Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 228

Chapter 228


I stared blankly at the place where the dragon had trampled. My mind was in a mess.

Why did Eclise do that, and why Yvonne, whom I thought he was on the same side with, left him behind?

The potion restored my strength, but my mind was still spinning. 'What if the ML didn't die? The ML didn't die no matter what he did.'

I had already realized that this was reality countless times, but I could only feel that all these situations were strange and unfamiliar.

There was a rush of belated fear.

The Dragon who trampled on Eclise rose again, roaring loudly.

What was certain was that all this would not be over until the dragon and Yvonne were killed. "De, Dekina"

I shuddered and opened my mouth, reciting the spells with the mirror wand-like duty. The heat rose again from below the neck.


It was then. Just as I was finishing my spell, someone shut my mouth. "I don't think it'll work now, so save it!"

It was Callisto. "kieeeeek-!"

"Damn it!"

He turned away and looked at the dragon that began to fly back toward us, he spits out curses and gives me a flash look around.

"Your, Your Highness."

"Be patient even if you're shaken!"

The Crown Prince began to run without hesitation with me on his shoulder like a bag. From whom did he take it, he took a crude sword and crossed the dense battlefield.

He finally arrived under the spire, cutting the enemy with one hand and trampling on the fallen body. The view was turned upside down by putting me down as I was.

With my dizzy eyes, I could see the dragon shooting fireballs as big as rocks at the ground this time. "Uuuugh!"

The shouts and groans of men in pain resounded vividly.

I had lost my breath. The Crown Prince caught my face with his hands. "Look at me, princess. You can't lose your mind right now."

He forced my head up and made eye contact.

His face was shining, his eyes burning with a red light. "Your Highness."

I whispered in a shrill voice. "I'm scared."

I was afraid I would fail, and he would die in vain.

But it was then. A dignified answer came back from Callisto. "Me too."


"I'm scared, too."

'No, don't you usually say encouraging words at times like this?' A twinge of bewilderment sprang up into my mind.

"Your Highnesstoo?"

When I asked him back again in the voice of hesitation, he replied, frowning at the back of his nose.

"I knew there was something buried underneath where I grew up, so why wouldn't I be scared? I'm holding it in because I'm in front of you, but I'm shaking inside."

"I'm reallysurprised."

I meant it. Callisto in my eyes really didn't seem to care about this kind of thing. "I don't know if I can really deal with Yvonne."

When I faced a man standing like a mountain after being stabbed by Eclise, my heart jumped out without realizing it.

"Will thedragon die even if we win?"

Everything was just an assumption and not certain.

'Even if I break the mirror and kill Yvonne, what if the dragon doesn't die?'

Vinter didn't even tell me this situation. There was an endless stream of hopelessness. It was then. "Don't think uselessly, just think about why you have to do this now."

The Crown Prince pinched my cheeks as if I were being scolded. "Ah"

"You've told me something in the Arkina Islands. Huh?" His words vividly reminded me of what I had forgotten. 'Why am I doing this?'

It was to survive in this hell and go home. To fulfill my dream of becoming an archaeologist after college.

And before I went back, I wanted to make a world safe for Callisto, who wanted to be a perfect emperor.

"It's okay if you fail everything. I'll take care of it for you." Callisto said in a tone that it really wasn't all that big.

I asked back in tears.

"Your Highness, how did you do that?" "By all means."

It was time to see him who answered confidently without any reason. "keuwooooo-!"

The sound of the dragon barking came close, and a black shadow covered the spire.

"Listen, princess. You said she would die if you got rid of the mirror, but I think it's one of the two choices."

Callisto, who glanced back, said with a stiff face.

"To remove the mirror, or to remove the fangs embedded in the dragon's chest." "That"

As I was looking at the dragon reflexively at his words, I recalled something.

'Golden Dragon's fangs embedded in the dragon's chest were believed to revive Leila.' The Crown Prince was insisting that it should be taken out.

"No, it's too dangerous!"

I shook my head in a hurry. But Callisto answered firmly.

"I have to buy you time until you get rid of Leila anyway. Aren't there only a few potions left? We can't just keep dealing with dragons forever."

"Bu, but"

"Go up. I'll be right behind you." "Your Highness."

Callisto pushed my back recklessly through the entrance to the tower. I knew he was all right, but I couldn't walk away easily.

The afterimage of Eclise who was bleeding from his miserable condition kept haunting me. "Don't worry."

Callisto grinned as if he knew all of my thoughts. "I have something you gave me the other day."

He tapped into his right ear. I saw a red ruby on his earlobe. It was a cuff with healing magic that I gave him as a present.

To my surprise, it calmed me down. "I'm going."

I answered back as if I had made up my mind. As long as that thing was there, it wouldn't kill him if he got hurt.

"Take care of yourself."

The greeting was concise. At the end of that one word, he swung himself away from me.

I also turned back to see him clinging to the dragon's claws to avoid the fireball that was being shot. Goddamn it, the spire consisted of endless steps of the stair. I signed and started climbing.

Beyond the ruined window, I could see the crown prince swinging dangerously against the dragon, but I struggled to look only at the stairs.

The dragon twists and turns to shake off the human being riding on its back. kwaang,kung-!

How long has it been since his giant claws and tail brushed the spire narrowly, the outer wall broke, and how long has it been since I climbed and climbed the shaky stairs?

The end was finally seen.

Maybe it was used as a guard post, but the top of the spire was only a small, empty room.

Yvonne was sitting obliquely on the pierced window, looking outside with an interesting expression. With a blue-colored mirror in her arms.

"You came?"

She looked back at me and gave me a pleasant greeting.

I came all the way here with the rest of my hard work, and her relaxed appearance made me angry. I gasped wildly and opened my mouth.

"Hah, hah... are you done with hide-and-seek?"

"If you're talking about a rat race, it's still going on." Yvonne smiled and jumped off the window frame.

"You managed to come this far without dying, Penelope. I thought you were going to run away like before, but I'm surprised."

I held my breath for a moment to calm my agitated heart and soon asked, with a voice of cold ice. "Why did you kill Eclise?"

When I met Yvonne, I wanted to ask her first. Why she killed the ML? But isn't it still Yvonne?

Although the hidden ending brought the world to an end. Even more, she was the winner who won everyone's love by killing the villain.

But Why......

"Me, Eclise?"

But at my question, Yvonne made an exaggerated look of surprise, and soon burst into a loud laugh. "Ah-ha-ha! No, Penelope. I wasn't the one who killed Eclise, it was you who killed him."

Yvonne added, wiping away the water from her eyes that leaked from laughing. "Because of you, he was pierced to death by the dragon's claws."

"The dragon was controlled by you. You could have stopped in the middle, but why!"

"And you?"

She abruptly cut me off and asked back.

"Why didn't you love him, so you made him jump to the extremity like a moth?" "What?"

"If you tell him that you like him even if it's a lie, he'll do whatever you want. Why didn't you follow that easy way?"

I stared at Yvonne hard, who looked like the real Yvonne. 'Oh, that's how it was.'

Her behavior is normal mode came to mind like a panorama.

She took advantage of the male lead, whispering brainwashing words and false confession in love, and killed everyone when her happiness reached its peak.

"Because I'm different from you."

The answer was easy. Even though I might have used Eclise, my cause and purpose were all different from Yvonne's.

"I don't want to lie to the end and kill him, so it's natural to cut him off?" "You're cold."

Having clenched her teeth, Yvonne shrugged her shoulders and retorted like a prank. "Well, that's why I enjoyed the fun."

"You enjoy people dying and getting hurt, huh? Is it fun for all the people you brainwashed to be played into your hands?"

"Of course, That's funny. But"

At my agitated cry, the woman laughed as if the corners of her mouth were touching her ears.

"I think it's so much fun that you, who used to die so easily in the past, still survive and struggle like a bug in vain hope."


"I don't know my prey that's about to die, and I'm hanging on to other human beings. What a pity." Yvonne hummed like it was a joke.

It was clear that she meant to provoke me. But strangely enough, my head got colder. "Youare so disgusting."

I knew who Yvonne was, but I couldn't let her go.

No matter what I did, a normal mode hostess would get attention and affection anyway. But when I let go of that obsessive thought, everything became easy.

"Okay. Because I know you're not usually a crazy bitch"


"So let's get this over now."

It was only now that I saw Yvonne again. Not as a hostess, but as a villain.

"Lakra Cio."

I shouted the spell right away.

Whick-! From somewhere, Several light shots, the size of a fist, appeared and were quickly shot at Yvonne.

It was magic chosen because of the narrow place and my memory of the previous fight. But even then, Yvonne just stood there looking at me with a strange smile and didn't move. "What!"

The reason was soon to be known.

All the light balls I shot were sucked into the mirror that Yvonne was holding.

"What do you do? You can't do anything about me with ancient magic spell anymore?" She turned her head to my side and laughed grotesquely.

'What. Why the magic'

I froze with my eyes wide open.

Although I heard from Vinter that it would not be easy to kill once the mirror was completed, I never thought the attack would be useless.

The mirror of Yvonne, which swallowed the ancient magic that I shot with, fluttered with intense blue light like deep-sea waves.

When the light reached its peak to the point where the eyes were blinding. "Dirke Rechum."

Yvonne struck something grimly.

An instinctive warning of danger rang out in my head.

With an ominous premonition, I flung myself to the side first. "Uh Ugh!"

The blue laser burst out of the mirror while I was rolling on the floor as if falling. jiiiiing,kukwaaaaaang-!


I opened my mouth when I saw where my head was just placed.

The wall of the spot where the laser was shot was showing out with a hole in it. 'It's dog shit!'

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