Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Ex-Husband

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Jing Ning was the son of the eldest son of Old Master Jing, naturally he was the most favored grandchildren among his generation. When he saw the 6-year-old me, he told his grandfather, “This little sister is so beautiful, I need to marry her.”

Old Master Jing and my grandfather were delighted. Old Master Jing was amused by his grandson’s appreciation of beauty at his young age. He was also sympathetic towards my background. If his grandson had that interest, he wouldn’t object. Of course, nothing was set in stone.

However, my grandfather treated this seriously. It was a major event for the Nan Family. My grandfather was worried that our family’s connection with the powerful Jing Family would weaken through the generation. If the young master Jing had eyes on his granddaughter, it was to the best interest of his family. Therefore, the fact that I could grow up safely without my parents also had plenty to do with young Jing Ning’s proclamation. At least there was some use to the second young miss who was handpicked by Young Master Jing.

“Tsk! Are you stuffing yourself with cake again? No girls at this party act like you. Be mindful of your weight!” Jing Ning came to this conclusion because we were standing by the dessert table. He didn’t see the broken fork in my hand and my bleeding palm.

I lowered my head and didn’t speak. Like usual, I was quiet and obedient. I told my heart to slow down. I used the pain from my palm to settle down. Because at that moment, the thing that I wanted to do the most was to grab the nearby knife and stab it right into Jing Ning’s ugly heart!

This man was the reason I had to kill myself! I was saved but our six-month-old child was lost. For another woman, he could even kick out his own flesh and blood!

I took a deep breath and steadied myself.¬†Nan Xing, that moment hasn’t happened. That future can still be changed.

Jing Ning laid his hand proprietary on my shoulder. “I heard from your big sister that you’ve been burning the midnight oil to play games again? Tsk, how do you expect to get into a good university like this? Let me tell you, if you fail to get into a good university, my mother is going to chew my ears off again, saying that you’re not fit to marry into my family. Nan Xing, can you please try harder to make me look better? Hmm?”

He looked at me, waiting for me to nod along obediently.

I looked into his eyes and said calmly, “If it displeases you that much, then we should not marry.”

Jing Ning was startled. He studied my face carefully. “What’s wrong with you? Were you scolded by Auntie Yuan this morning? Are you mad? And you tried to turn that anger on me? You really need to learn how to control your temper.” He then reached out to try to flick my forehead, as if that could flick the disobedience out of me.

I dodged him and dumped the broken fork in the trash can.

“Young Master Ning, my big sister is looking for you. She told me to bring you to her.” I turned away from Jing Ning and walked away. If I looked at that face longer, I would definitely lose control of my anger.

Jing Ning chased after me, “Why is Nan Yang looking for me?”

I was silent. Jing Ning followed me closely and he never stopped rambling.

Jing Ning was the favored son adored by everyone. Everyone was born beneath him so he had this savior’s complex growing up. He was a charitable person and I was his biggest charity case.

With his identity, I should see his agreement to marry me like as the way he did, which was a kind of blessing. Since I was 6, my life had already been decided. It was public knowledge that I was Jing Ning’s private property. But I would need to tear off that label as soon as possible!

Nan Yang’s expression changed the moment she saw me.

I raised my voice and said, “Big sister, Jing Ning is looking for you.”

The people around looked over. I smiled as I curled my hand around Nan Yang’s arm. “Big Sister, Jing Ning came looking for you the moment he arrived.” Nan Yang couldn’t hide the happiness on her face. She looked at Jing Ning lovingly.

Jing Ning frowned at me. I didn’t look at him. I shook Nan Yang’s hand. “Big sister, I think I have a headache.”

Nan Yang said worriedly, “Then you better go to your room and lie down. This must be because you’ve spent the night before playing games until dawn.” She patted me playfully and told her friends, “This little sister of mine is quite a handful! She’s already an adult but she still doesn’t know how to look after herself. She’s such a source of constant worry for me and my mother.”

Even at a moment like this, Nan Yang didn’t let the opportunity to mock me go. She stomped on me to raise herself and her mother.

I strode away without a glance at them.

Jing Ning made to follow but Nan Yang held his arm. “Jing Ning, come, I’ll show you our garden. Our flowers have bloomed.”

Jing Ning would never reject a girl because he was raised a perfect gentleman. This was his life philosophy.

I was disdainful of their sanctimonious attitude.

Before I could adapt to the fact that I had been reborn to 10 years ago, I couldn’t stay around them for more than 5 minutes or else I might actually murder someone!

After all, they had ruined my life!

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