Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Strategy

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I untied Tan Si and signaled him to eat the breakfast on the table.

Tan Si picked up a bun and wolfed it down. He grabbed one and was about to feed it to Ah Hu when I stopped him with my iron rod. “Mind your own business first.”

Then I told the 3 men on the ground, “Whether you live or not depends on this man. Skipping a meal won’t kill you. You’re not going to starve to death so easily. Know what I’m saying?”

Tan Si was flummoxed with food stuck in his mouth, the man had no idea if he should continue eating or not.

I looked at him. “Don’t worry, the food isn’t poisonous. Finish your breakfast and I need you to do something for me. It depends on you whether your brothers survive or not. If you don’t disappoint me, then I’ll let them go; if you do…” I let the threat linger.

Tan Si swallowed the food heartily. His neck elongated like a swan. “Miss Pretty, just tell me what you need me to do. I’ll do my best!”

I said, “If you don’t do your best, I can’t guarantee the three of them will survive.”

Tan Si was scared witless.

I took over my laptop and told them about the first step of my plan. I needed Tan Si to tell the buyer that the mission had completed. The ‘evidence’ I found from their gang’s database. I photoshopped another completed human trafficking sale file from their gang’s database to fit with my own information.

I didn’t take a single cent from the buyer. The money would be shared among the four men. Of course, that was if they managed to walk out from this old house alive.

“But, but the buyer’s payment is supposed to go to our boss.” Tan Si stuttered. This Tan Si was less bright than I thought. Why would he look the gift horse in its mouth?

Ah Hu gave him a light kick from behind. Then Ah Hu glanced at me. At least the unit’s leader was quite clever. This time I didn’t hit Ah Hu to show my approval. Ah Hu nodded at Tan Si.

Tan Si caught the meaning and nodded. “Of course, everything Miss Pretty says is correct.”

I nodded. “I’ll change the account number to yours but I’ll move the money through overseas account so your boss wouldn’t be able to trace its final location. Now send this picture to your client.” The picture was of me being hauled into a small boat. The picture was pulled from the gang’s database too. I photoshopped the innocent girl’s face with mine.

Tan Si was stunned by my photoshop skill. Soon the final payment from the client appeared in Tan Si’s bank account.

It was 200,000 RMB!

I planted a virus in the picture of ‘me’ being escorted onto the ship. Now I tracked the virus to find out who had sold me for 200,000 RMB.

It was Jing Yan. That was not the person I expected.

I thought it would be Li Tian or Tian Ting with them being instructed by Nan Yang. They were Nan Yang’s lackeys. Since young, they had always obeyed Nan Yang’s orders. For them, even Nan Yang’s farts were fragrant.

Recently, my grades had risen so suddenly. It must have triggered the sense of danger in Nan Yang and the girls.

So I was truly surprised when I found out the culprit was Jing Yan, who honestly had no interaction with me other than that one time at Jing Tian’s villa.

How have I offended her that she is callous enough to sell me to a human trafficker? 

I would remember this debt for now.

My hacking skill impressed the four men, I saw admiration in their eyes. However, I was not done.

I pulled out all the useful stuff from Han Cheng’s database. Then I grabbed all the pictures of the girls who had been sold and showed them to the men.

“Just now, you said you have parents and children to feed. What about these girls? Do they not have parents? You are selling these girls to feed your family, does your conscience not hurt? Look at these girls, they are barely of legal age. What do you think will happen to them after they are sold to Southeast Asia? Manual labour? You know the answer better than I do. And you use these illegally earned money to feed your family. These girls have to go to hell for your family to live, is that it? Have you told your parents and children where your money come from?”

The four men looked at the screen and refused to look at me.

“I’m not against joining a gang, but at least find a good boss to follow. At least find one with actual integrity. Speaking of which, I’m going to remove this Han Cheng from this city, does any of you have an objection?”

The four men stared at me with widened eyes. Tan Si’s mouth fell open but he couldn’t speak. They looked at at me in disbelief. They probably thought that I was crazy.

I worked my laptop and compiled a list of people in the gang who were loyal to Han Cheng and were involved in this inhuman crime. Then I sent the list to the responsible authority.

I clapped my hands. “Now we wait. I don’t think we need to wait that long to see the result.”

Tan Si stuttered as he asked me carefully, “Miss, what have you done to Boss Han?”

I raised my brow as I packed my things. “I handed him in a silver platter to the police. I believe your gang will be dissolved soon. When I went through the list of the gang members earlier, most of them do not have any criminal records. The human trafficking gig is only known the few upper echelon of the gang. Most of them are just foot soldiers like yourself. Therefore, the future for these people and for the four of you will be up to yourselves.”

At that moment, the take-out arrived.

I went to fetch the take-out and then removed everyone’s tape from their mouths. I instructed Tan Si. “Remove their restraints and this meal is on me. After you have your fill, scram!”

Then, I ran to my study.. I had wasted too much time dealing with these things. I hadn’t even started solving a single question yet!

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