Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 42 - Locked Up By Him Once More

Chapter 42: Locked Up By Him Once More

“What rights?”

“Come back with me!”

D*mn it!

Gu Qiqi secretly gnashed her teeth.

She didn’t want to return to that godforsaken place and be treated as a research subject. If she was accidentally killed one day, no one would collect her corpse.

However, she could neither beat him in a fight, nor could she escape…

Gu Qiqi licked her lips and said in a roundabout manner, “Give it to me. I’ll go back with you.”

Gong Jue glanced at her coolly.

His thin lips didn’t move and his long and slender fingers slapped against it.

He lit up his lighter!

The thick document bag was lit up by him!

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Gu Qiqi choked on the smoke and coughed non-stop. She was about to choke on her tears.

Burning documents in such an expensive car… No, burning money! Only this man would do that!

Soon after, the registration receipt was burnt.

Then, the two pregnancy test sticks wouldn’t be able to escape this fate either!

Seeing that the pregnancy test kits with electronic displays had been burned to ashes, Gu Qiqi really wanted to kill him.

She gnashed her teeth in anger and said in despair, “What a pity. You seemed to like it last time. This time, I specially got someone to ask for two state-of-the-art kits for you, but you burned them down.”

Gong Jue glared at her!

“Tsk. What a pity. Didn’t you see the electronic display on that stick? It can record the length, frequency, and the number of times…”

“Shut up!”

Gong Jue stared intently at that small mouth that deserved a beating. A voice roared in his heart —

Block it! Let her talk nonsense again!

But in the very next second, he calmly grabbed her dishonest little hands, pulled out his belt, and tied her up tightly!

Gu Qiqi laughed coldly.

She had failed.

She initially wanted to agitate him on purpose so that he would lose his rationality. She took the opportunity to secretly reach for the anesthetic needle.

But how could he be so sharp? He actually saw through her intentions and didn’t fall for it.

After tying Gu Qiqi up like a dumpling, Gong Jue reached into her shirt and retrieved the anesthetic needles. He said coldly, “What’s so good about this broken rod? If you like to play with it, I’ll let you have enough fun when we get back!”

Gu Qiqi had failed and was too lazy to bicker with him.

Her gaze swept across his pants in disdain.

She deeply regretted not aiming for that thing in the bathroom the last time and hitting it with a sure-kill shot!

If she had hit him, how would he be able to be so domineering towards her now?

Gu Qiqi was locked in Gong Jue’s room once more.

This time, she was going to be in trouble.

She didn’t have any escape tools on her anymore.

Standing in front of the French windows, she looked down at the training ground.

That soft voice appeared in her mind. “Jumping off a building is the stupidest solution. Your body is too weak. You won’t be able to withstand a single blow like those stupid humans. Unless you listen to me and are willing to collect —”

“I won’t jump off a building.” Gu Qiqi interrupted it plainly.

Only those who had been reborn would know how precious life was.

It wasn’t easy for her to change the college application form. Everything had just begun, so why should she die?

And those who owed her, insulted her, bullied her, and harmed her…

She hadn’t gotten her revenge yet!

As if sensing the seriousness in Gu Qiqi’s heart, that soft voice fell silent.

After a while, it livened up the atmosphere again and asked with a cheeky smile, “Hey, Little Qiqi, what’s Doraemon?

“It’s just an animated film. Why are you asking about this?”

“Oh. I think I heard that Special Assistant who was driving mumbling secretly just now. He said that he didn’t expect you to be so bold and unrestrained.”

Gu Qiqi was stunned.

Upon realizing this, her face flushed red!

What Special Assistant Lu meant was “Doraemon”!

After being told this term by Kuo Ai, when Special Assistant Lu knocked on the door and invited her downstairs, she was extremely embarrassed!

She was too embarrassed to look at this old man in his fifties straight in the eye.

“Young Lady Qiqi, Master Jue invites you downstairs for a meal.”


“Young Lady Qiqi, don’t run so fast! Be careful of the staircase!”


“Young Lady Qiqi, don’t worry. You’ll be safe here. Of course, that’s if you don’t escape…”

Gu Qiqi had already escaped into the dining room and was sitting upright.

Special Assistant Lu scratched his head. He didn’t know if he had said the wrong thing. Why was Young Lady Qiqi avoiding him?

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