Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 33 - SSS-Rank Beast Tamer Talent

Chapter 33: SSS-Rank Beast Tamer Talent

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Principal Gao sighed, “The other base cities in the Dibei Region have always coveted the heritage ruins. They will certainly seize this opportunity.”

Chu Feng said anxiously, “No! As a member of the Diming base city, I must protect our heritage!”

Principal Gao suddenly fell silent and said with a strange tone, “Are you planning on inheriting the heritage ruins?”

Chu Feng smiled. “Why not?”

Principal Gao fell silent once again.

He had initially thought that it was impossible. But after thinking about Chu Feng’s fortuitous encounter after becoming a Beastmaster, he felt that with Chu Feng’s talent and Wild Bear’s strength, it might not be impossible. Most importantly, Chu Feng had already passed through the awakening level heritage ruins. It might not be impossible even if he were to make achievements that other Beastmasters couldn’t achieve.

After Chu Feng left, Wan Wanqing came to Principal Gao’s office.

She said, “It seems you have great expectations for Chu Feng.”

Principal Gao wasn’t shocked by her appearance. Wan Wanqing had four pet beasts, the Wild Bear, the Giant Elven Tree, the Frost Dragon, and the Blue-Sky Hummingbird.

The Blue-Sky Hummingbird had a king bloodline. It possessed top-level wind and space talents. Moreover, its size was small and could hide under Wan Wanqing’s clothes. At some critical moments, the Blue-Sky Hummingbird’s surprise attack could be the key to deciding the outcome. Of course, few people knew this secret. Principal Gao was one of them.

Wan Wanqing had teleported here just now. Teleportation was not a skill but the use of space talent. It was the basic characteristic of space. The stronger a person’s ability to control space, the easier he could teleport. It would have a lesser barrier while teleporting.


Principal Gao said, “At first, I only thought that there must be something unique about Chu Feng being able to form a bond with the Wild Bear. Later, I noticed that his talent was much higher than I thought. I even think that he might be a rare dual-talented person.”

That surprised Wan Wanqing, “Dual-talented? Isn’t that a legend?”

Principal Gao said, “He’s not a person who we can judge by common sense. Chu Feng is always capable of doing things that others can’t.”

“That’s right,” Wan Wanqing agreed.

She had just gone to check on Chu Feng’s file and discovered that he was indeed a newly awakened Beastmaster. He was able to cross over a whole realm and defeat a sovereign-level beast within such a short time. Even Wan Wanqing herself admitted that she was inferior to him.

“Is it possible that he has an SSS-rank beast tamer talent?” Wan Wanqing suddenly uncertainly. After saying that, she denied the possibility. That was impossible.

Principal Gao immediately denied it as well, “Impossible! The two experts were both born in the era of totems. At the same time, they possess an SSS-rank talent. It is a peaceful era now. It’s impossible for an SSS-rank talent to appear.”

Wan Wanqing agreed with him. These two experts were the beliefs of the human race. Now, no one else could have the same level of beast tamer talents like them. It had defied their status among humans. They were even more admirable than the totems.

Chu Feng was about to go home when two familiar young ladies suddenly walked towards him. They were Li Siyu and Sheng Nana.

“Chu Feng!” Li Siyu strode towards him and said, “long time no see.”

Sheng Nana teased, “Didn’t we meet a few days ago? We’ve only not met for a few days, yet you already miss your junior so much?”

Li Siyu’s face immediately flushed red as she protested, “Stop talking nonsense!”

Sheng Nana teased, “I’m not talking nonsense. Siyu has been talking about you every day for the past few days.”

Li Siyu’s face blushed even more as she whispered, “I just think that Junior Chu Feng is amazing.”

Chu Feng watched the interaction between the two and found it amusing.

He smiled and said, “What can I do for you two seniors?”

Chu Feng could tell that Li Siyu and Sheng Nana hadn’t met him by chance. They had been waiting for him there.

Sheng Nana said, “Siyu wants to go to the wilderness to tame her second pet beast. She hopes that you can come along and give her some suggestions.”

Li Siyu nodded and said, “Junior, are you available now?”

Chu Feng lifted his brows and asked in a puzzle, “Senior Li, haven’t you formed a bond with your second pet beast yet?”

He didn’t quite understand. Li Siyu was able to pass the extraordinary Level 5 heritage ruins and stop at the sixth level. That meant Li Siyu had trained her pet beast to the extraordinary Level 10. For Beastmasters, every additional pet they formed a bond with was a huge increase in their strength if they were able to train it. A situation like Li Siyu’s was rare.

“I, I couldn’t afford to train it before…” Li Siyu said in a low voice. She was somewhat embarrassed.

Chu Feng instantly understood. Only now did he realize that Li Siyu’s clothes were simple. Although the clothes were simple, they looked beautiful on Li Siyu. But that was enough to show that Li Siyu’s family background was rather ordinary.

The nurturing of a pet beast was a costly affair. It was normal for Li Siyu to be unable to train it. Moreover, not to mention Li Siyu, even Chu Feng was now facing the same situation.

It was simply too expensive!

Putting aside the Wild Bear, the Mirage Grass that the Mirage Worm needed would cost at least a few hundred million if converted into money. Moreover, it wasn’t something that money could buy.

Sheng Nana said, “She sold all the treasures obtained from the heritage ruins to the school. Only then would she have the resources to nurture a second pet beast.”

Sheng Nana couldn’t help but sigh. Li Siyu’s talent was similar to hers, but Li Siyu lacked resources. Her second pet beast had already reached an extraordinary level, but Li Siyu had yet to form a bond with her second pet beast. The gap between them had already widened.

Chu Feng nodded, “Senior Sheng, aren’t you coming with us?”

Sheng Nana laughed. “I’m not free recently. I heard that you’re already at an extraordinary level, so maybe you can go with her. Don’t worry. Your Senior Li will protect you!”

Chu Feng thought about it and agreed. He also had things he wanted to do. The Wild Bear’s strength was now enough to defeat a sovereign-level beast. A sovereign-level beast core cost at least a few hundred thousand points. It was equivalent to dozens of enhancement points. Chu Feng didn’t plan to rely on Principal Gao for everything. It was better to rely on his ability to obtain the resources needed to nurture his pet beasts.

Chu Feng said, “I can go with you, but senior, do you have a target now? We can’t just wander around the wilderness, can we?”

Li Siyu said, “Principal Gao has already helped me investigate. There is a Three-Tailed Fox Race at the border between Dibei City and Diming city. The leader of this race happened to have turned back into a Six-Tailed Fox, and the Six-Tailed Fox has given birth to a pet beast egg. It is currently in the stage of hatching.”

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