Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Find That Woman For Me!

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Bai Lang smiled and winked at the boy. “Hey, Baby Gong. You even understand the things that happen between men? You’re quite knowledgeable at such a young age.”

Gong Jue’s face was about to turn green!

“Special Assistant Lu, who has been gossiping outside?”

They actually said that he liked men?

Damn it. If that was the case, how could he have done it with that sweet and fragrant woman above that operating table earlier?

Behind the door, the white-haired Special Assistant Lu wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and explained, “Master Jue, they are tabloids that publish gossip. There were also some big shot entertainers on Weibo…”

Bai Lang was happy. “Our noble Master Jue actually became the darling of entertainment news outlets? To think that I would be able to have the honor and become famous by riding on Master Jue’s coattails as a supporting actor! Hahaha!”

Gong Jue glared fiercely at him and ordered, “Are the lawyers from Gong Shi all good-for-nothings? Force those tabloids out and screen out all those big shot entertainers!”

They actually dared to spread such outrageous fake news.

Even the boy came to know about it… How could he bear that?

How could he still be a dignified father then?

Special Assistant Lu nodded fiercely. “Yes, I’ll handle this immediately.”

Bai Lang gloated. “How pitiful~ Someone’s going to be unlucky tonight!”

Gong Jue glared at him coldly. “The African Desert project team is lacking a doctor. Go and support them for a month!”

“Hey, Jue. You can’t be so ruthless…”

Gong Jue ignored Bai Lang’s wails and raised his eyebrows coldly.

He looked at Special Assistant Lu. “Why haven’t you brought that person over?”

Special Assistant Lu looked embarrassed.

He slowly took out a physical examination report. “That nurse left…”

“However, she left behind the results of the examination.”

Special Assistant Lu really wanted to slow down the passing of time, so that the moment Master Jue saw the results, it would be in slow-motion as well. He wanted to have enough time to prepare his heart.

However, Gong Jue snatched over the results and scanned them without delay.

All the report data flashed past his eyes…


Two words caught his eyes.

“Erectile dysfunction!”

Damn it!

That woman definitely humiliated him on purpose!

Gong Jue’s forbearing eyes became filled with anger.

His calm voice exuded dominance as he instructed, “Compare the handwriting. Compare the surveillance video. Find those two women out for me!”

Damned it! He met two women tonight. One of them climbed onto his body, while the other climbed onto his head and showed off her dominance. If he didn’t give those two women a lesson, he wouldn’t be surnamed Gong anymore!

“Tsk. Brother, those instructions are meant for catching international technology thieves. Why do you have to take this so seriously?”

“Shut up! Go to Africa immediately!”

“Sob…” Bai Lang screamed pitifully. He looked back at the boy in sadness. “Hey, be careful. You might inherit your father’s illness. Once he touches women, he would—”

The boy stared at him with black grape-like eyes. “Who said that?”

“Sister has already touched my body but I’m fine!”

He patted his little heart proudly. “However, Uncle Bai! I’m not going to be a scumbag like you who always makes women cry. I’ll be a responsible man for the women I’ve touched!”

Bai Lang wanted to faint.

He—who was always known to be the master in this field—was defeated by the boy.


At this moment, that Sister in the boy’s heart—Gu Qiqi—had just stepped into the doors of the Gu family’s residence.

The Gu family was one of the wealthiest families in Qing Cheng. The largest stakeholder of Qing Cheng Hospital was this same Gu family.

Considering all of these, the Gu family should’ve supported her in her desire to study medicine.

Sadly, the Gu family would rather drag her to hell than give her a chance to pursue her studies!

Gu Qiqi gnashed her teeth and entered the residence.

She was no longer going to care about the thoughts of the Gu family.

She was going to be the one in control of her destiny.

She was going to make decisions on her own, and for herself.

Tonight, she was going to amend her professional ambitions.

She was going to have the final say on what school she would sign-up for.

Nobody should think about forcing her into doing something she didn’t want.

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