Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Story

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Tong Le told me a story. It was a boy meets girl story but in this case, the girl was the princess of a big mafia empire and the boy was a bit silly. The girl’s name was Tong Huan and the boy’s name was Nan Zheng.

The Tong Family had their hands in many kinds of business but after Tong Huan was born, Old Master Tong decided to turn part of the empire onto the legal path. This heavy responsibility was handed over to his daughter, Tong Huan.

Tong Huan was the only daughter in the family and naturally she was Old Master Tong’s favorite grandchild. She was raised with the standards of an elite.

Tong Huan had very high IQ. She was exceptional in all aspects and was well-respected within the family and the family gang. She was the real deal.

When Tong Huan met Nan Zheng, they were both studying for a masters degree in Business Administration at Columbia University. At the beginning of their relationship, they hid their background from each other. Their love was pure and simple. They soon became a couple. It was not until after graduation that they found out about each other’s complicated family background.

When they returned to China, Nan Zheng brought Tong Huan to meet his family. Nan Zheng hid Tong Huan’s real identity from them. They both soon got married. Nan Zheng officially took over the business his father gave him and Tong Huan became Nan Zheng’s assistant. They were very happy and their daughter was soon born.

After Nan Zheng’s business settled, he allowed Tong Huan to branch out on her own, to fulfill her promise to her grandfather. Tong Huan helped legalize many of the Tong Family’s businesses. All the records handled by Tong Huan were clean. Tong Huan’s brilliance shone once more. While she raised her daughter, she had to manage her own empire of family businesses. Of course, she had help from her husband and she helped him back in kind. For a moment, the pair’s reputation grew so big that it overshadowed Nan Feng and Li Yuan.

With Tong Huan’s hard work, the Tong Family slowly emerged from the underworld. After Tong Huan married outside the underworld, the Tong Family structure had a huge shakedown. The Tong Family’s eldest brother, Tong Hui inherited Old Master Tong’s underground businesses; while the second brother, Tong Zhan went into the police force. As the eldest sister, Tong Huan had done a lot to pave the way for her second brother to join the force. The three siblings cooperated very well and supported one another. At the time, the youngest brother, Tong Le was still in school.

Both in the underworld where the Tong Family had a deep history, and in the law enforcement where Tong Family was starting to spread its influence, the siblings from the Tong Family were respected and envied.

Tong Huan’s daughter, Nan Xing, was viewed as Tong Huan’s successor since she was born. Both the underworld and the law enforcement saw Nan Xing as a real princess.

As the saying goes, the bird that flies the highest will get targeted by hunters. When Nan Xing was 5, a horrible kidnapping occurred in M City.

The kidnapped victims were all kids from the richest and most influential families in M City. They included the sisters, Nan Yang and Nan Xing; the uncle and nephew, Jing Tian and Jing Ning; Qu Hao, the young master of the Qu Family; and Gu Yan, the young miss of the Gu Family.

The oldest of the children was Jing Tian who was 15 and the youngest was Nan Xing who was 5.

The kidnappers demanded a ransom as high as 2 billion RMB

The families were anxious. They desperately collected the funds, which attracted the attention of the police. The intervention of the police infuriated the kidnappers. To prove that they were not to be trifled with, they planned kill the youngest child, Nan Xing.

While the police were trying to negotiate with kidnappers, a group of mysterious people sneaked into the kidnappers’ base.

All 12 kidnappers were beheaded and the children were saved.

Jing Tian was found to be severely injured. Jing Tian shouldered the anger and torture of the kidnappers to protect the younger children.

From the children, they found out that the kidnappers never planned to let the children go. The children had seen their faces so their plan was to murder all the children after they had the ransom money.

All the families were startled when they found out the news.

The police’s investigation turned to tracking down the group who murdered the kidnappers. However, due to unknown reasons, the case went nowhere and it became an unsolved case.

There was a rumor that said that the 12 kidnappers were actually hired hands. There was a mastermind behind them. However, since all 12 of them were beheaded, the investigation was also truncated.

There was another rumor which said that it was Nan Family who hired the mysterious group to murder the kidnappers and save the children. This was because the Nan Family was said to have connections to the underworld. Interestingly enough, the Gu Family believed in this rumors and came in person to thank Nan Feng and Nan Zheng.

The Nan Brothers tried to explain themselves but it was to no avail.

Honestly, Nan Zheng didn’t care that much about these rumours. It was because he knew that it was his eldest brother-in-law who was really behind this. When the kidnappers kidnapped Tong Hui’s favorite niece, they were asking for death. With Tong Hui’s power of influence, he would indeed have an easier time and quicker way to deal with the kidnappers than the police.

Tong Hui did everything silently and left without a trace, that was the biggest face he could give his sister and brother-in-law.

Nan Zheng might have appreciated Tong Hui’s help but Nan Feng definitely did not.

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