Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 189

Chapter 189

'The piece of relics!'

When I noticed what Yvonne was trying to do, I raised my hand and covered my eyes. "What is this!"

"I didn't know this would happen to you either. You were so stubborn that I was wasting my energy." "Get it off! I don't know anything!"

"You certainly did"

I cried with my eyes closed in desperately, but Yvonne didn't seem to hear me at all. 'What do I do? What do I do? Am I being brainwashed?'

My heart was shaking like crazy. The blue light struck my eyes more intensely while I was in a panic. I stepped back to get out of it.

But Yvonne pressed my shoulders so strongly that I could not escape.

When I couldn't see the front, I was just hanging out like a worm on a spider web.

"Look carefully, Penelope. what will happen when I hold out like this and eventually turn the pieces on to you"


While holding my shoulders tight, Yvonne whispered in my ear with a small voice as if telling her secret.

"The mirror is complete, and you will have no choice but to watch helplessly as the people you liked are being swayed by me."

At the same time as her words were over, something passed by in front of my eyes, occupied with blue. It was the last time I experienced it in Soleil.

Countless visions, like a thousand, made me dizzy. It was difficult to be rational. "I don't know any pieces! So stop"

"They hated you, now they're going to hold you in the name of loving you, imprison you nowhere, and eventually tear you apart and kill you."

"Let me go!"

"Poor Penelope... Before I do that, let me know where the piece is"

Tuk, tuk-. Something was passing before my dazzled eyes.

But it was only fortunate or unfortunate. Except for the bump in my head, it was more than I thought. In order to push Yvonne out, my soft skin touched by her fingertips.

She grabbed me as if she was a rope. "I told you to let go."


I opened my eyes reflexively at the sound of a low moan.

"Haa, haa"

We were stuck together holding each other's shoulders and wrists.

As I grabbed Yvonne's wrist and lifted it up, the piece of the mirror that had been pressed against my face fell a little.

Blue light leaked out of it, and It still pierced my eyes, but somehow it didn't matter.

As soon as I opened my eyes, even the warning that was passing by as if I were about to get caught disappeared.

I was breathing heavily, and I felt that the brainwashing wasn't working, and I raised one corner of my mouth.

"What you gonna do? Your brainwashing doesn't seem to work for me." "Oh, isn't it?"

But even with my ridicule, Yvonne did not panic. Just tilt her head and ask back.

"So what do you fear the most? I thought you were the most afraid of me." "No, nothing like that."

"Don't lie, then why do you hide the piece from me like you're really? If you give it, I will leave you alone."

I took a pause when Yvonne said that she didn't trust me at all. 'Why hide the pieces like I'm really?'

It wasn't particularly grand, actually. It's just the system. Is it a quest?...

'ButIf I give you that, you just leave me alone, but why should I hide it so hard? I know what the

hidden ending is.'

I wasn't sure I could escape this crazy place by watching the ending, and I didn't want to die according to the game story.

'Should I just give it away and leave? If I look for it, I'll find a way out'

When the thought of it suddenly came to mind. "Huh? Answer me, Penelope."

Yvonne pleaded to me with that polite angelic face.

I came to my senses. I took a sharp breath, and soon I bite my lip and spit it out. "I don't have it. I told you I don't have it."

"Then what's your most feared death, Penelope?" "What?"


In a moment, the topic changed.

While I thinking at Yvon's question for a while, she pointed at something with her blue eyes. The wrist she was holding, the piece of mirror in her hand.

"Here is the death you're so afraid of."

The blue light leaking out of it gradually faded. But was it because Yvonne was talking ominously?

The inside of the piece was quiet, but strangely a maddening nervousness began to pour in.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not afraid of anything. I die when I die." I glanced sideways at the piece with vigilant eyes, bluffing. Yvonne grinned as she folded her eyes at my words.

"No way. I've just heard it." "What?"

"Your muttering voice that you don't want to die." "What"

Her face looked like she was shaken.

How do she know the thoughts that passed quickly unconsciously so that I can't even realize it? 'Did I say it out loud?'

No. I certainly haven't...

Did she notice my shaking eyes?

Yvonne slowly lowered her head and pushed her face in front of me.

The large eyes, which resembled the blue light emitted from the piece, were met. "Your despair is wrong, Penelope."


Something is wrong.

She whispered incessantly.

"Let's do it again from the beginning." "Well, wait, that's not!"

"Dee Ah no."

Along with the sound of the spell, my body was bent over and dragged wildly somewhere. Baam!

At the same time as the loud sound of falling into the floor, the eyes were flashed by blue light.

* * *

"Huh, hyuk!"

When I opened my eyes again with a rough breath, I was in the middle of a familiar space. I looked around in a cold sweat.


It was my own room.

It is a semi-basement room where the first son of a bitch was playing tricks until the end.

It was a place where I lay down my tired every day, but strangely, I felt like I was back after a long time.

I looked around the room with strange eyes. It was then. wiiiing,wiiiing.-

The sound of flies vibrated everywhere.

At that moment, a strange smell of unknown origin began to pierce into my nose. "Uh. What is this smell?"

It's smelled like fish, and it smelled like food was rotten.

The terrible smell became stronger and stronger as I breathed out.

I closed my nose, frowned my face, and found the source of the smell. Soon after, I found a huge swarm of flies.

It was on my mattress.

waeaeaeaeaeng-. The black flies were crawling on the blanket.

But not only that. And through that gap, the yellow ones, the size of the index finger, wriggle... "Hey, what is this... Woowook!"

I stepped back, disgusting at the outburst of the dismaying of worms. At that moment, a cry was heard outside the door.

"Oh, my God! What the hell is going on!"

"That's what I'm saying. The young girl who just got into college has passed away."

"What a brave girl. I was wondering if she was busy at school because I haven't seen her much lately. Oh, my God..."

The last voice was familiar. She was like a super aunt in front of my house. We used to greet each other every morning while buying milk.

"What are you talking about?"

I stared at the mattress with my eyes shaking steadily, where flies and maggots were swarming. Unless I was a fool, I could not have known what she meant.

"Am Idead?"

I spit it out with my mouth and I didn't believe it. I raised my hand and touched my body.

'So vivid, butdead?'

As soon as the thought went crazy, I shook my head. "No."

I can't die. How did I survive there? How was I supposed to come back!

I raised my head and ran to the door. This was not true.

'I have to quickly tell people that I'm not dead and that's wrong.' I opened the door as hard as I could to get out.


However, instead of the outside world, the bluish blue color covered the view. When I opened my eyes again, I was standing somewhere else.

There was a huge number of chrysanthemum flowers. And I'm in the middle of it.........

The portrait.

"This, this, what"

I couldn't keep my mouth shut and my lips trembled.

My face looking the portrait on front of me looked awfully expressionless, as if I had roughly taken a

photo of my identification taken when I entered college.

[Next news. XX Group Chairman's youngest daughter, Miss Yang... was found dead in her own room 10 days ago.]

Suddenly, I turned my head.

It was the sound of a TV coming from an empty funeral hall.

[...She left her home after she was accepted to a prestigious university... As a result of the autopsy, the cause of death was a shock caused by malnutrition and overwork, and the police were concerned with domestic abuse and bullying...]

My death's story was coming out of the news. "Fuck off, asshole!"

At that moment, someone roughly cursed and turned off the TV. I turned my head again.

"Second brother?"

Looking back, there were three men in black mourning suits the place where they greeted the mourners.

It was my family.

"She've been wanting to live for a while because I haven't been around lately, and she've been dying like a beggar. A bitch."

The second son of a bitch threw the remote on the floor, irritatingly disheveling his hair. Father frowned and said a word to him.

"You, lower your voice. What the hell are you doing in the case like this?" "I don't care. No one comes to visit."

"Sit down. There are journalists outside."

The first son of a bitch looked at the second child on behalf of his father and warned him sharply. "Ha, you'll pretend to be noble to the end?"

The second son of a bitch looked at his older brother with a distinctive ferocious look.

"If you look at it, it's all because of you she's dead. Who was the one who took the money that father gave her to get her a nice inhabitation, and wiped her chances in the middle?"

"Shut up."

"Why. Did I say something wrong?"

"If that's the case, you're the one who caused the biggest part of her death." "What?! What did I do-!"

"You haven't seen her eating a spoonful of rice in school, why is it my fault"

"Both of you shut up!" Then, the father shouted.

"There's a time when we're fighting! I don't know the company's stock is plummeting!"

"So, if father didn't bring that beggar from the beginning, this unlucky thing didn't happen." The second son of a bitch uttered a blasphemy and glared at my portrait as if resentful.

There was no word, but the expression was no different.

Watching the whole thing, I gasped wildly. Something began to fall from my heart.

"Did I ask you to bring me?" Tears dripped down on the floor.

"How can you act like a dog when someone is dead? Are you still a human?" I was so upset and so mad that I screamed and cried.

I have never begged them to save my beggar-like life. Rather, it was they who ruined my life until the end.

"Why am I the only one who gets hurt every time, and I'm the only one who has to endure it, why—!" Anger, frustration, despair, and emptiness in turn led me to hell.

I am so tired. I had no confidence to live with my anger anymore. '...I want to die.'

It slowly drained my strength from my body. And as if killing emotions every time, I held my breath as hard as I could.

'Please stop making me feel this way now.' It was that moment. I was blinded by light.

Danger! Danger! You are under [brainwashing attack] from [the evil forces]!

An unexpected quest has been occurred! Do you want to use magic to defend this attack? [Accept / Reject]

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