Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 193

Chapter 193

Coming out of Vinter's office, I moved swiftly.

I knew I wasn't such a slob, but I decided to go to another alley and use a magic scroll to prevent possible tailings.

But when I came out to the side of the office, I saw the armor with the Eckart patterns all over it. 'Damn!'

I was certain this time. It's not for security but for catching me. 'Oh, what should I do?'

After thinking for a while, I soon searched through the pockets given by Vinter.

He said he only put in a few, but how much did he actually put in? The pile of paper was thick. The moment when I took one out and opened it.

Do you want to use the [Moving Magic Scroll] to move to another location? [Yes. / No.]

A familiar square window appeared. I pressed [Yes].

Unfold the Moving Magic Scroll, shouting the magic spell. (Magic spell: Piratio-???)

The irritating spell caused a reflexive frown, but I calmly memorized it. 'Piratio Arquina!'


At the same time, as the scroll was torn, the text in the square window changed.

Use [Moving Magic Scroll 1] to move to Arkina.

Error! Error!

There's a strong magic barrier around [Arkina] and you can't move with [Moving Magic Scroll]!

"No, you crazy bastard!"

With the sudden error window, a curse came out of my mouth. The already torn scroll was crushed and turned into ash in my hand.

'Then how the hell am I supposed to go!'

As I dug around the bag again, I was trying to control my simmering anger. Suddenly, there was something in my hand.


When I found it, I let out a small sigh. I thought I knew how to get there, but it wouldn't be a smooth journey at all.

'This fucking game'

I sighed deeply and pulled out a new scroll. An ominous sensation suddenly flashed through the top of my head.

I, who casually raised my head, found blue eyes staring closely at me. At that moment, Derrick's face was distorted.

'Don't tell me, nono, no, there's no way he could have figured it out.'

I denied it and hurriedly hid in the alley. I was disguised with the magic bracelet right now. I've met Derek like this before, but he never recognized me.

Besides, I'm sure he's not one to remember a servant he ran into days ago... 'Damn it. I can't do this. I have to run for now!'

I moved inside the alley where the top was located while holding the scroll. 'Piratio...!'

And the moment I was just about to tear the scroll. "Penelope Eckart-!"

An eerie voice echoed through the alley. My hair stood on end. 'Oh, God'

With my eyes closed, I slowly turned around, hiding the scroll behind my back. As naturally as possible.

"Ah, you've got the wrong person"

"It's the magic bracelet I give you, but I'm not stupid enough not to recognize you." I forgot to take a hint at his words and opened my mouth.

"Oh, didyou know?"

"I have already been deceived once, but how long do I have to act along with your game!" At my stupid question, he shouted.

His face was so sweaty that he must have been running a while.

I was staring at him blankly. His favorability gauge bar was a bit weird. 'It's obviously different from the coming-of-age ceremony'

There was a reddish glow. A dark color, not completely orange or yellow. But it wasn't my problem. I looked at him with an expressionless face and slipped away.

It was to buy enough time to tear the scroll. But at that moment.

"Don't go."

The angry man, who was breathing heavily, suddenly distorted his face and spat out. "Where the hell are you going when you're not feeling well?"


"Don't be mad. I won't question you about anything, so let's go back, so come back and rest." ""

"Please, Penelope"

As if begging, Derek's expression was strange.

Ttuk, ttuk. The sweat flowing down his chin looked like tears.

I looked at him with an unfamiliar face and took a step back. He screamed in a hurry. "Come here right now, Penelope Eckart!"


I answered briefly with a frown at the loud yell.

"Why would I follow your orders when I'm leaving?" "Penelope Eckart!"

"Why, Derrick Eckart."

I don't have a damn good feeling about it, so what's there for me to go back to? His blue eyes shook once at my immediate response.

As I had always been polite, he never expected me to come out like this.

I didn't stop talking informally, I twisted the corners of my mouth as hard as I could and laughed coldly. "Is one time not enough? Do you want to drag me back and kill me again?"

"What's that...! Hill you. Why would I--?"

"Why don't you admit it, Derrick? You saw it on that day. You never looked away from me for a second."

It was a big mistake if he thought I would just shut up and go to him. It was just annoying and not worth it.

Like with Vinter, I didn't have any expectations.

"I traded that cup with Yvonne's cup. You saw it all, Young Duke." Derrick's pupils shook violently.

The twisted smile on my lips grew darker.

"You didn't want to admit it to the Duke. You brought in Yvonne and I tried to kill myself." "No!"

Then Derrick shouted. He licked his dry lips. "That's not it. I didn't mean to..."


"You, you... why, only me?" "..."

"Why don't you just look at me?"

The man who stuttered endlessly threw up everything as if he were falling apart.

"Even though I was angry, I gave you a present and you smiled back. I didn't insult as Reynold did, who was fighting like that, as a brother. But why—!"


"Why do you keep distancing yourself?"

He muttered like a lost child. I had no idea what he was talking about. His clenched fist shook. Ah. I could finally understand his mind.

"Why do you think?"

And how to get such a man down to the abyss.

"Because I hate you, Derek Eckart."

I grinned like a blooming flower.

Like the day when I got the scarf from him and smiled. "That's when it started."

His mysterious behavior of giving gifts out of the blue, gradually made me understand little by little.

I didn't even know it was a long time ago, and how much I was struggling with his unchanging attitude

even when he gave me a gift.

His shaking blue pupils suddenly stopped. As I looked at the pupils that weakened, I clenched my teeth.

"I hate dying as much as I hate seeing you now. So..."


"You have been holding your sister in your arms all her life, and she's dead, you son of a bitch."


I neatly tore the scrolls in front of his face.

Use [Moving Magic Scroll 1] to move to Tratan.


He came to his senses and ran to me, panting, but it was too late. I closed my eyes comfortably at the blinding white light.

* * *

Squeak, squeak.-

I opened my eyes to the loud sound of seagulls. I was standing by the sea I had once seen before. Unlike the sunny capital, Tratan's sky was full of ominous clouds.

Perhaps because of the bad weather, I could see ships anchored in the harbor. Unlike the ominous sky, it was good news for me.

I moved there without hesitation. "Ay! You worked today."

"I can't even catch fish today. What's wrong with the weather..." When I reached the harbor, a few men were gathered and smoking. By that time I was looking at their shabbing clothing.

"Is this your first time seeing a fishing boat? What are you stuttering about?" A man wearing a big pirate hat snapped at me.

Fortunately, the captains of each ship were here.

"We can't sail today, so we don't need a hand, just go."

They waved their hands as if they were annoyed as if they mistook me looking for a job. I walked there fearlessly and asked.

"By any chance, is there a ship to the Arkina Islands?" The noise at my words died down in an instant.

"...I can see you are all crazy one."

The man who first quarreled with me, looked at me as if I were a strange creature and studied me. "These days, I can't even pick up the bones from demons before I go there to pray for the current"

"I can give you enough money, can't you take me just close to there? It's in the name of his Highness." "Oh, I can't go! I'm annoyed that I couldn't go out to work. What a jerk!"

Many people died near it, and men chased me down with a ferocious look.

I couldn't do much. I sighed, and as I walked, I took out my little gold coin pocket and threw it away.

"Then..." Clang-!

At the heavy sound, the arms that were pushing me stopped. "Who wants to sell a boat?"

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