Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Chapter 172

Chapter 172

Despite the sudden appearance of the real daughter, she remained calm.

The act of avoiding a chaotic atmosphere, and pushing forward with the ceremony calmly was more graceful and dignified than any other noble.

This didn't fit her with the nickname nickname "Eckart's crazy dog" at all. "For the heroine."

As she said it in the low voice as if it was a magic spell, the time of all those in the hall stopped at that moment.

In the meantime, the woman who raised her glass to herself, and drank the wine at a gulp. "Cough."

Then she collapsed, throwing up blood. The dark pink hair, close to red, slowly faded like a falling flower.

So, Derrick could not immediately tell what was wrong. Not only that, but Yvonne, Renald, and the Duke who were standing right next to her, stood frozen, unaware of the situation.

The crumbling woman's body managed to hold onto the table. "Cough!"

But once again, the small body fluttered and threw up more blood. "Watch out...!"


With a shriek a step later, the ceremony became a mess in a moment. "Pennell..."

Derrick moved his lips and stepped forward instinctively. It was then.

"Penelope Eckart--!"

Peoeog-! Someone pushed his body hard.

As he staggered and lost his balance, Derrick wondered at the brief moment, when he saw the fluttering blonde hair.

The Crown Prince, who was sitting in the back, was running as if he was tornado. As if he had moved in a flash, he arrived and embraced the body that was collapsing close to him.

And at the same red liquid quickly moved at his white uniform.

Only then did Derrick realize that what Penelope had thrown up was blood. At the same time something huge began to weigh on his shoulders and he could not move his body.

He just open his eyes and look at the dark red hair drooping from the Crown Prince's arms. "Call the doctor, Call the doctor! Quickly!"

With Penelope in his arms, the Crown Prince was in a quiver.

The thunderous voice finally unraveled the numb atmosphere. One by one, the frozen guests, filled with

astonishment, began to move.

"Open your eyes, princess. Huh? Do not close it, no. Please, please..."

Not caring of the sticky blood on his hands, the Crown Prince stroked Penelope and whispered.

There was a strange feeling of affection between the two of them, about whom there were various rumors.

The Duke, who came to his senses late, approached them with a pale face. "...Your, Your Highness."

"Fuck, when the hell will the doctor comes? Don't you see she is dying?"

(*Note: I know that this is not the right time to say thisssss, but I'm loving this moment! Ehem! Okay sorry)

But as soon as he spoke, the Crown Prince flared and bursted with anger. As if the Duke would take away the woman in his arms.

"I, I can save her life!"

Then, someone shouted urgently. "The Marquis of Verdandi."

It was none other than Vinter who emerged from the crowd.

He quickly approached the Crown Prince, who was holding the unconscious princess with a pale complexion.

"Your Highness the Crown Prince, please allow me to see her for a moment." "What are you going to do?"

"There is an antidote I usually bring in case of an emergency."

"The Marquis of Verdandi! Is someone trying to poison her in the duchy now?!"

The Duke reacted sensitively. This is because it was a sensitive matter that could lead to political problems. It was premature to make a definite decision, with only circumstantial doubt.

"That's not...something that I dare to answer."

Vinter glanced over the Crown Prince and the people surrounding Penelope. "I just want to give her the first aid that we can do right away."

"That's what you believe in."

The Crown Prince looked at him and opened his mouth heavily.

"Even if the princess took the poison, I don't know what you have and what you're going to do." "It's an toxic antidote in a case of extreme situation."

Vinter answered calmly.

"It will be difficult to decipher it completely because I don't know exactly what kind of poison she took, but it will serve as a neutralization to some extent."


The Crown Prince glared at him with his eyes wide open hearing such a posthumous conclusion. It seemed to be a doubt of whether he could be trusted.

The Duke shook his head with a somber look.

"His Highness is right. I'm not sure Penelope was poisoned, but we can just wait for the doctor..." "If you know it's poison, whatever it is, it's bad for her, give her the antidote now."


Until then, Renald, who was frozen with a blank face, beckoned his father with red bloodshot eyes. "But..."

"Don't you trust the Marquis of Verandi, Father? It's called first aid. She's going to die before the doctor comes."


The Duke, who identified the direction of the finger's tip, distorted his face and closed his mouth.

Until just now, Penelope's body, which had been convulsed with blood, had become silent. Her eyes, which Callisto had begged to stay open, closed beautifully and had no movement.

Her cold body looked like a corpse, with even no dying breath.

The Crown Prince, who confirmed her state, ordered in a tight voice. "Feed her."

"Your Highness!"

"But if anything goes wrong."

Despite the Duke's shout of dissuasion, the Crown Prince continued. "...You'll have to be prepared, Marquis."

When he was given permission, Vinter calmly took of the bottle from his arms. In front of others, he said calmly, but his fingertips trembled funnily when he covered her from other people's eyes.

Just in case, he brought the antidote, but he swear to God, he didn't know it would be used like this. '...I should have refused at the time, no matter what she said.'

A ray of remorse flashed through him.

-She said that if you refuse, you should pay the debt you owe. But when he heard the maid's words, he couldn't say no again.

He was a sinner to her. A sin of recklessly suspecting and testing a person who has nothing to do with Leila.

-But you shouldn't have deceived people with a lie as if it was interest or curiosity.

At the same time, his feelings were not even as good as her, but he was the sinner for his lie.

Ever since he was told not to contact her until she finds him first, he he had been constantly agonizing between the urge to contact her and the reason he should give up and endure.

And when she finally sent the maid looking for him and then he got the request from the maid.

It's funny that what he felt then was relief and worry, rather than disappointment. He knew that it was a profane idea that was far from his beliefs that he kept firmly.

Nevertheless, while making the poison without an antidote, he never thought she would drink it herself. He didn't think she would fall down because of the poison that he didn't even give her...

'But why?'

She knew clearly, she had poison in her gold cup. Because the color of the beads on the necklace has changed.

She should have seen the color that was bright enough to recognize even for someone sitting far away. Then why did she drink it with such a grim expression?

He felt sick to his stomach from the confusion. But this was not the time for complacency to think about these questions.

He bit his lips and pulled out the bottle that touched it with his fingertips. He opened the cap of a small glass bottle containing violet liquid and leaned straight down.

A bitter image came from the Crown Prince, who had given the order by his own mouth but was not willing to let the Princess go. He said it, desperately suppressing it.

"Your Highness, please show the face of young lady..."

The Crown Prince glared at him with icy red eyes, and reluctantly showed the princess' face from his arms.

The blood dropped out from her face.

Vinter, who closed his eyes for a moment in misery, soon opened her lips with a cautious touch and tilted the bottle to her mouth.

One drop, two drops, three drops.

A liquid resembling the poison given to her, went into her mouth.

There was the faint, lingering sound of breath. Fortunately her breath returned to its original form shortly after. Her pale complexion like a corpse also began to turn red.

"Duke! I've brought the Doctor!"

Just in time the butler called him and the medical stuff with the stretcher arrived. After first aid by Vinter, Penelope was quickly moved into the mansion.


A sigh of relief came from each of the mouths of those watching who had been holding their breath. Except for one person.


He was one step away from the urgent situation, and only quietly watched all the way to the end. Slap-!

It was when his cheeks stinged and caught fire that he came to his senses. "What the hell are you doing!"

When he opened his eyes, he saw his father's distorted face.

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