Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 218

Chapter 218

On the morning of the dawn when the capital had just opened, the alley where Jean was brought in was very quiet.

"Is this right, Your Highness?" "Yes, good to see it."

I was relieved at the sight of the fine upper building.

I didn't think she would be caught stealing a piece from Vinter yet.

"You've had a hard time getting here. I have a business to attend to, so you should go back." "What?! Uh, how could you do it alone! I'll be waiting!"

"What, whatever." Then I was lucky.

I don't have to ask you to take me to the Vinter shamefully.

It was just when I came up with a step to knock on an old door with a white rabbit pattern on it. "Well, by the way, Your Highness, Is the building seem a little strange?"

Jean held me timidly. "What?"

"I can feel powerful mana in this building, like mana which is about to explode, can't you feel it?"

"Really? Come to think of it, I can feel something." Of course, I didn't feel anything.

But I didn't take his dubious words seriously.

'Isn't it natural to feel mana because it's the office run by a wizard?' Climbing up the rest of the stairs, I soon knocked on the door.

"It's me. Are you inside?"

I knocked on the door one more time, taking a moment to spare.

"I'm back. I have something to say in a hurry, so I'm going to open the door"


It was the moment. The door opened weakly with a dreary sound.

And inside the gap, it was a completely different look from the last memory I saw. "What."

The office was ruined all over the place as if a bomb had exploded. The fallen ceilings, the furniture, the walls.

The place where only the burnt remains of the building, which is no longer considered a building, seemed to be a deserted house.

'Did I get the wrong place?'

A momentary daze, I stepped back and went down the stairs one step. But the building from the outside was the same.

"What the hell is this"

It was when I looked alternately at the exterior wall of the building and inside the office with a puzzled look.

"I, I think it's some kind of optical magic."

Jean, who was behind, answered me stammering. "Optical magic?"

"Yes, yes, to make objects look fine."

An ominous foreboding of his words ate into the edge of my neck. 'Did Yvonne already visit here?'

I ran back into the door in a hurry.

Jean called me from behind but I didn't care.

My heart sank when I saw the inside, which was sharply different from what I saw outside. "Hey!"

I searched for Vinter, running through the fallen debris. A strong wizard, he could not have been so weak.

But in other words, the magic-operated top magician couldn't even sit down like this in a single morning.

Not unless it was normal.

'So how didYvonne take Emily and these children hostage?'

Suddenly, a sense of incompatibility, which was being lost, penetrated my mind. As far as I know, it's a safe house that only Vinter knows.

"Hey! Marquis! Where are you, Marquis!"

The title of calling the top wizard had become heavier and heavier. "Oh, I don't think there's anyone here!"

Jean, who ran frantically through the rubble and couldn't beat me looking for Vinter, shouted alone. Perhaps by magic, there was a cane hanging from his hand with a small ball of light.

"Even the body?"

I gasped wildly and asked him.

Wielding his cane again at my words, he shook his head slowly. "I don't think there's anyone."


Only then did a sigh of relief come out.

It would be a bit long if Vinter had been taken away, but I didn't want him to be found dead after being beaten by Yvonne.

'Now where am I supposed to look for Vinter? Do I have to see Marquis Vinter Verdandi somewhere else?'

I looked around the office once again and thought about it. "But, Your Highness, the magic here is extraordinary." Jean muttered in a timid voice.

"It looks too dangerous, so why don't we go back now?"

I don't know what magic the wizards felt, but it was empty without Vinter anyway. "Yes. it's time to go back"

It was as soon as I was about to follow Jean with a nod. jiiiiiing-.

Suddenly, the mirror wand that I brought vibrated fiercely in my hand. "What"

As I inadvertently raised my eyes, a colorful handle of mirror wand at the top was shining with white light.

Over the rubble of a collapsed inner wall.

The light from the mirror wand drew a long rectangle in the air. "That"

At a glance, it looked like a door.

I instinctively noticed that there was a secret passage behind the wall that was hidden there. A white light began to pour out from the fully painted door frame as if to welcome inside. "What are you doing not coming out?"

Jean, who had already walked out the door, asked me, who was not coming out. "You go back to the mansion first. I need to stay here a little longer."

"Yes? What else do you have to see here"

I gave him a short order, and he looked around me with a look of a surprise. His eyes did not seem to see the 'door' so bright that it was so dazzling. "I'll just check something for a moment and be right back."

Jean's face turned pale at once.

"Please, come back Your HighnessIf they tell the Prince about your whereabouts, I'm afraid I'll be

killed for the roughness of my hips"

I don't know what he's talking about, but for the wizard, who's almost about to cry, I suggested a way for him.

"Then put a tracking spell on me."

The idea was based on the cloning map of the Crown Prince. "Then at leasthe won't kill you until he comes after me.

"Well, are you sure?"

"Yes. We don't have time, so engrave it quickly." "I'm afraid your hand's back will sting a little bit."

Fortunately, the way I suggested was all right, Jean nodded hurriedly and waved his cane.

A moment later, a small golden enchanted pattern was carved on the back of my hand, with a tickling sense, as he said.

"Are you done? I have to go now."

"Please come back before His Highness finds out"

Jean sobbed to the end and returned to the mansion by the magic of moving on.

I turned back after I confirmed that he had completely disappeared. Still, the door in the air was waiting for me with a bright glow.

I glanced sideways at the top of the mirror wand I was holding.

I stared blankly at the white writing that had been circling for a while and soon recited it as if I were sighing.

"Piratio, Lake Fascidor Esphi."

Crazy spell.

At the same time that I was glad to send Jean, my eyes were blank. When I opened my eyes again, I stood at all my height on the high stairs. Blinking blank eyes, I looked around.

It was a strange place. A vast expanse of space where huge columns were built. "Uh"

It was none other than skeletons that filled the floor below the stairs. 'The Tomb of the Ancient Leila.'

Memories of that place flashed through my mind.

Not long ago, I came here with Callisto looking for the Mirror of Truth.

'I thought I was going into a secret space, but why am I here all of a sudden?' It was about time to look around the desolate space with confused eyes.

Suddenly, something far away caught my eye.

A-frame large enough to occupy one side of the wall of this great place. An unknown light flashed there is thin air.

It was definitely a mirror of truth.

"What is it? It must have been broken at that time"

Words leaked out to me.

How did the mirror, which was crushed after giving me a shameful wand, become fine again? jiiiing, jiiiing-.

The mirror wand I was holding then vibrated again. As if resonating with the shining mirror of truth. I walked slowly as if attracted to it.

Dump- How long did I walk without caring about the remains being kicked and trampled on? In front of the close mirror, I suddenly saw something strange.

Something that flutters red, filling the floor instead of the remains. The closer one step, the clearer and clearer it became.

Hnowing the identity of what I thought was a red light, I stopped walking. It was a huge magic object of red.

And in the middle of it, someone who fell powerlessly like a doll with a broken string. Tatak, Tatak- The sparks rang out.

I doubted my eyes. A star-shaped fire.

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