Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 523 - Question? Confusion! Mutation and the Butterfly

Chapter 523: Question? Confusion! Mutation and the Butterfly

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“Res-respected supervisor… He, he’s gone!”

“What?!” The two voices reverberated in the evil space, and most of the evil beings who heard these words were shocked.

“Hehe… I did say that your evil race might not be able to win the final victory,” In the heavy atmosphere, a man’s voice came from the void. If one listened carefully, one could even hear the smile in his voice.

“Is this person here to mock us, the evil race?” This thought circulated in the hearts of countless evil spirits.

Although Chu Feng didn’t know what the evil spirits were thinking, he could sense that after he said those words, the many evil spirits in the void became even more silent, to the point of turning dead silent. It was as if the countless evil spirits on the other side were all choked by an ordinary sentence!

At this moment, the evil main core was still in a state of shock. It wanted to refute the man’s words, and it also wanted to scold the avatar as well as all its subordinates like the yin energies and the bone bride for their incompetence!

However, looking at the yin energies that were even more confused than itself, the skeleton bride that was like a lunatic, and the avatar who was still trembling in panic… God knows what it was thinking, but the main core fell silent.

It was at a loss for words to express its shock and speechlessness, but at the same time, it felt that the situation had changed too fast that it made it feel a sense of ridiculousness and detachment from reality.

After a while, the main core couldn’t help but ask, “How were you able to avoid my eyes and ears and leave with those two evil world items without a sound?”

In the white bone pond, the group of evil spirits who had lost their enemies listened quietly.

Regarding this question, even the bone bride who had countless split personalities with many brides in her wanted to know the other party’s answer. Chu Feng, who was invisible in front of the evil creatures, smiled faintly, “You’ll know when you’re dead,”

He wasn’t one of those yin energies who would give information to the enemy without any restraint. How could he let the enemy analyze his methods? Not only would he not explain it, but he would also cover it up layer by layer so that no one could see through it!

However, suppose they insisted on getting to the bottom of it. In that case, he could only say that everything related to spatial displacement was almost completely related to the Mirage Butterfly’s dozens of max-level spatial skills. Max-level skills were simply beyond the imagination of ordinary humans and beasts who were capped at level 10!

He didn’t know about the other worlds, but in God’s world, among all the Beastmaster talents Chu Feng knew about, none could compare to his Infinite Enhancement. After all, its level was unknown!

Thinking of this, Chu Feng added, “Don’t ask. Even if you get the answer, it’s not something you can understand.”

These words were clearly quite rude, but it didn’t matter. They were all mortal enemies on the battlefield anyway. No matter what happened, they couldn’t possibly suddenly stop fighting and shake hands to make peace.

Before the evil main core could fully understand the other party’s words, countless yin energies stomped their feet in anger.

“The humans do deserve to die. How dare he provokes the evil race again and again!”

“Isn’t he just a human Beastmaster with some secret techniques? what’s the big deal?”

“In my opinion, I don’t care about all that shit. We can just destroy them all!”

“The space barrier has been there since a while ago, so that man should still be inside… I suggest we fight together!”


The army made up of countless yin energies chanted the slogan “charge and kill” as they began to bombard the spatial barrier again and again.

“Boom! Boom!”


The silence just now was like an illusion that was soon replaced by the sound of battle.

At this point, the evil main core had already calmed down. Like some of the evil spirits had guessed, it also felt that the human Beastmaster was still inside the barrier. Otherwise, why hadn’t the spatial barrier been broken through yet?

The reason why the barrier was so sturdy was probably that the other party had spent a great deal of effort in maintaining it in secret.

The evil core sent a private order to the sub-core and the bone bride, “The few of you who are in the white bone pond battlefield must ensure that you do not miss a single space and kill that person and the living beings of God’s world!”

By now, it had experienced how difficult it was to deal with the person called God Chu. The latter most probably had something else helping him behind the scenes! Otherwise, how could a mere immortal Beastmaster not be defeated by the skeleton whose combat strength was comparable to the evil God Venerables?

No wonder so many people called him a monster during the dark net live broadcast in the underground game ground. His combat power and potential were simply heaven-defying!


“Boom! Boom!”


Each sound represented one or even countless terrifying attacks with explosive destructive power! Under the indiscriminate attacks of the four God Venerable realm brides, the flames of war spread across the void. Only the white bone pond managed to escape the disaster for the time being. However, judging from the speed of the place’s destruction, it probably wouldn’t last long.

Chu Feng stood quietly on the white bone pond. Beside him were a teenager and Taotie’s version of the divine fire that had shrunk to the size of a fist. In the silence that only belonged to them, a young man’s voice suddenly rang out, “What are you waiting for?”

“She’s here,” Chu Feng said, smiling.

Following the young man’s gaze, he saw a small ball of black energy.

When the palm-sized black gas ball floated over, it dodged or blocked many attacks and their aftermaths. It looked like it was going through an obstacle run.

To sum it up, it could be said to be “difficult to take even a single step”! This wasn’t an exaggeration, but a statement of fact.

After all, the beings of God’s world led by Chu Feng were not in God’s world, but in a vast evil space full of yin energy! Every step in the evil space required hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of times more effort than moving around in God’s world.

If it wasn’t Chu Feng who had entered, but someone else from God’s world, even the God Venerables and God Emperors would most likely be defeated here!

In fact, even if they didn’t die, they would be infected by the ubiquitous evil. Furthermore, they would become failed infected versions!

The skeleton bride was a good example of a failed infected body, though her current condition was not good.

As thoughts flash, the small ball of black energy had already reached the two people and the fire. The black gas dissipated, revealing a butterfly.

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly excitedly flew to Chu Feng’s left palm and began to talk about how difficult it was for her to get here.

In the end, she even concluded, “So, boss, you have to treat me well! Nowadays, there aren’t many beautiful, capable, and good-natured butterflies like me. Every one of us is extremely precious!”

The more Chu Feng listened, the more speechless he felt. He nodded, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Yes, you’re right,” After saying this, he looked at the spatial barrier that was originally his, but was now somewhat out of his control.

The reason why he didn’t teleport straight away was that he was suppressed by the evil space because he was a God’s world being. Even if he had almost infinite divine power, it would be difficult for him to leave easily. The second reason was also due to the outermost isolation layer of the barrier.

He didn’t know when exactly it started, but the dead evil creatures started to become stuck to the barrier…

The yin energy and the spatial barrier formed by the power of God’s world then had a special reaction. Not only was the barrier’s defensive power strengthened, but it also brought about a special effect. In short, it was easy to enter but difficult to leave.

Of course, the term “easy” was only relative. If it was really that easy, the army made up of yin energies would have rushed in long ago.

Inside the barrier were the four God Venerables and the core avatar. Outside the barrier were countless yin energies and the evil main core.

What would happen next?

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