Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 39 - Be Careful Not to Kill It

Chapter 39: Be Careful Not to Kill It

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Chu Feng was speechless when he saw Tao Dong attacking him.

“I think I can defeat the Earth Wild Dragon by myself.”

Chu Feng thought to himself. His current physical strength was comparable to an extraordinary Level 5 pet beast. But in the end, he chose not to attack himself. Instead, he casually summoned the Wild Bear.

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear was excited to fight.

But it immediately lost interest when it saw that its opponent was a pet beast that it had defeated once.

Chu Feng said, “Be careful not to kill it.”

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear nodded seriously.

With its multiple times stronger strength than before, it might accidentally kill the Earth Wild Dragon. It would be useless even with the protection of the beast space. The Wild Bear might shatter Tao Dong’s beast space if it used its full strength.

When Tao Dong was about to speak, the Wild Bear approached him. It didn’t even use any skills and only pure strength. Its top-level strength talent was terrifying.

With a punch, the Earth Wild Dragon’s eyes widened in shock. The defense it had cast instantly shattered. That reminded it of the nightmarish battle. It began to wonder would it lose tragically this time too.

The Earth Wild Dragon was a little confused, even doubting if its Beastmaster was out of his mind. It did not understand why its Beastmaster wanted it to challenge the Wild Bear. With such a huge difference in strength, the Earth Wild Dragon felt that it would never defeat the Wild Bear in its entire life.


“This is impossible.”

Tao Dong’s face was deathly pale after his beast tamer talent shattered. He looked at Chu Feng in disbelief. Tao Dong had thought that he had trained the Earth Wild Dragon exceptionally well, but he could not understand why his training did not work.

He carefully sensed and discovered that Chu Feng’s wild Bear was emitting an extraordinary-level aura.

“Extraordinary-level?” Tao Dong doubted.

Chu Feng put away the Wild Bear and prepared to leave.

Tao Dong lowered his head and clenched his fists tightly, but in the end, he let go. He had realized the difference between him and Chu Feng. Chu Feng and the Wild Bear’s cultivation levels were still low the last time. But now, they had already reached the extraordinary-level and were incomparably powerful. Tao Dong couldn’t defeat Chu Feng. They were on different levels.

Tao Dong suddenly asked, “Just how powerful are you?”

Chu Feng replied, “I am only an average Beastmaster. I’ve just killed a few beast leaders in the wilderness. That is one of their cores.”

Tao Dong’s heart sank to the bottom when he saw the Green Leaf Monkey’s beast core in Chu Feng’s hand, which still had blood on it. He felt a strong sense of powerlessness.

But to Chu Feng, Tao Dong was nothing to be afraid of even if he had the Tao Family supporting him. Chu Feng had more important things to do. He still had a few million resources in his hands, including the five million in his anonymous gold card, which he had to use wisely.

Chu Feng wanted to convert them into battle power as soon as possible. Thinking about that, Chu Feng felt that he still had to thank Zhu Zhihan. As expected, the genius Beastmaster of the Dibei City was generous. First, Chu Feng had to convert the various resources in his hands into soul crystal spirit stones that were most suitable for cultivation. He needed Lan Xi’s help.

Lan Xi asked with her soft voice when she saw Chu Feng come looking for her, “Chu Feng, what can I do for you?”

She had long heard that Chu Feng had become the hope of Diming High School. Many teachers who knew about that had high hopes for Chu Feng. Naturally, Lan Xi was also proud of him. After all, Chu Feng was a student in her class.

She beckoned Chu Feng to sit down and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Feng said, “I’ve obtained some resources, and I want you to help me exchange them for soul crystal spirit stone.”

“Sure,” Lan Xi said with admiration, “You’ve just become a Beastmaster, and you have already relied on your ability to obtain resources.”

Chu Feng took out a pile of treasures.

Lan Xi glanced at them and roughly estimated. It surprised her, “Treasures worth six million? There are quite a few sovereign-level beast cores here, two of which you have just killed. Chu Feng, you didn’t kill two sovereign-level Beast Cores and robbed a dragon’s cave, did you?”

Chu Feng smiled and took out a golden card, “I have five million in this card. I want to convert all the resources into soul crystal spirit stone.”

He had already estimated that he would have at most 300 enhancement points if he absorbed the resources. But if he exchanged them for soul crystal spirit stone, he would have 600 enhancement points. That was the benefit of having a senior. He could maximize the resources.

Lan Xi took a deep breath and said, “Alright, I’ll help you convert it now. Do you need it today?”

“The sooner, the better,” Chu Feng nodded and said.

He was about to participate in the exchange competition of the seven cities. He wanted to increase the Wild Bear’s strength a little more to prevent any unexpected situation from occurring. Moreover, he had an even bolder plan. To do that, he needed the Wild Bear to be strong enough. And the Wild Bear needed a large amount of soul crystal spirit stone to increase its strength.

Lan Xi nodded, “Alright, I can convert them tonight. The Beastmaster Association still has a lot of soul crystal spirit stones. I can help you buy them and send them to you.”

Although Lan Xi didn’t know that Chu Feng participated in the Seven Cities’ Exchange Competition, she was willing to help her student.

“Thank you, teacher,” Chu Feng thanked her and left the office.

That night, Lan Xi went to Chu Feng’s house with a space-splitting stone.

She sighed when she saw Chu Feng, “With your current strength, you can exchange for a new house.”

“This house is good enough.”

Chu Feng said with a smile. He had lived in this courtyard for more than ten years and had feelings for it. Chu Feng was happy to live there if he didn’t have to leave the base city.

Lan Xi didn’t say anything. She handed the space-splitting stones to him and said, “There are 1100 soul crystal spirit stones. The Beastmaster Association offered us a good price because of Principal Gao.”

Chu Feng thanked her once again, “Thank you, Miss Lan.”

Lan Xi patted his head and smiled, “You don’t have to thank me. I’m your teacher.”

Chu Feng smiled. He felt a little bad after asking so many favors. Lan Xi had indeed treated him quite well. If there were a chance in the future, he would repay her well.

After Lan Xi left, Chu Feng opened the space-splitting stone. Then, he absorbed and transformed the soul crystal spirit stones into enhancement points.

[You have obtained enhancement points x 10!]

[You have obtained enhancement points x 20!]

[You have obtained enhancement points x 15!]

With the rapid absorption and transformation, the amount of soul crystal spirit stone in front of Chu Feng gradually decreased until Chu Feng finished absorbing the last soul crystal spirit stone.

[Enhancement points: 2,870]

Su Jin had 2,870 enhancement points, including the points accumulated from the last enhancement. Without hesitation, Chu Feng leveled up the Wild Bear’s great strength to Level 50!

[Great strength Level 50: Basic skill. Instantly explodes 50 times more strength than itself. (0/51)]

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