Cultivation Online

Chapter 339 Key to Mystic Pagoda




Grandma Lan used her tail like a whip, sending the demons flying whenever they tried to get close to her.

"Did you come here just to play around?! As if such weak attacks could kill us!" The demons would return to her no matter how many times they were sent flying by her tail.

However, Grandma Lan ignored them and continued to buy time for Yuan and Lan Yingying, as they were her only hope in killing them.

In the sky, Grandpa Lan and the Demon Lord also exchanged hundreds of blows with each other in just a few minutes.

"Old snake, you guys lost your chance to kill us off when that damn human failed to kill us hundreds of thousands of years ago! Even if your bloodline continues for many generations, you will never be able to defeat us!" The Demon Lord laughed out loud.

The demons were the oldest entities in the Mystic Realm, as they have survived for hundreds of thousands of years— even before the Lord became the master of the Mystic Realm. However, despite living for so long, their cultivation hasn't improved by much, mostly because they can only grow so much with the limited amount of spiritual energy in the Mystic Realm, hence why they want to break out of the Mystic Realm so badly— so that they can continue to grow.

No matter how much time they're given, if they do not have enough spiritual energy for a breakthrough, their cultivation will remain unchanging.

"Once we take care of your family, we'll kill all of the humans in this damned world! Eventually, we'll find a way to enter the Mystic Pagoda and open the seal that has locked us in this world for far too long!"

"Hahaha! You want to leave the Mystic Realm? In your dreams, Demon Lord! Even if you manage to kill all of us, you'll never be able to enter the Mystic Pagoda! Do you know why? Because you don't have the key! Hahaha!"

"Key? What are you talking about?!" The Demon Lord immediately frowned, as this is its first time hearing about a key being required to open the Mystic Realm.

"You want to know? Too bad! That's as much as you'll know about the Mystic Pagoda!" Grandpa Lan laughed.

In truth, Grandpa Lan didn't know anything about the Mystic Pagoda, and he'd only mentioned a 'key' just to mess with the Demon Lord.

Of course, the Demon Lord didn't think it was being lied to as what Grandpa Lan said was quite logical.

"Tell me about this damn key!!!"

The Demon Lord roared, its aura increasing to a whole new level as it started getting serious.

"Make me!"

Grandpa Lan's aura also rose.

When their auras collided, it created an immense pressure in the area that made the dead trees sink a little deeper into the ground.

Meanwhile, at Grandma Lan's area, when the demons noticed the Demon Lord getting serious, they also turned serious.

"Looks like it's about time we stop playing around and kill you once and for all."

The demons emitted an ominous aura that caused the dirt around them to turn black.

"No matter how many times you attack us, we won't die. Why don't you just give up and let us give you a painful death? Or, you can struggle and we'll eat you alive."

However, a mysterious smile appeared on Grandma Lan's face, and she spoke, "Indeed, we should probably end this."

"Blood Spear!"

The demons summoned a red spear using their blood.

"Get her!"

Just as the demons prepared to attack Grandma Lan, one of the demons felt an immense pressure suddenly appeared behind it, causing it to stop and turn around.


The demon mumbled in a dumbfounded voice as a figure wearing a black mask swung the massive sword in his hand horizontally, slicing its body in half.

"Where the fuck did this human come from? And what happened to the one chasing after him?" The other demon was as surprised when it realized that its partner had been attacked out of the blue. However, the demon wasn't worried about its partner, as it was confident that such a minor injury wouldn't be able to kill it.

As for the demon sliced in half, it frowned when it realized that its body wasn't regenerating.

"What's going on?!" The demon exclaimed a moment later.

However, Yuan didn't respond to it and turned his attention to the second demon.

"I admire your guts for returning to his place, but it was a foolish choice, human! This is not a battle you can just enter as you please! You don't qualify to stand on the same battlefield as us!" The demon shouted as it tossed the spear in its grasp at Yuan.

Yuan immediately used his movement technique to dodge the spear before approaching the demon.

"Haha! What are you going to do with that sword—" The demon's eyes widened with shock when it finally paid some attention to the Empyrean Overlord in Yuan's grasp.

However, before it could even continue, Yuan stabbed the sword in-between its chest.

Meanwhile, the other demon that had its body sliced in half was turning into stone.

"Ahh! What is going on?! What is happening to my body?!" The demon cried out loud.

"T-This is—! A sealing technique?!" The second demon was shocked to see this, and it looked down at the sword in its chest with a fearful expression.

"D-Don't tell me…"

Yuan didn't say anything and pulled the sword out of its body, letting the petrifying effect spread throughout its body.

"You came back faster than I'd anticipated, young man, just like the first time." Grandma Lan said to him with a smile on her face.

"I'm sorry I couldn't return faster," Yuan said.

"Fuck! My body! Why?! Why is someone from the Demon Sealing Clan here?! And that sword! You must be—!" The two demons looked at Yuan with fear in their eyes, something they haven't experienced since the Lord left the Mystic Realm.

Meanwhile, in the air, the Demon Lord noticed something was amiss and turned to look at the ground where Yuan and the others were.

When it noticed Yuan and the Empyrean Overlord in his hands, the Demon Lord's eyes widened with shock, and it roared in a spiteful voice, "That sword! Impossible! You— You have returned?!"

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