Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 177

Chapter 177

The blue light pierced in front of me. I opened my eyes with a frown. I could see a familiar space at a glance.

'This is'

It was a vast underground space on Soleil Island, the base of the Leila clan.

As I was surprised and looking around, I found a light source that pierced my eyes. White robe standing on the altar.


No, it was the light coming from the ancient relics held by Yvonne. The light was pointing down. A child curled up in the air with nothing and a strange figure floating slightly below the floor.

I realized right away.

I couldn't see, but I was under the blue light. I was saving Raon, invisible by the magic that Vinter casted over me.

Vinter, lying in the corner of a spacious space, and Callisto, lying on the floor to avoid the huge lizards.

The moment I went through the past was unfolded as if looking into a still image. And I watched it a step away like a third party.

It was then.

Suddenly, the white robe, no, the blue light that was emitted from Yvonne's ancient artifacts shook. At the same time, something began to float over the mirror, where there were nothing.

It was a sight that I had never seen before when I desperately closed my eyes, taking into consideration the words of Vinter who said, "Don't look at it".

'Come to think of it, Yvonne saw me exactly even though there was a magic of invisibility.'

From this objective perspective, the scene at that time was new. I glanced at the ancient relic Yvonne was holding, with my glazed eyes.

The blue light became stronger. Soon, a cloud of dust appeared in the mirror, which was shaking like waves on the water.

As I was looking in the mirror that became clear like a lie, I opened my eyes and took a sharp breath. 'Hugh.'

Looking into the mirror, which had become as clear as a bright day, I opened my eyes and breathed in sharp breaths.

It was me.

Not me saving Raon, not Penelope with her beautiful appearance, but me, the real ME.

I was asleep in a coarse, in a corner, dead,holding my cell phone tightly in my hand.My appearance just before being possessed by the game.

"I, why am I there"

I stumbled towards the altar where Yvonne stood.

One step, one step slowly, and the steps gradually accelerated. I reached the front of the mirror at one stroke. And the moment I reach my hand out to hold it.


Before my fingertips touched the blue light emitted by the relics, the surrounding scene collapsed with a loud roar.

'No, what!'

In an instant the altar and cave walls disappeared and the black darkness filled the place. By the time I was panicking and looking around, a cloud of smoke lowered down by my side.

I raised my head. Yvonne's only laptop-sized artifact had become an antique, massive full-body mirror and became dark.

Above that, the sleeping reality I just peeped at, was reflected with my room.

A game screen with 'GAME OVER' floating through the gap between the fingers holding the phone. 'Now, I can go back now!'

This thought occupied me instinctively. If I touch that mirror, I will be able to go back to my reality.

I ran as fast as I could with my heart full of hope and joy and toward the giant mirror. If I rushed like this for some reason, it seemed like I could jump into my room over the mirror.

And by the time I finally reached the huge mirror. I climbed the floor and jumped into the mirror as hard as I could.

Even then, I was full of unfounded belief that I could just pass through the mirror. However, Quaang-!


I was badly beaten up by the cold, hard mirror at face. "Oh, hey, I'm dying"

My bumped shoulder had been sore. No, it was just a strange bump, but my whole body began to ache as if I had been beaten.

"What is it? Why?"

I looked up at the mirror in front of my eyes with tears in my eyes. At that moment, white letters flashed over the mirror.

Error. Turning on [GAME OVER] couldn't be reached because you've entered the Hidden Route.

I stared at it blankly and spat it out with a laugh. "Don't fuck with me."

In this game, 'Game Over' meant the death of the character. It meant, the death of Penelope's lives possessed by me.

But when this crazy game chose death, it showed the system window with writing 'Game Over'. "I will be supposed to get out of here only when I'm dead. What the fuck!"

I went aside from my reflection. And I ran to the mirror still shining before me, and clenched my fists. "You crazy game bastard! You let me in, why are you not letting me go?"

Boom, boom-! I shouted, hitting on the mirror.

I want to go back. Playing all night long I felt more and more attached to the pitiful sight of me who was sleeping faintly.

"Let me go! Let me go!"

Error. Turning on [GAME OVER] couldn't be reached because you've entered the Hidden Route.

Boom, boom, boom-!

But no matter how much I hitted and shouted, only the white writing once again floated over my reflection in the mirror, and there was no change.

At that time, the mirror trembled as if the time had run out. My real self in it began to blur as well. "No! No, no!"

I shook my head wildly and beat the mirror like crazy person. "I'm just going to die, so just let me go into reality!"

As my appearance in the mirror became disorganized and faded, the writing in the system window became clearer and clearer.

Error. Turning on [GAME OVER] couldn't be reached because you've entered the Hidden Route.

At the sight of the window, which felt more awful than a nightmare, I was fed up and closed my eyes. "Huck!"

And right away, my eyes opened. Instead of the black space and the huge mirror that had just been there, I could see a white ceiling.

"Hahaha, hahaha..."

Rough breath burst through my lips as if I had run for a long time. I wanted to raise my body a little to understand the situation, but strangely, I couldn't budge. I rolled my eyes countless times to check my surroundings.

The familiar space was my room. No. Penelope's room over there, to be exact. "Then, a what about what happened a little while ago...?"

It was so vivid to see myself in my original reality through the mirror, but it disappeared without a moment's time.

I stared at the ceiling for a long time and chose a slow breath. The bitter smell of medicine hit at my nose.

It's been quite a while, and I'm finally about to admit that I'm awake. A white square window flashed before my eyes.

You paid [500 million gold] to enter Hidden Route!

"...X event."

I burst a low curse without my knowledge. Is it an extension of my nightmares? As soon as I came to my senses, I shuddered on my own at the system window, which seemed to had been waiting for me.

But that wasn't the end.

From now on, you will not be able to check the level of favorability other than the color of the gauge bar, and if you follow the quest, you will receive a hidden ending and reward!

An unexpected quest has been created! Heep [the piece of ancient magic mirror] in a safe place!

"Ha, ha ha, ha..."

I burst out laughing in amazement.

Now, I have not even been given a chance to accept the quest, let alone to see how much they like me. But ironically, I didn't feel so screwed up. I was already past the point of mental breakdown.

"...I've done it, and I'm not really dead. Yeah."

I struggled to raise my immobile arms, and spread my hands before my eyes. My dry hands, which were nothing but bones, trembled.

Like the dream I just saw, or the play of the system, I finally failed to get back to reality.

I couldn't know what caused it.

Was it because I couldn't reach the ending with anyone, because I failed hard mode, or because of the automatic payment, or was there really a way out of this crazy game...?

'Maybe the problem was that I didn't think about dying sooner?'

Anyway, the only way left had been to waste, and now all that remained was to be swayed again in this fucking place.

I lowered my trembling hands from the air to cover the dry eyes. I thought it was okay until a while ago, but when I couldn't see a inch ahead, the hotness immediately filled my throat.

"X event, you son of a bitch!"

I screamed, swearing at an ambiguous opponent. I tossed and turned my body as if it had been paralyzed.

If I didn't do it, I was going to die. It was hard to know how to press down anger and despair from the top of my head.


My rough struggle caused the soft blankets and pillows to fall down under the bed. It was the moment.

Ta-ak, quivering—! Suddenly a loud metallic sound rang out in the room. I stopped screaming and lowered my hands that covered my eyes.

When the blurry eyes were focused, I could see my maid staring at me with a blank face. The tin basin was trembled with the spilled water in her hands.

"Oh, my lady..."

Emily, who was filled with astonishment with a face tired because of care about me, soon opened her mouth wide.

"Oh my God, Duke! Butler! Lady, Lady Penelope is awake!"

It was in no time that people were rushing into the room at Emily's shout. Translator: nancie_7

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