Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Might As Well Hit Your Outstretched Face

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“You want to report me?”

Gu Qiqi glanced at Zhu Fen with disdain and her lips curved upwards. “It’s a pity that the person who is supposed to be on the night duty tonight is Gu Xuexue, not me.”

“She’s sleeping at home, right now. Do you want me to go home and take a photo so that you have more evidence on hand?”

Zhu Fen’s pupils shrank. Damn it. She made a mistake.

However, she wasn’t about to admit her mistake as she said, “Gu Xuexue’s your sister. It’s justified that you’re on duty for her!”

“Justified? Justified, your head!”

The blood feud was still vivid in her mind.

She hadn’t made Gu Xuexue pay a heavy price yet, but she was going to be on duty for that vicious woman? She still had her brain.

“You… you dared to scold me?”

“Get lost! I’m referring to you. A good dog doesn’t stand in the way.” Gu Qiqi held on to the handrail of her electric scooter tightly. She frowned with disdain at Zhu Fen, who was blocking her way. “Oh, I’m sorry, I made a mistake. You’re not a dog. You’re pig dung. I forgot.”

This was to kick her while she was down.

Zhu Fen. Pig dung1.

Even those intern nurses around her couldn’t help but cover their mouths and laugh.

Zhu Fen was so angry.

Blinded by anger, she said without thought, “Gu Qiqi, you just walked out from the Andrology Examination Room. It couldn’t be that you just gave a man a physical examination from the top to the bottom, right? A woman like you who serves men every day is the real pig dung!”

Andrology Examination Room?

Everyone’s eyes lit up. They knew that kind of place.

There were some rumors that some weird and rich people in Qing Cheng often visited hospitals for these “personal” services whenever they had nothing to do.

Gu Qiqi just walked out from there. Could it be that…

Zhu Fen looked at everyone with satisfaction.

They swept weird gazes over Gu Qiqi’s body, especially her pair of slender hands.

“Dare to say it again?” Gu Qiqi said in a low voice.

“Is there anything I dare not to say? Are you going to hit me?” Zhu Fen was smug and said provocatively, “You just want to curry favor with an old man so that you can… Ah! You actually dare to hit me!”

Zhu Fen covered her face and howled.

She didn’t expect Gu Qiqi to really give her a slap!

Gu Qiqi calmly dug out a piece of disinfectant paper and wiped her hand with it, as if hinting that her face was filthy. “You already had your face outstretched. Isn’t it normal for me to hit you?”

The way Gu Qiqi wiped her hand was both arrogant and beautiful.

She was being completely different from her usual low-key self!

After wiping her hand, she even threw the discarded disinfectant paper on Zhu Fen’s face.

It seemed that she was treating Zhu Fen as a trash can.

The intern nurses were stunned.

This Zhu Fen relied on her father, who was the Head of the Surgical Department, in order to have some authority onto herself in the hospital. She often whimsically ordered people around, and those people had always felt indignant in their hearts.


Gu Qiqi whose presence had always been minimal actually dared to be so fierce to Zhu Fen to the extent that she would even slap her face. The way she slapped the latter even looked so excellent. It was really satisfying.

“Gu Qiqi! You dare to mess with me?!”

“I’ll tell my father to fire you!”

“You—idiot who only knows how to perform physical examinations on men!”

“Up to you.” Gu Qiqi said coldly and replied placidly. “If you think that this is a big deal, how are you going to intubate a man with a urinary catheter for any general anesthesia operation?!”

“You’re kicking up a fuss for such a small matter… don’t be a doctor then. Get lost!”

She must have learned badly from that domineering man earlier.

She was asking people to get lost for no reason now.

Gu Qiqi’s unusually fierce aura made Zhu Fen feel somewhat inferior.

“You… You…”

She was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

No! She was the real daughter of a head of a department in the hospital. Why did she have to be afraid of this fake daughter from the Gu family who didn’t even have a mother?

“My father has the final say in this hospital! You won’t be able to become a doctor!”

“Are you sure?” Gu Qiqi suddenly leaned forward.

Her tall and slender figure looked down condescendingly at the shorter Zhu Fen.

Not only was she going to be a doctor in this lifetime, but she was also going to be the best doctor throughout the Empire.

She was going to cure her younger brother’s terminal illness by herself.

She would never believe in or rely on anyone anymore.

She had to control her own fate with her own hands!

Gu Qiqi glanced at Zhu Fen in disdain and no longer bothered about her.

She stepped on the accelerator and knocked Zhu Fen, who was blocking her way, away.

She then disappeared into the night like a bolt of transient lightning.

“Hey, don’t you want your life anymore?!”

“My new dress! My nurse uniform! They’re all tattered!”

“My wrist… my wrist seems to be fractured… Wuwuwu!”

Zhu Fen’s exasperated sobs disappeared into the night as well.

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