Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 2776 - 2776 Chapter 2779 bullying the White Lotus Flower, awesome! 1

2776 Chapter 2779 bullying the White Lotus Flower, awesome! 1

As for the fact that he didn’t attend the birthday banquet that she had meticulously prepared for him..

Hehe, it was just a banquet, what was that?

She, Liu Ruyin, still knew what was important and what wasn’t.

Moreover, she was extremely certain that in this world, all the women didn’t have the thing that she had, and had such a unique status and memory in Bai Yeyuan’s life.

She could be said to be blessed by the heavens, leading those women who could only rely on blind dates to get close to Bai Yeyuan!

She didn’t need to rely on blind dates. She relied on herself, her face, and her blood relationship. Bai Yeyuan would never ignore her in this lifetime!

Liu Ruyin confidently stepped into Bai Yeyuan’s ward.

She affectionately called out, “Yeyuan…”

However, to her surprise, the way the man looked at her was not as passionate or nostalgic as she had expected.

Instead, it was surprisingly cold and distant.

However, Bai Yeyuan was usually cold and did not have any fireworks. She was used to it and did not think too much about it.

She still obediently sat by his bed and glanced at the soup bowl by his bedside.

She drank half of the Soup Bowl. It was the soup that she had personally made.

Liu Ruyin became even more confident.

She smiled and said, “Ye Yuan, can I still bring you the soup tonight? This is the soup recipe that has been passed down in the Liu family for generations. It’s passed down from generation to generation. Only the women of the Liu family know how to make it.”

Bai Ye Yuan glanced at her indifferently and replied coldly, “You made it? Then you don’t have to send it in the future!”

Liu Ruyin was stunned and didn’t react. “Why… Why?”

Bai yeyuan: “Because you don’t have to come here anymore! You’re not welcome here!”

Liu Ruyin was stunned and her eyes turned red. She wanted to cry. “Yeyuan, what did I do wrong? Don’t be angry, okay? I’ll change it, Okay?”

Bai Yeyuan became colder and raised his hand arrogantly. “Don’t pretend to cry in front of me. No one told you that you’re ugly when you pretend to Cry? You’re so ugly…”

Liu Ruyin immediately held back her tears. She looked extremely embarrassed.

Although Bai Yeyuan had always been cold and indifferent, she had never heard or seen such a vicious tongue today.

She thought about it and could not figure out why he treated her like this.

She could only stand up aggrievedly. “Yeyuan, I know that you’re hurt and in a bad mood. I Won’t disturb you first. When you’re free one day, you can ask me to accompany you…”

Bai Yeyuan’s face seemed to turn even uglier. “Get lost, you don’t have to come anymore!”

Liu Ruyin’s face was pale as she stumbled out of the door, sobbing.

Ye Yi, who was watching from the side, was overjoyed. He smiled and said, “President, you can see it too. is that woman fake crying?”

Xiao Ning put away Bai Yeyuan’s cold face and replied casually, “Yes.”.

Of course, she was also a woman. How could she not tell the difference between crying and pretending when she saw a woman?

Bai Yeyuan was really blind. He could have found any woman, but he had to find such a fake White Lotus. What bad taste!

Well, it felt pretty good to bully a white lotus just now. Hehe.

Xiao Ning stretched herself and thought to herself, ever since she exchanged souls with Bai Yeyuan, she finally had such a small and satisfying thing.

After ye Yiyi finished laughing, she immediately handed over a pile of documents. “President, please have a look…”

Xiao Ning’s mood, which had only been relaxed for a few minutes, sank again. Damn it, I almost forgot. Becoming Bai Yeyuan, I still have to deal with this mountain of work… damn it, I don’t want to do it anymore.

However, from the corner of her eyes, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the date on the documents.

A thought flashed across her mind.

Oh No.

She missed the bar exam!

She immediately chased ye Yi out of the door and called Bai Yeyuan.

After a long while, that guy finally answered slowly. “What’s up?”

Xiao Ning was extremely anxious. “Did you help me take the exam?”

Bai yeyuan said calmly, “What do you think?”

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