Cultivation Online

Chapter 418 Entering the Treasure Room

'Impossible? Just how difficult is this hidden quest?' Yuan was surprised by the difficulty of the quest.

'Maybe the reason it says impossible is because it's literally impossible for me right now, as I don't have the required cultivation to help them.' Yuan wondered if this was the case.

After a moment of silence, Yuan looked at the two shadowy figures and said, "I don't mind helping you, but I will only do it if you promise me something."

"What is it?" They both asked him simultaneously.

"Promise me that you're not deceiving me so that you can leave this place and cause trouble outside. If you break your promise, I will take full responsibility and do everything in my power to stop you."

As much as he wanted to trust these shadowy figures and believe they are who they say they are, he can never be too careful, and there was no way for him to know whether they are telling the truth or not.


The two shadowy figures turned to look at each other for a moment before raising their hands, almost like they were swearing an oath.

"I, Yu Ning, with heaven as my witness, swear that I am not deceiving you! If I deceive you, may the heavens shatter my soul into a thousand pieces!" The Immortal Fairy swore in a sincere voice.

"I, Ji Ran, with heaven as my witness, swear that I am not deceiving you! If I deceive you, may the heavens shatter my soul into a thousand pieces!" The Sect Master swore next.

After their swearing ended, Yuan could feel a profound aura suddenly appear in the atmosphere.

"Are you satisfied, young man? We don't have any ulterior motives, nor are we trying to deceive you. We are only trying to leave this hell that has kept us in the darkness for countless years." Ji Ran, the Sect Master, said to him.

"Now that we made a heavenly oath, if we deceive you, the heavens will directly punish us by shattering our souls into a thousand pieces, and that brings us no merits."

Hearing their sincere voices, Yuan nodded, "Okay, I will help you guys get out of this place when I can."

[You have accepted the Hidden Quest: Banished Immortals!]

"Thank you, young man."

The both of them bowed to him in a respectful manner.

"You can call me Yuan," he nodded.

Sometime later, they arrived before a massive golden temple.

"Is this the treasure room?" Yuan asked the two Immortals who'd decided to linger around.

"Yes, this is the Dragon Treasury." Yu Ning said.

And she continued, "Since the Shadow Realm and this place isn't truly connected, we cannot enter this place, so you'll have to go alone."

Yuan nodded and approached the Dragon Treasury.

"Thank you for bringing me here and preventing the other spirits from bothering me," he said to them.

"It's nothing compared to what you'll be doing for us."

Yuan nodded, "I will try my best to reach Spirit Emperor and return to this place."

"There's no need to rush, Yuan. A few hundred years mean nothing to us here, much less a few years. The most important thing is to keep yourself safe and alive. Everything will be meaningless if you die, and it will also seal our fate." Yu Ning said to him.

"Don't forget about us." Ji Ran said in a joking tone.

Yuan chuckled and said, "Don't worry, I won't forget something this important. I will see you two later."

"The sooner the better." Ji Ran nodded.

Sometime later, Yuan entered the Dragon Treasury whilst the two Immortal spirits lingered around the place for a few more moments before disappearing like smoke.

Once Yuan entered the building through the main door that was already opened, he began descending an extremely long flight of stairs that took at least half an hour of straight walking.

If he had to take a guess, the treasure room was actually dozens of miles underground.

And although there were no windows or sources of light, the place was dimly lit, almost as though there were invisible candles in the place.

Once he reached the bottom, Yuan was greeted by another set of doors.

This time, the doors were actually sealed shut, and there were two dragons engraved on each side of the doors.

Yuan took a deep breath and approached the doors, and he tried to push it open.

However, the doors remained tightly shut.

"How do I enter this place? I should have the key— two of them at that." Yuan mumbled to himself.

It was at this moment one of the dragon engravings suddenly shot out a golden beam from its eyes, landing directly on Yuan's body.

The beam only lasted for a few seconds.

Once it disappeared, the doors suddenly began rumbling, and they slowly opened the next moment.

When the rumbling stopped, Yuan took another deep breath and entered the bright room ahead.

The air inside the room was unnaturally cool, almost like there was an air conditioner inside, and the room was smaller than Yuan had expected.

Inside the treasure room that was only slightly larger than an ordinary store, there were around a dozen display cases placed orderly around the room.

This scenery reminded him of Feng Yuxiang's store before she closed it down.

Yuan immediately walked around the room and looked at the treasures in the display cases.

[Bloody Dragon Spear]

[Grade: Ancient]

[Quality: Peak]

[Physical Strength required: 200,000]

[Mental Strength required: 350,000]

[Description: A powerful spear refined with dragon blood. Increases damage by 500%. Increases weapon penetration by 1,000%.]

"What a powerful treasure…" Yuan subconsciously went to open the display case to take a closer look at the spear.

However, a notification appeared in front of him when he touched the display case.

[Would you like to use 1x Dragon Temple Treasure Key to open the display case?]

"What? Does this mean I can only take one treasure for every key I have?" Yuan mumbled in a dazed voice, feeling lucky that he'd obtained a second key now, as this meant he could obtain an extra treasure in this place.

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