Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 40 - Master Jue Was Enraged

Chapter 40: Master Jue Was Enraged

Gu Qiqi put away her phone and left the ward.

As she reached the hospital entrance, a man in a clean suit approached her.

He asked politely, “Ms Gu Qiqi?”


“My chairman asked me to hand this to you. What you wanted is inside.”

The man in the suit respectfully handed over a document bag to her.

Gu Qiqi immediately understood.

She dug out a small medicine bottle. “Your chairman’s medicine. Remember to tell him to stay away from quack doctors.”

The man in the suit received it solemnly and disappeared into the crowd.

Gu Qiqi opened the document bag and saw that there were two exquisite pregnancy test sticks inside.

That’s right. They were of a high-end brand. They even had liquid crystal displays.

There was also a thick stack of money.

The stack seemed as if there were at least a few tens of thousands of dollars.

Most importantly, a formal receipt document for the college entrance exam application form was also in the bag.

It was written in black and white that—

Gu Qiqi, enrolled in Imperial Medical University!

The red official seal showed that she had managed to change her professional ambition successfully!

Gu Qiqi couldn’t help but cluck her tongue.

Wow. He was too efficient. This man really had the means.

No wonder everyone in this world wanted to climb up the ranks to the summit.

Those at the summit could really summon wind, call for rain, and even reach out for the stars.

She suddenly became excited.

Everything was developing in a positive direction.

One day, the time would come when she wouldn’t have to rely on anyone anymore.

She was going to carve her own path to reach for the stars!

At this moment, Gu Qiqi had a lot of money but she was only planning to use a thousand dollars to rent a house on her own and move out of the Gu family. Then, she was going to find a job during the summer vacation to earn the tuition fees and repay that beautiful man’s money.

She was thinking about this happily when that soft voice from her mind appeared unexpectedly again. It was full of disdain. “You had the cheek to ask for such little money from a chairman? Hahaha.”

Gu Qiqi frowned. “It’s not as if we’re related. Why don’t you try borrowing some money from people out there? I’ll praise you if you can even borrow five dollars!”

“Hmph! Haven’t I said so? You can earn money. Big money. As long as you’re willing to collect—”

“Collect, your head!”

Gu Qiqi would subconsciously think of that machine in the examination room whenever she heard the word “collect”. What’s more, she would also be reminded of that domineering man with erectile dysfunction.

It didn’t feel good to her at all!

The soft voice wanted to say more, but a call interrupted the conversation of the two. “Wait, it’s a call from the hospice! I don’t know if something happened to Xiao Bei…”

She dug out her phone.

“Qiqi, your brother—”

She had just retrieved her phone and was about to listen to the words of the person on the other side of the call…

However, she could hear nothing but the sound of muffled thunder around her.


Soon after, she heard the screeching sounds coming from the wheels of cross-country vehicles running across the surface of the concrete ground.


Then, the deafening sound of leather boots could be heard!

When Gu Qiqi realized what just happened, she was already surrounded.

That sonorous and powerful sound of leather boots…

Gu Qiqi unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Speaking of the devil…

She really shouldn’t have thought of that domineering man with erectile dysfunction just now.

Only a few seconds had passed since she thought of him, but that d*mned stupid man had immediately appeared in front of her once more!

Gong Jue angrily alighted from his car.

He strode with his long legs and stood in front of Gu Qiqi.

He stretched out his long arm and snatched over Gu Qiqi’s phone.

Without a word, the first thing he did was…

Open the phone book and find Chu Junmo’s caller ID.

With a fierce swipe of his slender finger, he threw the other party into the blacklist and locked the number, so that it couldn’t be seen anymore.

This was the power of super-advanced technology.

Ten thousand Gu Qiqis would still be unable to remove the number from the blacklist.

“What are you doing?!” Gu Qiqi pouted. She was furious.

“Do…” Gong Jue didn’t look good either. “You prisoner! I’m here to catch you again!”

Special Assistant Lu who stood behind him was trying his best to hold back his laughter.

Master Jue, you’re trying to catch a prisoner?

Why does it feel like you’re here to catch an adulterer?

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