something.”

I was in a position where I had to accept even those kinds of rewards that seemed to ridicule me.

It was because I didn’t know when and how I’ll come to use it if a moment comes where my life’s in danger.

“Though there’s no way that’ll happen.

At least, there shouldn’t be.

You have received [The Sorcerer’s Help 1 use].

Shout [Favor] to use.

I checked the system box for the last time before I turned around and opened the door.

And when I was finally out of Vinter’s base, the sky was already dark above the alley.

“Ha, shit…… .”

I felt despair as I walked down the short stairs from the entrance of the base.

“What am I thinking, forgetting to ask for a carriage to take me home, idiot…… .”

I completely forgot about it as my head was spinning back in there. That I couldn’t teleport back home.

‘Should I go back in and ask for help?’

I thought, looking back at the door I came out from.

However, the thinking didn’t last long.

It was me who confidently acted as if I didn’t need your help. How wierd of me would he think when I enter back in and ask for a carriage.

I couldn’t handle any more ridicule today.

‘Ha…… It’s too long to get back. I hope the duke is still working when I get back.’

I stared at where the end of the alleyway.

Thankfully, the end of the alley was bright with lots of lights, still shining due to the ongoing festival. Even the crowded sounds could be heard from all the way over here.

‘Let’s head to the main street first. Then I’ll be able to find some place I could rent a carriage.’

I quickened my steps as I thanked that it wasn’t a maze-like alleyway that I went through to save Eclise.

I got out of the alleyway to soon be greeted with the main street.

The place was very similar to the streets I visited with the two sons of the duke last time.

I had to rent a carriage but not a single one was visible as people were the only things moving.

I frowned as I looked around.

Then I saw it. An armour with a very familiar symbol shown on it.

“Show us your identification card.”

The two knights with silver armours on from not too far away, approached a not too kind-looking man and asked for his identification.

“Why are you asking for my i, identification card?”

“There has been an order to crack down the hidden criminals during the time of the festival. Hurry it out.”

“Th, that’s…… .”

A small conversation went between the man and the knights.

‘I’ve seen those armours before.’

I was trying to remember, then I widened my eyes.

‘Wha! That’s the symbol representing the Eckarts!’

I looked around once again to see the knights from the Eckart everywhere with a small space between each one of them.

‘Why are they here? Are they perhaps here to find me already……?’

I felt my eyes wavering.

Emergency. The one who is currently in charge of the Eckart knights was Derrick.

It meant that Derrick could be here somewhere.

‘I’m dead when I get caught sneaking out secretly.’

It was me who said that I’ll be in a timeout.

I looked around me once more. I needed to get back home without being caught by Derrick.

But then.

“What’s going on?”

A familiar voice was heard from where the man and the two knights were.

“Commander, have you arrived!”

The knights bowed as they greeted someone in a strict manner.

I looked that way, hoping what I was thinking isn’t correct.

Black hair. A man walking with a fancy black cape on a pure silver armour with Eckart symbol on it.

It was Derrick.

He instantly arrived at the scenery. My heart beat fast, nervous of if I’d get caught.

But fortunately, I was wearing a robe hood and a mask which hid my face completely.

‘There’s no way he’d recognize the mask, is there?’

It was a week ago.

Derrick who hated me wasn’t a person caring enough to remember the mask I bought back then.42

The street was crowded with people so he wasn’t able to spot me.

I crouched down as much as possible. I was thinking of moving carefully while hiding myself in the crowd.

‘Great. That’s the group!’

Talk about timing. There was a group with people wearing mask coming my way.

I was waiting for the right timing to move while glimpsing on Derrick every second.

He, who was listening to a guard, suddenly tilted his head up.

And the direction he tilted his head towards to was directed exactly at me.

I back stepped from surprise.

And that moment, our eyes met.

He held a curious look a second ago until it gradually changed to one frowning.

“You…… .”



I turned my back towards him before he could fully recognize me, then hurried back to the alley I came out from.

However, the end of the alleyway was blocked by several buildings that looked almost like Vinter’s base.

If Derrick were to follow me in here, there was no doubt that I’d be caught.

I raced up the staircase without having much of a choice. And.



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