Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 213

Chapter 213

I raised my hand and touched my nose. Red blood came out.

'What the hell. I didn't even cry all night long before the college entrance exam...' I irritatedly rubbed my wet nose and lips with my sleeves of clothes.

"Don't touch."

In the meantime, Callisto, who had been rushing, forced me to take off my wrist.

And he covered my nose with a handkerchief that I didn't know where it came from, and put my head backward, supporting my chin.

"Do you carry this with you?"

When I asked in a nasal voice, he breathed that seemed to hold back his anger. "You know. I'm carrying everything because of someone."

"I'm fine."

I answered timidly.

With my head down, I could not tell what expression he was wearing.

But when I persuaded him that I would be okay, I was embarrassed because I spilled a nosebleed on him.

"I'm telling you, it's not like I'm taking potion..." "You got it, so don't look around."

Callisto stopped me and made me be silent.

"You decided to do what you wanted to do. No need excuse. You just melt some of my wits." He said it was no big deal.

But I couldn't understand why he sounded so gritted. "Penelope!"

It was then. A familiar voice was heard.

When I lifted my head slightly, the Duke stood looking at me with a puzzled look, helping the butler. "father."

Fortunately, my nosebleed stopped by then. He was attached to me. I slipped out from the crown prince.

"What the hell is going on........ How does magic work"

He handed over the butler to one of the knights who came up to him and the Duke's eye touched my mirror wand.

I hid it behind me from embarrassment. "The Duke can't even see me, can he?"

Callisto, who quickly became invisible, gave his voice.

It was only then that the Duke's eyes opened wide when he recognized the Crown Prince. "Your, Your Highness!, haven't you gone to the north to suppress the rebels?"

"I am not a cold-blooded man who, unlike anyone else, doesn't care where a runaway princess has


"Your Highness!"

I was so startled that I tried to silence Callisto's mouth, which was pointed at the Duke. But the duke's complexion quickly darkened in the already spilled words.

In fact, the Crown Prince's words were wrong. The Duke offered to help me when I said I was leaving the mansion.

If he were determined to stop me, it must have been hard to escape on the day of the battle with Yvonne.

"Thathappened to be using magic. I'm sorry about the mansion. I haven't been able to control my

magic yet."

I stuttered to the Duke out of guilt.

From the roughness of the situation, the Duke seemed to know the identity of this Yvonne. Otherwise, he wouldn't call all the family knights.

"HoweverI'm glad we arrived on time."

I bit my lower lip hard and slowly vented my sincerity.

If the Duke was relieved because I looked unharmed, would I be a real pushover?

The Duke, who looked at me with his eyes shaking aimlessly at my words, suddenly raised his hand and stroked my cheek.

"I'm so glad, you're all right." ""

"You've come back, but I've never felt glad that you weren't in the mansion, unlike today." I managed to keep my face blurry with the words.

The duke family, with which I had to come back and face, was completely brainwashed by Yvonne, and knew to would move only for her.

If even they tried to attack me, like Eclise, I thought about what to do, dozens of times over the way. "Hey, Penelope!"

From afar I could see running to us Renald, fluttering his lovely pink hair.

"Hey, am I still not sober? I think I just saw you wielding a strange magic wand and destroying all the monsters."

One month after the runaway, Renald punched himself in the head and said stupid things. "Oh, it's still too early to say a greeting to this kind of reunion."

It was then. Everyone's head turned to the piercing voice.

A slender woman stood far from the garden where the latrine took place. "Yvonne."

I thought I'd let the monsters loose and bounced as it was, but Yvonne stood far away and watched everything.

'Oh, well. I still have a piece of it.'

As soon as I was convinced, I pushed the people in front of me and went forward.

With the garden covered by the remains of blood and monsters between it, we were finally able to face each other.

"I thought you were scared and ran away, but you came back, Penelope?"

Yvonne laughed naively.

Next to her, Derrick was staring at me with his eyes wide open, tied to something black. He seemed to have been caught, not on his own will.

I turned to Yvonne again, pretending not to see him.

"You've been beaten so hard by me, but you haven't come to your senses?" "What?"

"If I were you, I'd be embarrassed and have run away already. You know the brainwashing and the power you use don't work on me anymore."

Because I have access to the game, or, unlike Penelope in the past, when I have so much. My words waned the smile on Yvonne's lips.

"If it won't work for you, but it will work around you."

After a moment's shivering mouth, she found composure and retorted after a while. It was the moment.


Derrick, who was standing next to her, suddenly burst out a painful groan and lowered his knee. "Derrick!"

"Brother! A-oh, that crazy bitch!"

The Duke and Renald shouted in amazement.

"In the past, I killed you first, so I couldn't show you. The way your family, whom you desperately wanted to be loved, was eaten by me one by one."

"Shit! Let-let go of me!"

"Young and strong humans also have strong vitality. Your brother was a pretty good prey." Yvonne slowly leaned down and stroked Derrick's face with both hands.

Derrick struggled violently. But of course, he couldn't move.

"I'll show you clearly this time. How did your family die in front of you"

"Hill him."

I answered even before Yvonne's words were finished.

"Dead or not, it's none of my business."

(Note: Sorry not sorry derrick, you're blacklist) I told Yvonne, but my eyes were on Derrick.

The blue pupils, which was shaking incessantly, suddenly stopped. Derrick stared at me as if what he had just heard was unbelievable. His white-pale lips were fluttering.

Sadly, I turned my head straight to Yvonne before he understood it. Because it was the truth that I didn't care about.

"What, you were such a useless prey, weren't you?"

Yvonne muttered with a grimly frowned face, and soon released Derrick, whom she had been holding him.


He was thrown to the dirt ground as if he were being pushed roughly into something. "I can't do this. This is it."

Without looking at such a derrick, Yvonne glared at me and said. "Then, let's start another battle."

It was at the same time as him. Ssss, ssssssssssud-

The bodies of the horribly torn warts, by my magic, began to flutter. Like a vibrating cell phone.

"What, what!"

The knights, who had been in a daze, were again on edge.

At that moment, several streams sprang through the body that had been moving up and down. "Heeeeeek-!"

"Ma-MonMoster! The new monsters have appeared!" Someone shouted with a shrieking cry.


When I saw a monster rising up from the dead mantis and dancing with a wiggle, I hated it. It was then.

'Not a chance. Not a glance!' "Heeeeeek-!"

The bodies that were taken out of the dead monsters began to rush toward the knights in unison. "Ahhh! I'm sick of it, really! Attack!"

Renald pulled out a sword and took the lead.

I just looked at them, frozen and wriggling frantically. Like something crawling around, my whole body tickled.

Hnowing how I felt, white letters came to mind on the mirror wand.

In consideration of me who 'hate' the wriggling things, The Crown Prince covered my front with his body.

"Stay back, princess." "Fire Pisson-!"

But it was after I had already lost my mind to the insanity of madness. Fluttering-!

As soon as I shouted at the top of my voice, the disgusting creatures that were wriggling and rushing at the knights were burned in unison.

The knights paused in the sudden fire. "Heeeeeek-!"

With a disgusting smell, the burning monsters wriggled like mad. However, after a while.

Tuduk, tuduk-. The places on fire were snapped off.

Like the tail of a lizard, the black burn part fell off.

Even though half of its body had fallen off, the monster was still moving and still alive. "Heeeeeek-!"

As the flames died down, they began to creep back in.

"What, why aren't you dying? Fire-pisson! Fire-pisson! Wind Pisson! Fire pisson!" Embarrassed, I thought of a giant octopus and overloaded my spell.

But it was useless.

"Ma, the magic doesn't seem to work, Your Highness the Crown Princess!"

The palace wizard, whom the Crown Prince left beside me, shuddered and shouted. "The Crown Princess?"

The Duke looked back at me with an unfamiliar face, but I was devastated and couldn't listen to him. "Heeeeeek-!"

"Stay in the carriage, princess!"

As if he had been waiting, the crown prince shouted as he cut a monster tentacle running his way with a sword.

After that, he's hit, the sword attack, began.

"Your Highness is right, Penelope! Stay safe there!" "Ah, Father!"

Whether he thought it was better to add their hands together, the Duke also pulled out a sword and ran toward.

Thanks to the Crown Prince, Duke, and Renald, who were jumping in front of me, my surroundings were a safe zone.

The monster had a very low attack compared to the mantis monster, although my magic did not work it had to be physically cut several times.

'What? It's not a big deal, is it? It pretty good.'

The images of the monsters being cut off gradually calmed down my mind. So I didn't know.

Why Yvonne was throwing a battle.

Short sections of the monster that had been cut off began to pile up one by one around Penelope. It was still alive and wriggling, but it was so short that it was about to die.

Humans thought a little about it.

Unnoticed, a short piece of monster wriggled and touched the angle of another group of cut parts nearby.

It was soon joined by cross-sections, and the cut marks disappeared without a trace and became a new longer piece.

And then it shifted to a new piece.

After a few repetitions, the pieces of the monster have grown to half the length of a man. 'Stupid bitch.'

Yvonne rolled up the corners of her mouth after finding out that its teeth were attached to the cross- section of its hair.

A creature slowly climbed up a tree, joining forces with each other.

No one cared.

A long branch hung over Penelope's head.

Yvonne was delighted to see that the monster had just reached its target. Now, when she retrieved the pieces with this, it was all over.

Penelope wouldn't kill right away. ''But I could tear that ugly face apart.' Yvonne's mouth was wide open.

"You'll die the most miserable and painful death, Penelope." It was then.


With the sound of a sharp thing digging into the flesh, the eyes of Yvonne, who was looking at Penelope, opened wide.

She lowered her head slowly. The sword's blade was turning red. She raised her head again and checked her side.


Blue eyes trembling incessantly. Her brother, Derrick, was seen.

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