Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: I’m In Charge of You!

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Gu Qiqi couldn’t wait to bite Gong Jue to his death.

But little did she know that the following words that would come out from Gong Jue’s mouth would let her realize that she would be letting him off too easily if she bit his domineering man to his death!

Gong Jue was frowning as he held these two pregnancy test sticks.

Gu Qiqi glared at him.

He had to be dismembered. She had to slowly bite him to his death!

Gu Qiqi laughed out of anger and looked up. “Yes, I love to play with those sticks. Who are you to control me? Give them back!”

Gong Jue wore a stern look. “It’s useless to glare at me. You’re my prisoner now. I’m in charge of you. I’m going to confiscate this!”

Gu Qiqi became speechless.

That was going to be for Xiao Ning. You’re so wicked, you domineering man!

She felt a little regretful putting away the scalpel blade.

Unfortunately, her wrists were now handcuffed and she couldn’t take care of this stupid man.

Gong Jue threw the pregnancy test kits to the front of the car.

When he looked back, he saw Gu Qiqi twisting her body away from him in anger.

She turned her back towards him and looked out of the window.

Gong Jue’s gaze then landed on the girl’s petite back.

Her clothes were simple.

She wore a cyan uniform that had apparently been washed so many times it was nearly worn through.

Even the sleeves were white.

She only had this single set of uniform in her three years of high school.

But right now, there were a few cracks on the back of her clean uniform. It was stained with medicine and the fabric was somewhat corroded.

The girl’s delicate and fair skin on her back, as well as her slender neck, were stained with blood. Upon taking a closer look, her shoulders and back had several glass shards piercing through her skin. Some spots on her exposed back were bleeding, while some were bruised.

Gong Jue’s eyebrows knitted.

He witnessed the conflict that happened between Gu Qiqi, Gu Xuexue, Zhu Fen, and Gu Qiushan. Zhu Fen had forcefully pushed that medicine cart towards her that it struck her from behind, and the glass that had broken from the impact directly pierced through her back.

She was injured.

However, was that man just now really her father?

That scumbag cared so much about other people’s daughter, but only knew how to beat and scold his own daughter?

She had suffered such serious injuries to her back, but that scumbag father turned a blind eye to it! In fact, he even had the audacity to slap her?

The injuries on Gu Qiqi’s back had somewhat moved Gong Jue’s heart.

He was initially unhappy after he saw the pregnancy test kits, but that feeling was nowhere to be found anymore. Instead, it was replaced with an indescribable emotion.

Before he realized it, he had given his orders to Special Assistant Lu. “Bring the medicine box over here.”

When he came back to his senses, an exquisite first aid kit was already in his hands.

As he held the disinfectant in one hand, he ripped open Gu Qiqi’s shirt with the other.


The girl’s fair-skinned back was completed exposed in front of him.

“You… man with erectile dysfunction! Why are you such a hooligan—”

Gu Qiqi was in the middle of planning her escape when she suddenly felt a breeze on her back.

That man had actually ripped open her shirt.

Was he going to use some kind of shameful punishment on her?

Gu Qiqi’s face flushed red in anger.

The stubborn Gu Qiqi tolerated the pain of her wounds. She twisted her body desperately in an effort to smash open the car window. Even if she had to jump out of the car, she was never going to let this man insult her!

But in the very next moment, a refreshing coldness washed over her back.

A rich and fragrant scent mixed with—peppermint, pennywort, and elderflower—pervaded the cramped backseat of the car.

Her wounds immediately stopped aching, and her bleeding seemed to have stopped as well.

He was… applying medicine for her?

He wasn’t trying to torment, bully, or punish her?

Gu Qiqi was stunned.

They were complete strangers.

They met thrice and each of those encounters had been nothing but unpleasant. She even teased and mocked him for having problems down there.

He forcefully locked her, reprimanded her, and treated her like a prisoner…

But in the end, he was applying medicine to heal her injuries?

It had to be known that even her biological father had turned a blind eye to the injuries on her back just now at the escalator!

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