Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 184

Chapter 184

The grayish-brown pupils were dilated to the point of tearing. Not long after, the shock is risen up. "Well, it's- it"

Eclise stopped breathing as if he had been on a pause.

It was quite fun to see a face that was always expressionless like a wax figure in real time. "Oh, you didn't see how I died, did not you?"

I felt as if I had poured down my stuffy stomach. Slowly I leaned my upper body down, and put my face in front of him.


I could feel the breath. "Mas, master."

Shivering shoulders, shaking eyes.

I was happy, and I whispered sweetly.

"Have you, by any chance, ever had drink a wine?" "".

"You know, when I drank a bottle of liquorit's only a few seconds later that my heart is burning like

someone set on fire. Then I opened my mouth for a moment because I was suffocated, and the red blood came out like a fountain."

"I've been told that what I've drunk was a blood vessel poison that makes me constantly pour with blood. Thanks to that, I shed a bucket of blood even after I lost consciousness."


"I've been so sick before I collapsed, Eclise. Do you know how painful I felt?" "AhMy Lord, Master, Master."

When I looked sad like an actor acting on stage, I could not help but notice the Eclise's face. He shook his head as if he had taken poison himself.

I did not think it was empty that he said he loved me.

The despair, frustration, and loss I felt when he brought Yvonne before the coming-of-age ceremony. 'You should feel it, too.'

I erased the crying look that I was making right before. And I clenched my teeth and spat it out like chewing.

"But it's all because of you. Do you understand?" "Ah, ah. Master, master"

"It's too bad, if I had known I'd see your face again, I'd rather just die." Surely the way I chose was a big impact to him.

The face of Eclise, who had never expressed his feelings before me, was in a mess. His eyes were funny, lost and trembling.

He stammered, unable to breathe properly like a drowning man with a vain face. "Why, ah, master. Why do you want to diewhy?"


I laughed brutally. No, maybe I am crying. (Noooooo I'm the one who's crying 0)

"You knew it. There was a reason why I took care of you with all my heart." ""

"You brought Yvonne in to stop it, and you put me in a bad reputation, what about the words for losers who failed to do their purpose?"


"I'm going to be in a miserable position like you, or I'm going to be like your countrymen that you have betrayed"


"It is only death."

I slowly lifted my bent upper body and looked over his head.

The favorability gauge bar is still there. Dark red like blood. Eclise, who loves me to death. Could it be that the reason for the failure of the hard mode is entirely due to the Eclise? 'No.'

There was clearly my wrong choice and judgment in it.

Maybe Eclise is innocent. If I had not chosen him to be my only way to get out, he would not have gone this far.

But I am too tired to pity him for being used by me, and to look back on my faults one by one.

I did not have the power to confront the game stories, ignoring the terrifying Yvonne, and the brainwashed Eclise.

'I can't help it.'

The only thing left for a loser who did not want to die was running. It was then.

"I thought if I brought the Duke's own daughter, Master would be thrown out immediately. "


"Then I thought you'd trust me, and you'd rely only on me"

Eclise, who was shaking with a glazed face, suddenly opened his mouth and uttered it in a dreary way. "I can't. I'll just kill Yvonne, and I'll put everything back to the way it was"

"Hill? You are the one who must die, Eclise."

I cut off his whining like he was a young child and I gave him a cold reply. "You're the one who brought her here at your will and ruined everything." "I don't want to die. "


He hesitated and muttered in a small voice. "ThenI can't see you again."


"Sometimes, even if I just wanted to die because of this thirstwhen I think of someone else standing

next to you, the blood rises upside down."


"I don't want to die, Master."

At that moment, he raised his head, which he had fallen down. "So, let me know."


"How to get back by your side."

It was only for a moment that he regretted. The eyes that came back to life were shining brightly. "I'll do whatever I'm told"

He begged for mercy and stammered while his hand that hadn't held my hand searched his back pocket.

He took something out and pushed it into my finger. I felt a cold touch on my index finger. Before I knew it, a big red ruby ring was touching my finger.

"I'll crawl like a dog."

The man who gave me back the ruby ring I threw the other day, he shuddered and begged. "If you don't like it, I won't say 'I love you' again."


"Please don't abandon me, Master."

A tearful, cloudy eyes looking up at me are penetratingly red.

Just for a moment, I'm a little weak. However, the appearance behind Eclise brought me to my senses. "Eclise."

I slowly pulled out the hand caught by him. He tried to catch it again, as if it were a game.

With the hand completely taken out from him, I slowly stroked his disheveled gray hair. The hand, which went down slowly in the back of its head, touched something hard.

I spoke with my eyes fixed on his face, which was located in front of me. "I'm not your master anymore."

At the same time, 'click' and ruby ring hit the hollow gap.

Tak- The black silver leather that was touched the ring in his neck fell down. The magic choker, who had always held around his neck, proved to be a slave, finally got loose.


Eclise looked down and checked it, as if he felt a chill under his chin, then called me with a dazed face. This was my last consideration for my one and only knight, who betrayed me.

"Now ask your new master about that." "What... What do you mean by that"


I greeted in low voice. "Eclise."

Then another voice calling for Eclise rang out in the magic incinerator. At the sound, Eclise slowly turned to the back.

Yvonne was staring at me alternately with a knee-sitting guy in front of me.

"Hi, I heard the news that Eclise is gone, so i got a tea andI'm trying to find--"

In the eyes of both of us, she was shaking and making excuses, and soon she was about to cry.

I squeezed the piece of my palm a little harder and tried to shrug my shoulders as if nothing had happened.

"Good thing you found him." Then I walked past Eclise.

I usually have to get out of the way for the main characters of the show. "Master, master."

When he was looking at Yvonne, Eclise suddenly tried to catch me passing by. But before his hand could reach me, I moved quickly.

"Pen, Penelope"

"Have a good time."

Before I left the incinerator, I said to Yvonne, standing there, as harmless as possible. "Master, master!"

Eclise shouted desperately and stood up. (Note: I'm just sad0)

"Eclise, wait!"

"Get off me! Master!"

"I have something to say before people find out. Lis, listen to me!"

However, thanks to his new owner's interruption, I was able to escape without being held. I stepped out of the incinerator quickly.


A still silence descended on the incinerator.

Yvonne quickly approached Eclise, who was standing there staring at Penelope's disappearance. "Eclise."

He did not turn his head at the call. Yvonne held his arm in a hurry. "Eclise! What about the piece of relics?"

Only then did the man's eyes shift.

A hollow gray-brown pupil with nothing in it. "The piece?"


"I let you go to get the pieces, but you shouldn't have just done this!"

Recognizing her failure in silence, Yvonne's face was distorted with tears.

Regardless of this, Eclise looked at Penelope's traces with emptiness, and then moved in vain. "It's over, now."


"My master told me to die."


"I have to die right now. So that she knows how much I love her."

Eclise moved in a hurry, with a distorted face. It was just when he was about to exit the incinerator. "Even if Penelope and the Crown Prince are about to get engaged?"


"Even if they get married a few years later and his fiancé, Penelope, becomes a Crown Princess and lives to give birth to another man's child."


"But can you die regardless of that?"

Eclise's footsteps came to a halt due to the low voice of Yvonne.

"You said you wanted to stop the engagement even if you have to kill him." Yvonne looked at his back and uttered with her voice desperately.

"I... I have listened to everything you wanted. I made him go to the north so that the engagement wouldn't go on like this."


"But if it stays like this, he'll be back soon and proceed with his engagement. He's a strong warrior." ""

"Are you still want to die?"

Eclise's tight fists trembled a little.

His eyes were turning upside down just imagining it. He muttered in a desperate voice. "I want to have Penelope."


"What, what do we do now? What can I do to make her smile at me like she used to?" "Look at me, Eclise."

Yvonne approached him carefully. Then carefully reached out her hand and lifted his face to make eye contact.

"Poor Eclise."

Yvonne suggested a way with tears in her eyes as if to comfort him. "The only way you can have her is to have an empire in your hands." "Ihow?"

How can he hold such a large empire in his hands, now that he have just escaped from slavery? But Yvonne smiled faintly and reminded him.

"Do you forgot? You're also have a noble blood." ""

"Eclise Hhan Delman. Crew Hhan Delman's illegitimate son. The Last Royal Family in the line."

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