Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Princess

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Tong Le’s eyes were red with tears.

“I noticed someone looking for Tong Huan on the darknet and I immediately thought, could it be you?

“After all, after so many years, who else would still remember my big sister? Therefore, I sent their couple photo to you and had someone tracked your real address from it.

“But how could you be so careless to use your actual address?! I’ll lecture you about it later!

“Nan Feng and I have an agreement, for the sake of your mental health, his family won’t bring up your parents’ details around you.

“So why the sudden desire to locate your mother? I was afraid that something bad had happened to you so I immediately rushed over. You’re my only living family now. You are my only blood relative in this world, I can’t let anything happen to you.

“When I arrived here and saw that someone was already in the house before me, I was so scared that you might have been hurt!”

I couldn’t help my heart from warming. Tong Le suddenly demanded, “How could you use your real address? What if something really did happen to you? Have you no sense of self preservation?”

I looked at his red-rimmed eyes and swallowed back the retorts. Jing Tian patted my head as if rewarding me for not going against Tong Le.

“Go and greet your uncle,” Jing Tian sighed. I stood up properly and bowed to Tong Le, “Uncle! Thank you for everything!”

Tong Le wiped at his eyes and huffed, “Don’t you dare to be so rude to me again! Also, stop glaring at me. You look so much like your mother that you remind me too much of the harsh lessons I used to get from her.”

I burst out laughing. “Was my mom really harsh on you?”

Tong Le nodded reluctantly.

“Has she ever raise her hands against you?” I asked mischievously.

Tong Le nodded. “She did. My eldest sister was like my mother. Before she went abroad to study, she was my personal tutor. But I knew she only wanted the best for me, and she only smacked me so that I’d pay more attention. She didn’t really mean to wish me any harm. After all, there was this one time where she beat someone up until he couldn’t get out of bed for 3 months simply because he bullied me.” Tong Le’s voice softened with memory.

I opened my arms. “Little Uncle, I want a hug.”

Tong Le’s eyes rimmed red as he moved to hug me. This was the first time someone had hugged me other than Jing Tian. And it was someone whom I was biologically related to, he was my mother’s youngest brother.

In my previous life, he never even got the chance to get to know me. But in this life, since I had taken drastic steps to improve myself, many things had changed.

My uncle patted my back softly and said, “Nan Xing, this is all uncle’s fault. I should have checked on you more often, then you wouldn’t have been bullied so much. From now on, I would keep you by my side and no one would dare to bully you anymore!”

I believed him. I felt quite safe in my uncle’s embrace.

Jing Tian coughed lightly, interrupting our affectionate reunion. “That’s enough. Nan Xing is already an adult now. There’s no need for all that mushy stuff.”

Tong Le bristled. He pointed at Jing Tian. “The nerve of you to say that! Tell me, what is your intention towards our Nan Xing? Also why didn’t you help me look after her when she was with the Nan Family?”

Jing Tian frowned. He looked up at Tong Le. “I have only been back for 2 months and the moment I noticed something was wrong, I led her away from that house. But she…” Jing Tian stopped like he was reminded of something. He whipped his head around to me and demanded, “How have Han Cheng offended you? How did you become Ah Hu’s boss? Nan Xing, explain to me what you have done for the past few days. I’m not as easily fooled as Tong Le! Try to lie to me and see!”

My heart bubbled with joy.¬†Even this angry Jing Tian is kinda hot. And I know he’s only angry because he concerned about me.

Tong Le tapped the back of my head. “Earth to Nan Xing! Stop staring googly eyes at him! Answer his questions honestly!”

I said, “Is this a kind of torture to force me to confess?”

Jing Tian warned sternly, “Don’t try to change the subject! Come out with the truth! When you exhaust both of our patience, there will be hell to pay!”

“Aiz, Ol’ Tian, stop scaring her!” Tong Le couldn’t help but jump to my rescue.

“Fine, I’ll tell you the truth!” I wanted to kiss Jing Tian but my uncle was a giant 2500 Watt lightbulb.

I told them about how I was summoned back to the Nan Family, my plan to find mother, as well as my first and second encounter with Brother Hu and his group.

Jing Tian and Tong Le’s faces were dark when I told them the purpose of Ah Hu’s first visit here was to kidnap me.

I continued, “I have already found the person who ordered me to be sold off. It’s Jing Yan. Honestly, I still don’t understand why she would do this. However, I have used the evidence to extort 1 million RMB from her! I must see the money in my account today and I won’t hear either of you begging on her behalf! I will settle this myself, understood?”

Jing Tian was shocked. “Jing Yan? But why?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. I’ll ask her in person after I get the 1 million. I’ll make sure to teach her an unforgettable lesson so she won’t dare to do this again.”

Tong Le recognized the name. “Jing Yan? Ol’ Tian, is this someone from your family?”

Jing Tian nodded.

Tong Le sneered. “It doesn’t matter, no one is allowed to come after our Nan Xing! Nan Xing, you have my full support! Remember, you are Nan Xing and your mother is Tong Huan! Like her, you are a princess of the underworld!”

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