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Chapter 456 - Chapter 456: Immovable

Chapter 456: Immovable

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If it weren’t for the recent confrontation with the adversary, Chen Fei probably wouldn’t have been able to sense this power.

But as Chen Fei shattered the opponent’s dream and captured the characteristics of their dream power, at this moment, he could clearly perceive it.

Chen Fei looked at the ship beneath his feet and then glanced at Zheng Chuanwen in the distance. Zheng Chuanwen’s expression was somewhat strange at this moment, looking at Chen Fei for no apparent reason.

A smile appeared on Chen Fei’s face, and the doubts in his mind gradually unraveled.

Originally, Chen Fei sensed this ship because the aura of that monster lingered on it, and he thought that this ship had bad luck and was targeted by the monster.

Now Chen Fei realized that it was not a matter of luck at all; this ship itself was the problem.

In simpler terms, except for the people from the Zheng family on this ship, everyone else who boarded this ship had been marked as food by that monster, the prey of the monster’s dream.

This ship was not meant to transport people across the fog; it was simply a way for people to serve themselves as food to that monster.

Without this ship as a marker, the power of that monster’s dream would never have been able to capture the people on this ship in the vast sea.

How powerful must this psychic power be to envelop an area of hundreds of miles? It’s too exaggerated. If there really is such a level of psychic strength, Chen Fei’s first instinct would be to escape immediately without any hesitation.

Zheng Chuanwen, upon seeing Chen Fei’s gaze, inexplicably became somewhat nervous, as if he had some secret that Chen Fei had seen through.

“Your Excellency, how did you do it just now? What was it that attacked us?” someone stepped forward and respectfully asked Chen Fei.

“Did you manage to drive that thing away? Are we safe now?”

“What’s next? Are we not going to encounter any more trouble?”

Seeing someone inquire about Chen Fei, the people around also began to ask.

“You should ask him!”

Chen Fei moved swiftly, appearing in front of Zheng Chuanwen and grabbing his neck.

The people around were startled by Chen Fei’s actions, their eyes filled with confusion. Some considered a certain possibility, but others remained uncertain and couldn’t confirm it.


Zheng Chuanwen, seeing Chen Fei make a move toward him, felt both shocked and furious, but he didn’t retaliate. Instead, he quickly retreated.

The scene where Chen Fei had saved the three people earlier had left Zheng Chuanwen unsure about Chen Fei’s true capabilities. In the normal Aperture Tempering realm, who could possess such skills?

Zheng Chuanwen had led people into this secret realm for many years, and even those in the later stages of cultivation could not withstand the power of that monster. In the end, they would all be devoured, leaving only their skin behind.

But Chen Fei had managed to save people in the blink of an eye, leaving Zheng Chuanwen with a sense of uncertainty.

As Zheng Chuanwen retreated, a faint smile appeared on Chen Fei’s lips. His right hand suddenly accelerated, and in an astonishingly impossible manner, he grabbed Zheng Chuanwen’s neck.

Zheng Chuanwen stared wide-eyed at Chen Fei. He hadn’t even seen clearly what move Chen Fei had used. By the time he reacted, he found himself in Chen Fei’s grasp.

At this moment, with his neck captured, Zheng Chuanwen realized that all the energy in his body had been sealed off, and he couldn’t muster even the slightest bit of strength.

Not only was his strength sealed, but a suffocating feeling engulfed Zheng Chuanwen’s heart, and helplessness and fear filled his eyes.


“Let him go!”

On the ship, other members of the Zheng family saw Zheng Chuanwen captured by Chen Fei and shouted loudly. However, as Chen Fei’s gaze swept over them, the aura of someone at the pinnacle of the Aperture Tempering realm overwhelmed the entire ship.

It felt like an overwhelming weight on their hearts, and an indescribable emotion involuntarily surged in their minds. It was as if making a single wrong move would lead to catastrophic consequences.

Everyone stared in disbelief at Chen Fei, never expecting that Chen Fei, who had been in the mid-Aperture Tempering realm just moments ago, would suddenly become a pinnacle Aperture Tempering realm cultivator.

With the power of a pinnacle Aperture Tempering realm cultivator, even if the people on the ship rushed at him all at once, they would likely be wiped out one by one in the end.

The members of the Zheng family immediately fell silent, and some of them even began to slowly back away, trying to distance themselves from Chen Fei. “Where is that monster?” Chen Fei inquired, unfazed by the reactions of those around him, his gaze fixed on Zheng Chuanwen.

Zheng Chuanwen wanted to speak but found that Chen Fei had not released his neck at all; instead, he was applying more pressure. Fear filled Zheng Chuanwen’s eyes, and he attempted to struggle, but he realized he couldn’t move.

The fear in Zheng Chuanwen’s eyes intensified as he tried to speak, only to find that Chen Fei wasn’t giving him a chance to speak.

His consciousness began to blur gradually, and Zheng Chuanwen couldn’t sense his surroundings anymore.

Suddenly, the grip on his neck loosened, and Zheng Chuanwen instantly regained his senses. It felt like a rebirth after a catastrophe, but at the same time, his fear of death deepened.

“I… I don’t know where that monster is either!” Zheng Chuanwen looked up at Chen Fei and whispered.

Zheng Chuanwen knew that Chen Fei’s earlier actions had made it clear that he couldn’t lie. Zheng Chuanwen genuinely didn’t want to lie, as he didn’t want to experience that near-death feeling again.

But the truth was, Zheng Chuanwen really didn’t know the exact location where the monster was hiding.

“Every time I send people here, after the monster devours them, it gives me some spiritual materials in exchange,” Zheng Chuanwen continued hastily, fearing that Chen Fei might not believe him.

Over the years, the Zheng family had rapidly developed by relying on these trades – trading other people’s lives for a sufficient supply of spiritual materials.

It wasn’t just spiritual materials; after the people on the ship died, the remaining items such as elemental stones, spiritual artifacts, and elixirs all belonged to the Zheng family.

All they needed to do was bring a shipload of people into the mist, and they could not only harvest spiritual materials but also acquire elemental stones and spiritual artifacts. Such a profitable endeavor had made the Zheng family eagerly pursue it.

However, Zheng Chuanwen hadn’t anticipated that today he would be restrained like this, and he couldn’t resist at all.

Some of the bystanders, who had been puzzled, had their eyes widened upon hearing Zheng Chuanwen’s words. A sense of dread instantly washed over them.

Being on a Zheng family ship in Flame Jade City meant boarding a ship to death, with no return!

If it weren’t for Chen Fei still standing there, radiating the aura of a pinnacle Aperture Tempering realm cultivator, it’s likely that everyone would have already taken action against the Zheng family members.

Chen Fei remained silent. The fact that the Zheng family didn’t know the exact hiding place of the monster surprised him. Chen Fei looked at Zheng Chuanwen and believed he wasn’t lying. Finding the monster would likely require Chen Fei to figure it out on his own.

With a glance at the surging dream power in the distance, Chen Fei’s eyes flickered, and in the next moment, he began to tighten his grip on Zheng Chuanwen’s neck.


Zheng Chuanwen screamed in terror, but halfway through his shout, his voice abruptly stopped as his neck snapped.

The spiritual essence from Zheng Chuanwen flowed into the Shuttle of Flying Clouds in Chen Fei’s arms and settled. Chen Fei made a slight gesture with his right hand, and the high-grade spiritual weapon and elemental stones and elixirs from Zheng Chuanwen fell into his hand.

With a light step on the deck, Chen Fei disappeared from the spot, heading straight for the surging dream power in the distance.

As for what would happen to the Zheng family’s ship next, it was no longer within Chen Fei’s concern. To some extent, Chen Fei had already saved the people on this ship.

If it weren’t for Chen Fei, all the people on this ship would have turned into skins, drifting in this sea.


But a few miles away, the power of the monster’s dream realm suddenly collided with Chen Fei’s consciousness.

In Chen Fei’s sea of consciousness, it was as if a towering wave had surged, but his core soul energy remained unmoved. Regardless of how the power of the monster’s dream realm tried to provoke him, it couldn’t ruffle Chen Fei’s mental state in the slightest.

On the deck earlier, Chen Fei had actively entered the dream, or else the power of the monster wouldn’t have been able to stir his core soul energy.

A sharp noise echoed in Chen Fei’s ears as the monster grew increasingly frustrated by its inability to draw Chen Fei into the dream. With the passage of time, the monster’s power began to wane.

The distance between them was too vast, and although the power of the dream realm was magical, it had its limitations.

The monster’s frustrated roar continued, but its fluctuations were growing smaller and weaker.

Sensing the weakening of the monster’s power, Chen Fei suddenly released his own core soul energy, allowing the power of the monster to completely connect with his own consciousness.

Chen Fei’s mental state began to ripple and fold, but the power was so weak that it could only achieve this level of attack.

A slight smile appeared on Chen Fei’s face, and his figure flickered as he rushed towards the distance.

Faint light condensed in Chen Fei’s eyes as he pushed his Star Gazing Art to its limit. The presence in the distance appeared within Chen Fei’s perception.

Where there’s a connection, there’s a response.

The monster that had hidden itself until now had been completely locked onto by Chen Fei. No matter where it tried to flee at this moment, Chen Fei could reach it.

The monster seemed to sense Chen Fei’s movements and attempted to withdraw its power. However, with the operation of the Suppressing Dragon Elephant technique in Chen Fei’s sea of consciousness, the monster’s power was firmly suppressed and unable to move.


In the middle of its retreat, the monster’s power suddenly tore itself apart, with most of it dissipating into the heavens and earth.

Chen Fei remained unfazed, as his Star Gazing Art had completely locked onto the monster’s location. The monster’s attempt to disperse its power had come too late; it was now completely exposed.

Several tens of miles away.

“Found it, over there!” Dai Yuqiu, looking at the compass in his hand, revealed a happy expression on his face, then turned to look at Du Guman.

“Good, let’s go!”

Du Guman’s eyes lit up slightly, and the boat under her feet shot forward like an arrow.

In less than a moment, Du Guman, along with Dai Yuqiu, arrived on an island.

The island was not large, covering only about a square mile.

Upon reaching this place, the compass in Dai Yuqiu’s hand began to spin wildly, and his expression grew serious.

“This monster is very strong, be careful!” Dai Yuqiu whispered.

“No matter how strong it is, it’s still just a Tier-2 Evil. Today, we’ll kill it and help me advance further on my path of cultivation!” Du Guman’s eyes gleamed with a cold light as she stepped onto the island and walked forward step by step.

Several tens of miles away, Chen Fei followed the trail of the aura..

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