Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 2778 - 2778 Chapter 2781 you women are so scary! 1

2778 Chapter 2781 you women are so scary! 1

Xiao Ning: “We’ll talk about it later. Send Me the schedule for the next few days first.”

Bai Yeyuan was too busy with work. She had to take a look first.

Although she told him in a fit of pique that she did not care about his work, she could not do it in the end. She let go of the BAI Corporation so willfully.

So, in a relationship, who was more responsible and who was more soft-hearted was destined to be at a disadvantage?

= = =

In the yoga room.

Bai Yeyuan was maintaining a high-difficulty pregnant yoga pose for a few minutes and was praised by the yoga teacher.

But his thoughts had already flown far away.

When Xiao Ning called him just now, she was so anxious that she looked like she was about to cry. When he heard that, he almost wanted to surrender.

However, when he thought about how this little bastard had cheated on him for so long behind his back, he felt very unhappy. So, he deliberately did not tell her the answer.

It was not until she was so anxious that she said something fierce, saying that he was dating a woman and even hung up on him… Bai Yeyuan finally revealed a smile that he had not seen for a long time.

Was this little thing jealous?

Was she jealous?

Definitely jealous?

Should he confirm it again?

He stopped the yoga teacher and said, “Let me ask you a question.”

The yoga teacher was especially fond of students like him who practiced their movements diligently and came to report every day. He said amiably, “If there’s anything you need help with, feel free to tell me, Miss Ning Ning.”

Bai yeyuan asked, “Has your man ever cheated on You?”

The female yoga teacher’s expression was like a pig’s liver, and her lips twitched. “I don’t know…”

How could she ask about her husband’s privacy like that.

Considering that this student was quite rich and had bought quite a few things during the yoga class, the teacher endured it and did not explode.

Who knew that Bai Yeyuan was addicted to asking. “Then, has your man ever been with another woman… who is more intimate? Did he ask her out for dinner, work together, or bring her home?”

The female yoga teacher’s face was almost as black as a pig’s head.

Bring her home?

He dared!

“No!”The female yoga teacher’s tone was a little heavy.

Bai yeyuan nodded thoughtfully, he continued, “Then imagine, from your point of view as a woman, if your man had a woman outside and you found out about it, would you be jealous? Would you quarrel with him and hang up on him?”

The female yoga teacher endured it and squeezed out a few words from between her teeth. “I’ll blow his head off.”

Bai Yeyuan was stunned. “D * mn, are you women so violent?”

The female teacher was even more stunned.”…”

You’re not a woman?

Oh right, this Miss Ning was not an ordinary woman. She was pregnant.

Then, she reacted, the female teacher’s tone finally calmed down a little. “It’s like this. When a man cheats outside, he will definitely be severely punished. However, you are pregnant. Don’t hurt your fetus. If you want to beat him up, find someone to beat him up. It’s very cheap and convenient to hire bodyguards now. They are charged by the hour…”

Bai Yeyuan frowned. “What else? Other than wanting to beat someone up, don’t you have any other thoughts in mind?”

The female teacher: “What Thoughts?”

Bai yeyuan: “Sadness, anger, jealousy!”

The female teacher smiled and waved her hand. “That only happens when you’re in a relationship. Who would think so much after getting married?”

Bai yeyuan: “So it’s normal not to be jealous?”

The female teacher was already confused by him. “The main thing is that I don’t have the energy or time to be jealous… wouldn’t it be good to just blow his head off?”

Bai Yeyuan:”…”

He would never be able to understand the brain circuits of creatures like women in this lifetime.

So, did the little thing have him in her heart, or did she not have him?

Was she sad, angry, or jealous?

Was she really like the female yoga teacher who, after being married for a long time, had no feelings other than violence?

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