Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques

Chapter 459 - Chapter 459:1 Have No Enemies Below the Combined

Chapter 459:1 Have No Enemies Below the Combined

Aperture Tempering Realm

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The Qianyuan Sword rang out with a crisp sound, and a circular sword energy swept through, cutting off all the vines that had attacked. The vines fell to the ground, still writhing and struggling.


A sharp cry came from the mouth of a distant monster, and a spiritual pressure spread over the entire island. Compared to just now, this spiritual pressure had grown even stronger.

Chen Fei exerted a slight force with his left hand, and the vines in his palm turned into mush. He looked towards the location of the water pool, his figure flashing as he charged straight towards it.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Within a hundred paces of the monster, every few steps Chen Fei took, there would be a muffled sound in the air. This was the sound of the collision of Chen Fei’s and the monster’s spiritual consciousness.

“Miss, with him here, it seems we have no chance,” Dai Yuqiu said in a low voice as he looked at Chen Fei ahead.

Even Geng Wangsheng had no way to deal with Chen Fei, and even if Du Guman had extraordinary talent, the outcome would be no different if she went up. Unless they joined forces to eliminate Chen Fei first!

Du Guman remained silent and turned to look at Geng Wangsheng. Geng Wangsheng sensed her gaze and turned to look back.

“Drive him away, and we’ll split the spoils of killing the monster, fifty-fifty!” Du Guman said in a deep voice.

For this monster, Du Guman had spent nearly a year. Giving up like this left her with a sense of unwillingness. As for whether the siege was fair or not, Du Guman was not a child; she wouldn’t care about that.

Regardless of her previous statements about coming first or last, all of it was spoken from her advantageous standpoint.

In the adult world, interests weighed more heavily, and this was especially true for martial artists.

Geng Wangsheng contemplated. In the past, he wouldn’t even listen to such a proposal because he could handle everything on his own. Why would he need to team up?

However, facing Chen Fei, Geng Wangsheng had to admit that he couldn’t win on his own. Even if he used a forbidden technique, the result probably wouldn’t differ significantly.

As he looked at the distant demon creature, Geng Wangsheng realized that if they could subdue this creature, it would greatly benefit his breakthrough to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

On the path of martial arts, one should seize opportunities without concerns for face. When you break through to a higher realm, that’s the greatest honor; everything else becomes trivial.

“Agreed!” Geng Wangsheng looked at Chen Fei’s back and spoke in a deep voice. Just as Chen Fei approached the water pool, his heart suddenly twitched, and he turned to look behind. Du Guman and the other two were rushing towards them, their target directly pointed at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly as he stood in place, watching Du Guman and the others approach. If it were anyone else, caught between the demon creature’s aggressive attack and the encirclement of two individuals from the top ten of the Hidden Dragon and Young Phoenix Ranking, their first instinct would be to avoid confrontation.

After all, they were facing an enemy whose power was quite overwhelming. However, at this moment, Chen Fei didn’t move a muscle. The demon creature’s vine, which was attacking, was easily severed by his sword energy before it could come close to him.

Du Guman watched Chen Fei, who remained motionless, and her eyes emitted a cold light. Faced with their combined strength, Chen Fei intended to confront them head-on. Was this because he had great confidence in himself? Or did he believe that he was already a Combined Aperture Tempering realm expert? Following behind, Dai Yuqiu had initially thought that Chen Fei would choose to avoid confrontation in such a situation. After all, facing the combined attack of two individuals from the top ten of the Hidden Dragon and Young Phoenix Ranking was no joke.

A slight mistake could lead to almost certain death.

Geng Wangsheng remained silent, but the killing intent in his heart surged even higher.                                  &

Others called him the Mad Blade, but now Geng Wangsheng realized that the person before him was truly mad to the extreme.

In that case, Geng Wangsheng wanted to see for himself whether this person could maintain such an attitude when facing their combined assault later.


Several dozen steps away, Dai Yuqiu held the Compass and lightly pointed it at Chen Fei, causing the natural elemental energy to tremble. An array of power formed in the air around Chen Fei.

Chen Fei’s gaze shifted, and a sword light suddenly flew out from his inner senses. It struck at an empty spot where there was no one.

Ripples spread out where the sword light fell, and the formation that should have taken shape around Chen Fei shattered as the ripples spread, turning into scattered elemental energy.

Dai Yuqiu grunted and blood flowed from her nose. Chen Fei easily saw through Dai Yuqiu’s formation nodes and directly shattered them with the Godslayer Sword. Due to the backlash, Dai Yuqiu naturally got injured.

“It’s essential for you to engage him first for me to have a chance to set up the formation!” Dai Yuqiu whispered. Her cultivation was in the advanced Aperture Tempering realm, and she looked at Chen Fei with disbelief. It was the first time Dai Yuqiu had encountered someone who could break her formation nodes while they were still taking shape.

Even when sparring with Du Guman, Du Guman could only forcibly break out of the formation after it was fully formed, not like what Chen Fei just did.

Du Guman furrowed her brows slightly but didn’t speak. Within the blink of an eye, she closed the distance, already reaching Chen Fei’s front. Du Guman wanted to personally test what kind of power this person possessed.


As Du Guman swung her sword, countless sword blades suddenly appeared in the air around her. These sword blades moved in perfect harmony with Du Guman, and with a single point of her spirit sword, it was as if dozens of people were thrusting longswords towards Chen Fei.

The “Myriad Swords Formation” – One person becomes an army, one person slays a city!

The core technique of the Du family, begins with the cultivation of the “Myriad Swords Formation.” Every day, practitioners absorb the essence of iron from sword blades and store it within their bodies.

Starting from wielding a sword every few months, then every few days, and finally, every day, after practicing for over twenty years, Du Guman spent each day in the company of sword blades and ingesting the essence of iron. This practice had consequences for her throat, which was corroded by the iron essence, resulting in her extremely hoarse voice. Various parts of her body also suffered from this practice.

Only by breaking through to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm could she perform marrow-cleansing through the “Book of Changes” and gradually eliminate these drawbacks.

Although practicing the “Myriad Swords Formation” was demanding, its effects were remarkable. When one moved, the countless iron essences within their body moved in unison. At an advanced stage, one could manifest an army with a single sword, and such claims were not unfounded.

Chen Fei observed the “Myriad Swords Formation” displayed by Du Guman with some surprise. This technique had a similarity to the Blade-Slaying Sword from the Primordial Sword Scripture he practiced. However, the Myriad Swords Formation was more extreme, and its power was accordingly more formidable.

In Chen Fei’s eyes, countless sword lights were coming at him. In this situation, whether there were weaknesses or not, the Myriad Swords Formation was no longer the ideal way to deal with Geng Wangsheng. Facing such a technique, the only way to deal with it was to overpower it. She might be strong, but if you were stronger, that should be enough!

The Qianyuan Sword’s black aura spread across its blade like an abyss. Chen Fei’s back straightened, and the Suppressing Dragon Elephant surged throughout his body, spreading immense power all around him.

Chen Fei’s gaze locked onto Du Guman. In the next moment, he took a step forward.

Du Guman felt something strange when she met Chen Fei’s eyes, but she quickly suppressed those emotions. The essence of iron within her surged even more aggressively.

Geng Wangsheng stood beside Du Guman, having experienced Chen Fei’s strength before. He couldn’t risk letting Du Guman face Chen Fei alone. If Du Guman were to suffer any harm, their planned siege would become a farce.

Geng Wangsheng invoked his Rising Moonlit Sea Technique. His silver eyes turned into radiant moonlight, and he transformed into a crescent moon, slashing towards Chen Fei.

“Entrapment! Restraint! Sealing! Suppression!”

With her hands turning into blurs, Dai Yuqiu released numerous seals, while her compass trembled incessantly, emitting sounds of overexertion. Four formations merged in mid-air and descended around Chen Fei.

The natural essence of the world seemed to vanish, replaced by a muddy and oppressive atmosphere. Even the power within Chen Fei’s body felt like it was being forcibly sealed.

In battles among martial artists, they often fought for that crucial edge, that thin line that separated victory from defeat. At this moment, these four restrictive formations were more than just sealing a thin line; they were suppressing him profoundly.

“Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle!”

Sensing the situation, the monster by the water’s edge sent forth hundreds of vines, covering the entire sky above the island. It was so dense that there seemed to be no gaps, only the sound of countless vines cutting through the air.

Hundreds of vines in mid-air intertwined and contracted, forming an enormous lance that descended upon Chen Fei’s body.

At this moment, the monster finally unleashed its most powerful attack, channeling all the pent-up aggression it had revealed by exposing its true form onto Chen Fei.


The roar of the Dragon-Sealing Elephant resounded from within Chen Fei’s body. The Dragon-Sealing Elephant’s seal point continuously contracted and expanded, while a fiery blood aura surged from Chen Fei’s body—Blood Ignition Technique!

In the next instant, Chen Fei raised the Qianyuan Sword high into the air.


The island within a one-mile radius trembled violently. Countless massive cracks spread in all directions from the epicenter, causing some areas to sink and collapse into the sea. A shockwave swept across, creating tumultuous waves.


The four restrictive formations shattered first, turning into dots of light that dissipated into the air.


As the formations broke, Dai Yuqiu, who had been severely wounded, coughed up a mist of blood, her entire head tilting backward, blood streaming from her seven orifices as she collapsed unconscious on the ground.


The long lance formed by the vines trembled slightly, and a surge of blood ignited on it, burning relentlessly. The vines turned into ashes instantly. The distant monster’s aura plummeted, and it wilted almost instantly.

Du Guman’s face was pale as paper, and her body involuntarily took a few steps backward. Her right arm, the one wielding the sword, was riddled with cracks, as if a gentle touch would turn it into flesh and blood.

Geng Wangsheng had a broken right arm, and an overwhelming force was crushing his internal organs. He had a mouthful of congested blood in his throat, which he forced down.

Geng Wangsheng stared ahead, wanting to see how Chen Fei would fare. With so many people attacking him, Geng Wangsheng couldn’t believe that Chen Fei would come out unscathed.

The dust settled, revealing a figure in the center. It was Chen Fei.

The blood flames still burned on him, and there were multiple wounds on his body, some even penetrating from front to back. The combined strength of one monster and three people was not to be underestimated, and even Chen Fei had to bear injuries.

But, he was merely injured!

With his eyes raised, Chen Fei’s aura surged once more, and the wounds on his body began to heal at a remarkable speed. In just a moment, most of them had already improved.

Geng Wangsheng’s eyelids twitched. He turned around and disappeared from his original position. Facing such a freak, there was no point in continuing the fight. One monster and three people were all heavily injured, and if they kept fighting, they might not make it out alive.

Du Guman’s lips trembled slightly. She picked up Dai Yuqiu from the ground and fled instantly.

“After you finish, it’s my turn!”

Chen Fei watched their retreating figures, and within his mental space, dozens of Sword-Cutting Deities erupted with overwhelming sword intent, sweeping outwards.

A fine iron longbow appeared in Chen Fei’s hand, electromagnetic fluctuations surged, and in the next moment, a sonic boom cloud burst around him. Two black arrows disappeared from Chen Fei’s hand.

Muffled sounds echoed as Geng Wangsheng and Du Guman’s auras plummeted. However, their self-harming techniques activated, and they escaped at even greater speeds. If they didn’t escape now, they were afraid they wouldn’t make it out at all.

Chen Fei watched the two of them from afar, hesitated for a moment, and decided not to pursue them. He then looked at the monster that had retreated several hundred meters, and he turned to approach it.

As Chen Fei’s footsteps moved, the wounds on his body continued to shrink until they were completely healed..

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