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Chapter 176 - Chapter 176: Unbridled

Chapter 176: Unbridled

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“This is even more extreme than the Thousand Origin Technique,” Chen Fei muttered to himself.


The Thousand Origin Technique had refined three types of mental cultivation techniques. All of them could allow Chen Fei to maintain his consciousness in extreme environments to deal with various situations.

Of course, something unexpected happened at Dreamlike Lotus’s place. In the past, the Thousand Origin Technique could warn him of danger, but the Dreamlike Lotus’ overwhelming suppression had rendered it ineffective.

That was not to say that the Thousand Origin Technique wasn’t good. It was just that the enemy was too powerful, and the Thousand Origin Technique couldn’t handle it.

And now, the fruit and leaves of this Strange Locust Tree, especially the leaves, actually allowed Chen Fei to have an even more extreme mental state than usual.

In this icy setting, Chen Fei could feel the fluctuation of his thoughts and the subtle fluctuations of the inner strength in his body. Even his more delicate nerve cells seemed to be faintly aware of it.

“Are these leaves all over that tree?

Chen Fei raised his head and looked at Bacca. If the tree was covered in leaves like this, then the value of this tree would far exceed that of the Dreamlike Lotus.

Although the leaves of the Strange Locust Tree couldn’t increase one’s mental strength, Chen Fei estimated that this extremely detailed feeling of the body’s condition would have unimaginable benefits for measuring and excavating the acupoints in the future.

Chen Fei couldn’t predict the exact effect. After all, Chen Fei’s cultivation was only at the Marrow Tempering realm. He hadn’t even broken through to the Visceral Tempering realm, let alone experienced the profundity of the acupoints.

However, Chen Fei could still deduce it from the few words that Ge Hongjie and the others said about measuring the acupoints.

“How can they be all over the tree crown? If that’s the case, why would 1 pluck a few leaves from it?”

Bacca couldn’t help but exclaim, “That Strange Locust Tree is a big tree that’s completely bald. There aren’t many leaves on the tree. Most of them grow near the fruit. It’s really too ugly.”

Bacca shook his head and commented, making Chen Fei chuckle. Bacca was still upset after the fight just now.

However, Bacca’s description of the Strange Locust Tree also made Chen Fei slightly disappointed. Such leaves were actually so rare. The level of protection must be extremely high.

With Bacca’s strength, he could severely injure the Zhuhong tree, but in front of the Strange Locust Tree, he could only retreat unscathed. At most, he could only pluck a few leaves. The Strange Locust Tree was undoubtedly much stronger.

“Are you interested in going to the Dreamlike Lotus and getting some lotus seeds and leaves?” Chen Fei looked at the leaf in his hand and suddenly raised his head to look at Bacca.

“Dreamlike Lotus?”

Bacca was taken aback, then he waved his hand and said, “I can’t go there. I can’t beat Dreamlike Lotus. Hmm, it’s not that I can’t beat her. It’s probably because 1 can’t even find the true body of the Dreamlike Lotus. Every time 1 get close to her, I fall into an illusion and can’t distinguish what’s real and what’s fake.”

Bacca patted his body and continued, “If it wasn’t for the fact that my body was tough enough, I would have been played to death by that lotus flower.”

Bacca’s expression darkened, probably recalling the fear of being controlled by the Dreamlike Lotus.

Chen Fei grinned at Bacca. The first time they met, Bacca had asked for a dozen lotus seeds. Chen Fei thought that Bacca could resist the mental suppression of the Dreamlike Lotus.

It turned out that he had been bluffing Chen Fei back then.

Now that they were really going to fight, Bacca had no choice but to tell the truth.


I’ll refine this leaf into a medicinal liquid later. After you consume it, it can temporarily resist the suppression of the Dreamlike Lotus. Then it won’t be able to drag you into the illusion, and you’ll be able to see its true form.”

Chen Fei waved the leaf in his hand. Compared to the fruit, the leaf was slightly less important. However, when combined with the leaves, it could enhance the effect of Icing the Mind even further.

“Are you telling the truth?” Bacca seemed a bit hesitant.

“When you finish drinking it, you can try it outside. If it doesn’t work, we can retreat.”

Chen Fei reassured him. He didn’t dare to venture deeper into the pool, but Bacca was resilient. Even if the treatment didn’t work, he could still retreat safely.

“Then let’s give it a try?”

Bacca hesitated for a moment. He thought of the taste of the lotus seed. He had had the chance to taste it once, and it was unforgettable. It was also very beneficial to his mind.

This wasn’t just for warriors, but also for creatures like Bacca. The only difference was the level of effect.

If he could really obtain the lotus seeds, Bacca believed that with Chen Fei’s skills, he could definitely turn them into delicious and nourishing concoctions.

Thinking of this, Bacca felt his mouth watering.

“Alright, wait for me!”

Seeing that Bacca had agreed, Chen Fei began to carefully prepare the leaves and fruits in his hands. After almost two hours, Chen Fei finally finished concocting the medicinal liquid.

Chen Fei had spent so much time not to showcase his craftsmanship, but to pursue perfection and maximize the effect of the Strange Locust Tree leaf.

Only in this way, after Bacca ingests the medicinal liquid, will he have a genuine chance to withstand the mental suppression of the Dreamlike Lotus and locate the true form of the Dreamlike Lotus.


Let’s head to the pond!”

Chen Fei looked at Bacca. Bacca hesitated for a moment before finally nodding.

There was no reason to retreat at this point.

Previously, he could have said that it was for his appetite. Now that it was beneficial to his strength’s growth, Bacca had no reason to give up. It was just a little risky.

However, the mystic realm itself was dangerous and limited Bacca’s current growth in strength. It was precisely the limitation of mental strength. In the past, Bacca hadn’t found a good solution. He could only rely on the passage of time to accumulate strength.

Or, he could use some mystical materials like the Dreamlike Lotus to boost his core soul energy.

Unfortunately, none of these spiritual materials were easy to obtain. Bacca had attempted a few times before, but he was often deceived. He didn’t even know where the true bodies of these creatures were.

He had tried making several rounds, but he had been controlled each time, leading to mental exhaustion.

With Chen Fei’s assurance, Bacca also had a certain level of trust in his concoction. Under these circumstances, he was naturally willing to try again.

A human and a demon, their figures flickered as they headed towards the pond.

An hour later, the two of them cautiously approached the pond and found it unusually noisy. Someone was already attacking the Dreamlike Lotus.

Bacca suppressed his aura and transformed himself into a stick-like form. He perched on the treetops, moving toward the pond to avoid detection by the Dreamlike Lotus.

Chen Fei didn’t believe this method would work against the Dreamlike Lotus, but he didn’t stop Bacca.

At this moment, Chen Fei’s attention was fully focused on the battle unfolding ahead.

Last time, over twenty individuals had attacked the Dreamlike Lotus together. They believed they could triumph and even acquire lotus seeds and leaves, but in the end, many of them lost their lives.

Chen Fei had thought that no one would dare to assail the Dreamlike Lotus.

After all, the mental suppression was insurmountable for body-refining cultivators.

“Dreamlike Lotus seems to be injured,” Bacca’s voice discreetly reached Chen Fei’s ears.

Though Bacca couldn’t locate her true form, he could sense changes in her aura.

Compared to her usual composed and confident demeanor, Bacca could detect a hint of restlessness and unease emanating from the Dreamlike Lotus.

Chen Fei didn’t reply. He narrowed his eyes, gazing ahead. There were no fewer than forty people there. Compared to Chen Fei and his group, their numbers were nearly double.

However, the number of people meant little to Dreamlike Lotus. If one’s mind couldn’t withstand her mental onslaught, no matter how many came, they would be defeated.

Yet, what Chen Fei witnessed was the actual body of the Dreamlike Lotus. It was trapped within an area of only a few meters in radius. The attacks of numerous warriors relentlessly pummeled the Dreamlike Lotus.

Dreamlike Lotus’s primary strength lay in her mental suppression, but that didn’t imply she lacked other methods to combat adversaries.

At this moment, the blue light shield fluctuated slightly. With every counterattack from the Dreamlike Lotus, the blue light shield absorbed them all, rendering them ineffective against the surrounding warriors.

Undoubtedly, Dreamlike Lotus’ most potent ability was mental suppression.

However, that didn’t mean she lacked other means to contend with adversaries.

The roots concealed beneath the pool were remarkably massive. Though their toughness didn’t compare to the Zhuhong tree, they could still withstand the various attacks hurtling toward them.

However, as time passed, if Dreamlike Lotus possessed no other tactics, it was only a matter of time before she would be vanquished.

Chen Fei’s gaze shifted, and amidst the crowd, he caught sight of the source of the light shield – an object resembling a Night-Luminescent Pearl emitting its glow.

Chen Fei’s eyes were fixed, but in the next moment, his mental state quivered, causing him involuntarily to avert his gaze.

Each rotation of the luminous pearl triggered ripples in Chen Fei’s mental strength. With just a single glance, its power was already overwhelming. No wonder it was able to withstand Dreamflike Lotus’ mental suppression and render her powerless.

“Spiritual Tool,” Chen Fei muttered softly.

Only a Spiritual Tool could possess such capabilities. However, Chen Fei was perplexed as to how a spiritual weapon’s full power could be unleashed without the backing of an aperture tempering state expert. Even Feng Xiupu had difficulty fully harnessing the might of the Green Ridge Sword after being wounded.

Yet, the Night-Luminescent Pearl was operating at its full capacity. This begged the question – how was this possible? Chen Fei couldn’t fathom how, even at the cost of his own lifespan, such a feat could be achieved.

“Who are you? Why are you spying on me?” With a resounding shout, a figure appeared before Chen Fei.

His gaze assessed Chen Fei without reservation. Suddenly, the person’s expression shifted. Pointing at Chen Fei, he exclaimed, “So it’s you!”

Chen Fei regarded the newcomer and recalled after a moment. He remembered who this individual was. It was Chen Fei who had entered the mystic realm not too long ago. He had provoked a demonic beast to intentionally draw it in Chen Fei’s direction.

However, he was ultimately scared off by Chen Fei’s arrow and fled dejectedly. He hadn’t anticipated actually surviving encounters with so many demon beasts.

“Martial brother Lei, this person is here for the Dreamlike Lotus. Apprehend him!”

Pan Baoxue’s voice suddenly rang out as she retreated. Several figures moved towards Chen Fei as per her command.

“Whoosh!” The sound of an arrow whizzing through the air echoed. Chen Fei sidestepped, causing the arrow to embed itself into the ground in front of him.

Chen Fei’s hair fluttered in the wake of the arrow’s force, and his clothes rustled with each gust of wind.

Sharpness, penetration – all of these attributes converged at one point, marking the marksman as an archery expert!

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