Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 818 - Jubilant

Chapter 818: Jubilant

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Mai Qi and Jing Ni were dumbfounded.

Ye Qian said, “If you don’t confess now, be careful that the two of them won’t forgive you if they find out later.”

“Confess what? Ye Qian, hurry up and tell us!” Mai Qi immediately attacked Ye Qian.

Ye Qian glanced at me with a smile. “Master San and Master Si are just about to beat Jing Tian up, but they haven’t had the chance to do so. After we’re done here, we’ll probably get a chance to see a good show in the backyard.”

Mai Qi was still in a daze, but Jing Ni immediately turned around to look at me. “Did my seventh uncle overstep his boundaries?”

Jing Ni was truly smart!

Mai Qi stomped her feet abruptly and said joyfully, “Nanxing, you’ve finally taken down Jing Tian!”

Well, she wasn’t wrong.

My expression and Ye Qian’s attitude were enough to explain everything.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni cheered.

Mai Qi patted her chest and said, “This is great. If I weren’t afraid of being taught a lesson by Tong Le, I would have tied the two of you together a long time ago. No, it’s useless to tie you up. I have to give Jing Tian some medicine. He has been poisoned too deeply by Tong Le. What does he mean by waiting for you to turn 23? This should have happened a long time ago. Why are there so many stupid rules!” She danced with joy. “This is great! The three of us sisters can get married together!”

She turned around to see Ye Qian and corrected, “No! It’s the four sisters!”

I sighed. “We won’t be sisters anymore, Little Aunt!”

Mai Qi waved her hand. “Let’s not talk about that for now.”

The three of us could not help but laugh.

Because of Mr. Li’s special medicine, Jing Ni’s injury was not a big deal. We changed our clothes and went to see Auntie Lan together.

Now that Old Master Jing had come to his senses, he completely understood what his children and grandchildren were like. Therefore, he planned to let everything go. He would not care about the Jing family’s matters and would only accompany Auntie Lan with peace of mind.

Auntie Bai Rui accepted the task of taking care of the two of them. She was more dedicated and meticulous than anyone else.

Old Master Jing did not expect that his third daughter-in-law and granddaughter, whom he paid the least attention to, would end up caring for him in the end.

Auntie Lan’s body had almost recovered, but the knot in her heart had not been resolved. There was nothing that could be done. None of us could help.

Ye Qian quietly told Auntie Lan and auntie Bai Rui about us.

The two were pleasantly surprised. “We’re going to have one grand wedding!”

“One?” Mai Qi asked with her eyes wide open.

Auntie Bai Rui smiled and held Auntie Lan’s arm. “It’s two, it’s two!”

Aunt Lan pursed her lips and smiled. “Two won’t do either. There’s still Ye Qian and Tong Mo! Speaking of, Mai Qi, once you get married, you’ll be an elder. But you don’t act like one. I don’t think we can put off the matter between Ye Qian and Tong Mo any longer. Why don’t you hold a collective wedding together!”

Mai Qi stepped forward and supported Aunt Lan on the other side. “Aunt Lan, speaking of which, I still have one more thing to ask of you!”

Aunt Lan smiled. “Just say it. Auntie Lan will definitely help you!”

Mai Qi looked at Auntie Bai Rui. “Aunt, I have to ask for your help too.”

Auntie Bai Rui, who was watching the show, paused for a moment and then smiled. “I will do my best to help you!”

Mai Qi held Aunt Bai Rui’s arm. Her smile was so sweet.

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