Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 3607 - 3607 Chapter 3610: the Cheapskate husband was sulking

3607 Chapter 3610: the Cheapskate husband was sulking

Yun Qiao’s power suddenly shook violently when it fell into the air!

“Grand Princess, Something’s Wrong! It’s dangerous! Call for Help!”The jade bracelet warned her.

Yun Qiao frowned.

She had a lot of steel wires tied to her body. Logically speaking, even if there was a problem with one of them, she wouldn’t fall to the ground. At most, the angle would be off and she would be hit again.

Why was the jade bracelet so nervous?

Could it be..

“Many of the steel wires are broken and they are still breaking. I’m afraid that someone is intentionally harming you. This isn’t an accident, it’s a murder! Eldest princess, quickly call for help and get a cushion prepared!”The jade bracelet was frantic.

In a split second, Yun Qiao’s gaze met Gong Xiaoxiao on the ground.

She actually saw a gloating, jealous, and triumphant look on Gong Xiaoxiao’s face!

At this moment, the other actors and staff did not know what had happened. They only felt that Yun Qiao’s angle of descent was off, and that she might not be able to touch Huo Qingtong’s hand. They were all looking at her nervously and worriedly.

Yun Qiao narrowed her eyes and said to the Jasper bracelet, “I know who did it!”

The Jade Bangle was on the verge of tears. “Eldest princess, can we ask for help first before looking for the murderer?”

Yun Qiao said, “No! Since someone wants me to really fall off the building, of course I can’t let them down. I’m so kind-hearted, I’ll definitely let them get what they want!”

The Jade Bangle:”… ! ! !”

At this time, what was there to be “Kind”about? wasn’t it more important to save her life? He already didn’t understand the eldest princess’Brain!

Oh No, this is bad!

The Grand Princess actually fell down!

This could kill someone!

The jade bracelet was about to collapse.

= = =

At this moment.

Gong Sheng was hosting an environmental conference.

Advocating environmental protection was one of the core concepts of the current government of the Empire.

Therefore, Gong Sheng paid a lot of attention to environmental protection issues.

Every time he held an environmental conference, he listened to all the representatives’speeches very carefully. He even personally participated in some research on environmental protection technology and had a very deep understanding of these issues.


During today’s meeting, everyone realized that the president seemed to be a little silent.

Especially after receiving a message, the president’s expression had been gloomy. It was unknown if he was listening to their reports.

Only Uncle Zhang knew what Gong Sheng was thinking.

The president had been in a bad mood these few days.

Firstly, the last time Miss Xiao Qiao and best actor Huo ate alone, the president was very unhappy.

Second of all, Miss Xiao Qiao wanted to shoot an action scene, so the president was even more unhappy!

Perhaps Miss Xiao Qiao didn’t realize that the President hadn’t spoken to her for a few days?

Uncle Zhang was a little regretful. He shouldn’t have told him that Miss Xiao Qiao had shot a scene of falling from a building.

Moreover, after this scene of falling from a building, there was also a martial arts scene.

The president didn’t object to Miss Xiao Qiao acting, but he really hated her shooting martial arts scenes.

Originally, this part of the script had already been deleted, but Li Ping An was also a very stubborn director. He thought that deleting the martial arts scenes would affect the tone of the entire movie, so he insisted on adding this part.

Now, how was he going to explain this to the president?

From the President’s expression, he was already very, very angry.

Uncle Zhang only prayed that Miss Xiao Qiao would successfully finish filming the falling scene, and then let the stunt double finish filming the martial arts scenes, and everything would be fine.


The heavens did not go according to one’s wishes.

Just then, Uncle Zhang received another message from the production team: “Miss Xiao Qiao’s wire hanging from Wei Ya has broken, someone has died!”

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