Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 1167 - Depressed

Chapter 1167: Depressed

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In the kitchen.

As the sweet pancake burned, a small flame ignited!

“Ah, Qiqi, it’s on fire!”

“Sis, what’s wrong? I’ll put out the fire!”

“Big Sister! Why are you crying? Are you feeling terrible for the trees that were burned on television? Don’t cry, okay? Their roots haven’t been burned yet. They’ll still sprout next spring…”

When the little packrat saw Gu Qiqi’s sad expression, his heart ached terribly.

He moved his chubby legs and crawled to her legs, comforting her in a soft child’s voice.

However, Gu Qiqi’s face was already covered in tears. “Little boy…”

Her voice was hoarse and she couldn’t continue.

Silly boy, if someone died, they wouldn’t come back in spring!!!

If that person is your father, then our sky will collapse in the future.

You’ve become a complete orphan, and I…

Gu Qiqi felt so uncomfortable that she couldn’t breathe.

For the first time, she realized how huge a blow it would be to her if Gong Jue was gone one day.

That shameless man, who was always simple and rough with people and things, often like a vinegar jar that exploded on the spot, but always doted on her…

In the past, she had experienced assassinations and car accidents with him. Her life was on the line.

She had seen his profession’s danger.

However, she had never seen such a tragic danger!

A bomb had destroyed all her visions of the future.

She hadn’t even had time to say one last word to him.

Before she could tell him proudly how she had saved the damsel in distress single-handedly, how she had been crushed by an expert, and how she had escaped with her perfect heart transplant technique.

It was even too late… to confess the knot in her heart from four years ago.

Deep regret mixed with sadness hit her, who was indestructible.

She thought that she had lived two lifetimes and had already seen through life and death. However, it was only when she witnessed the flames and smoke that she realized that she had only seen through ordinary life and death.

When it comes to the most important person in your life, you would never be able to see through his life.

She stood there in a daze for a long, long time.

At some point, Xiaolan and Xiaobei helped her to sit down on the sofa.

Xiaobei tidied up the stove, while Xiaolan looked at her worriedly. “Qiqi, what’s wrong? You’re cooking well. Why…”

The little packrat was even more at a loss. It hugged her thigh tightly and refused to let go. “Big Sister, don’t be sad. I’ll always be by your side, okay?”

The voice in her ear gradually approached and entered Gu Qiqi’s mind.

After the ringing in her ears, she slowly regained her senses and wiped the corners of her eyes. “It’s nothing… This news is too… unexpected.”

She held back her tears and smiled bitterly to comfort the little packrat. “It’s fine. Big Sister was just cutting chili, and it burned her eyes! It’s fine now!”

The little packrat blinked its big eyes and hesitated.

He was young, but he wasn’t stupid.

Tonight, Big Sister had made a fragrant and salty dish. There was no chili at all.

Besides, if the chili was too spicy, why was Young Miss crying while staring at the television screen?

He had almost never seen Big Sister cry!

His Big Sister was very strong!

However, the little packrat obediently hid this question in his heart and did not expose Gu Qiqi. Instead, he snuggled into her arms even more considerately. “Big Sister, let’s go to sleep then. I’m full…”

“Okay…” Gu Qiqi held back her sobs. She didn’t want the little boy to be as sad as she was.

Then I’ll keep it to myself for now.

She brought the little boy upstairs to sleep, but she was still a little dazed.

“Qiqi, you haven’t taken off your apron…”

“Sis, I left a piece for you. Aren’t you going to eat it?”

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