Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 45 - Like a Silly Deer!

Chapter 45: Like a Silly Deer!

“I asked you to wait on me 24 hours a day, not for you to talk nonsense with men. Go back to your room and sleep!”

Gong Jue’s face was cold as he turned around and went upstairs.

Talk nonsense?

You’re the one who’s talking nonsense, alright?

Frustrated, Gu Qiqi made a resentful face at his back. She turned to look at Special Assistant Lu with sympathy in her eyes. Not daring to delay a second longer, she jogged to catch up with him.

Standing in front of Gong Jue’s door, Gu Qiqi’s heart beat rapidly!

She had been locked up by Gong Jue thrice, and this was the first night she spent with him!

Could that domineering man have suddenly recovered from his illness?

The service that he spoke of…

He wasn’t really going to serve her, was he?

Wasn’t this a little too much of a sacrifice to take back what belonged to her?

She took a deep breath and pushed open the door —

Whoosh —

The sound of running water could be heard from the bathroom.

Gu Qiqi breathed a sigh of relief.

Tsk. This man must be mysophobic. He showered all day long.

She quickly pulled out a blanket and wrapped herself up tightly before lying on the sofa by the window.

She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

The sound of running water gradually stopped.

He stepped out of the bathroom and wrapped a white towel around himself.

He had a narrow waist and a broad back. He was breathtaking.

Although Gu Qiqi’s eyes were closed, she could still smell that undeniable scent of hormones!

She held her breath nervously. The man’s aura was getting closer and closer!

Gong Jue walked to the sofa and looked down at her

He looked at the little woman who had wrapped herself up like a dumpling and the corners of his lips curled up inexplicably.

A mischievous thought surfaced in his mind.

Leaning over, his face was still moist as he slowly approached her…

Ten centimeters…

Five centimeters…

One centimeter…

“Gulp —!”

Gu Qiqi and the blanket fell to the ground.

Ow, ow, ow!

This d*mned domineering man actually wanted to kiss her secretly. How shameful!

Gu Qiqi could only pretend to fall onto the carpet with her head facing down.

Gong Jue looked at her in amusement.

“Stupid woman. She didn’t even take a shower and slept like a silly deer!”

His thin lips sneered slightly. Gong Jue reached out and patted her blanket.

Gu Qiqi’s small blanket tightened.

D*mn it! She thought she was safe, but it seemed to be even more dangerous now!

Just as she was feeling regretful, she heard a series of footsteps approaching her. The wooden bed creaked and sank.

Gong Jue didn’t continue to seduce her. Instead, he really turned around and went to sleep.

Gu Qiqi smiled secretly. That’s right. The domineering man was mysophobic. He hated to touch women to begin with. He definitely had no interest in women who didn’t bathe at all. She really had great foresight.

Should she not take a shower anymore?

The man’s even breathing soon resounded in the quiet space.

Gu Qiqi’s heart beat rapidly.

How hateful! Why was this d*mned man’s breath filled with hormones? Damn it!

A long time later.

She pursed her lips. Suddenly, her beautiful black round eyes opened!

She crept closer to Gong Jue.

The man seemed to be fast asleep. His long eyelashes didn’t move an inch and his cold lips were slightly pursed. The coldness that he had shown when he was awake was gone and he actually looked gentle.

Honestly speaking, being able to stay by such a good-looking man’s side was probably the dream of many women.

But at this moment, Gu Qiqi had already stepped on the edge of the bed with one foot and her other hand was in the air pressing down on the man’s blanket… This action didn’t have the slightest bit of wishful thinking or wild imagination. This gaze was even clearer without a trace of distraction— She was already prepared to approach him.

Gu Qiqi’s lips curved upwards.

What a joke! Would she, Gu Qiqi, be charmed by a man’s good-looking face?

She had only approached him because…

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