Dating My Scumbag Ex's Uncle

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Start Over

Translator: Lonelytree 

My gaze fell on the book that tripped me over. It was a High School Math, Year 3.

That was something I studied 10 years ago.

I was reborn… But what about Jing Tian?

I had made him wait 7 years for this. We were supposed to go and get our marriage certificate. What, what do I need to do to go back to Jing Tian? How to go back? 

I turned around and locked onto the bed. I was reborn in my sleep. Could I reverse the process with another sleep?

I climbed into bed without hesitation, covered myself with the quilt, and closed my eyes. Jing Tian, I’m coming. I muttered internally.

In my mind, I thought of Jing Tian’s meticulously sculpted face. I thought of his love and care for me. I thought of his endless patience. The more I thought about him, the more anxious I became. The more anxious I became, the more I couldn’t fall asleep.

Jing Tian, I must go back to your side!

I pulled the quilt over my head. I tried to calm down so sleep could come more easily.

“Hey! What’s the problem with our second young miss? Still refusing to wake up even though it’s already so late? Must we let our relatives and friends see how lazy our second young miss is?” A sharp voice came from the bedroom door.

When Nan Yang left, I forgot to close the door. That was my mother, Li Yuan’s voice. The quilt that covered my head was yanked away harshly. I immediately shielded my eyes from the glaring sunlight.

“Nan Xing! What you still doing lying there in bed? Didn’t you promise me that you’d get ready? How can you crawl back to bed? Are you a pig or what?” Nan Yang’s haughty face appeared before me again.

I sat up slowly and told Li Yuan weakly, “Mother, I have a headache.”

Nan Yang pushed me. “Tough luck! Even if your head is splitting, you’ll have to endure through it! Today, the entire Jing Family and Nan Family are coming over. Even Jing Ning’s 7th uncle is coming. There will be so many important guests. If you dare to make a mistake, I will never forgive you!”

Nan Yang’s tone was vicious.

Jing Ning’s 7th uncle? Wait, isn’t that Jing Tian? I was so stunned that Nan Yang’s threat didn’t register in my mind.

Li Yuan pulled Nan Yang back. “Nan Yang, don’t treat your little sister like that. Be careful she goes and tattle about you to Young Master Jing Ning again!”

Hearing that, Nan Yang glared at me fiercely.

Li Yuan looked at me and smiled with a sickeningly sweet smile. “Nan Xing, did you say you have a headache? Do you want me to get the family doctor? How about we cancel your father’s birthday party? After all, nothing is more important than our second young miss’ health.”

I hurriedly got out from bed and straightened myself. “Mother, I’m already feeling much better. Of course, we can’t cancel father’s party!”

Li Yuan’s gaze cut through me like knife, “You said it yourself.” I nodded.

“Nan Yang, let’s go see the fitting of your gown.” Li Yuan turned around to leave. At the door, she stopped. She turned to smile at me. “Nan Xing, since you complain of a headache, then you should have your big sister accompany Young Master Ning. You should just show yourself once and come back here to rest. We don’t want you to exhaust yourself too much.” Her voice softened near the end. She had returned to the gracious woman that she appeared before others.

When Li Yuan suggested that, I saw Nan Yang’s eyes light up and a smile appear on her lips.

How stupid was I in the past? How could I not see through what Li Yuan and Nan Yang were planning? 

I nodded obediently. “Yes, mother. Then, I shall trouble big sister to play host to young master Ning today.”

Nan Yang’s smile burned brighter. Li Yuan left with satisfaction, and Nan Yang quickly followed.

I gently closed the door, locked it. I leaned my back against the door and slowly slid down to the carpet.

It seems like I’m trapped in this time line! I can’t go back anymore!

My toes touched the math book and my heart trembled. Because Li Yuan and Nan Yang drugged me two days before the university entrance exam, I performed abysmally. Deprived of a good future, I had to settle with a third rate university, proving to the world that the second young miss of the Nan Family was indeed a big-breasted beauty with no brain.

The rumors was I had spent so much money for tuition but I only managed to get into a lousy university.

In contrast, Nan Yang got into the prestigious M University! The rumors were false, she was the one who spent so much on tuition, not me!

Inside the mirror affixed to the wardrobe, there was a woman sitting on the carpet. The loose, old cotton nightgown couldn’t hide her good figure. Her face was sparkling even without make-up. Her facial features were exquisite and beautiful.

I brushed my messy hair with my fingers and stood up.

I have returned to 10 years ago, I still haven’t married that scumbag, Jing Ning. He hasn’t gotten me pregnant. He hasn’t ruined me! 

I am still the beautiful, yet cowardly second young miss of the Nan Family. 

I wouldn’t need to wait until next life, this is the best version of Nan Xing in this life!

This rebirth? It can be a good thing! 

God has given me a chance to start over, to fulfill my promise of giving my best self to the man whom I love!

Jing Tian! Let us start over, I will present to you with the best version of Nan Xing because you only deserve the best! 

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