Cultivation Online

Chapter 292 Announcing the Auction to the World

[Hello, this is Lee. I have just spoken with the upper management, and they have agreed to proceed with the auction. 100 million dollars should be deposited into your account within the next few minutes.]

After sitting in front of her laptop for a couple of minutes after she logged off from Cultivation Online, Meixiu received this message from Lee on COPlayerAuctions.

And just like Lee had promised, 100 million dollars was added to her account's wallet.

[I have received the money.] Meixiu typed.

[Great, then we may proceed with the auction. Once again, the bid will last for 7 days, and you will receive the money within 48 hours after the auction with the service fees already deducted, which is 10 percent of the total amount.]

[I understand.]

[Then I will meet you inside the game in five minutes to retrieve the treasure from you.]


After her message, Meixiu went to explain to Yuan the situation.

"They have deposited 100 million dollars into our account, but we cannot withdraw it until after the auction."

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"That's fine."

They returned to Cultivation Online a few minutes later and waited for Lee to log in.

Once Lee also returned to the game, Yuan handed the Frozen Jade Zither to Lee, who immediately tossed it inside his spatial ring.

Even though spatial rings are expensive, every staff member working for the website was given one so that they can safely secure the treasures given to them.

"Thank you for trusting us. We will not disappoint you. The auction will begin tomorrow after we advertise the auction to the world," said Lee to them before logging off the game.

"What should we do now?" Meixiu asked Yuan afterward.

"Want to hang out at Long Chen City for the rest of the day? We can eat food and look at stores together. Perhaps we can even look for a cultivation technique for you." Yuan said.

"Eat food and look at stores?" Meixiu mumbled.

'Isn't this basically a date?' she wondered inwardly.

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After a moment of silence, she spoke, "But I already have a cultivation technique. It was given to me when I first started."

"Oh, the basic cultivation technique? I have it as well but I never used it since I have a better one. And if you have a better cultivation technique, you will be able to cultivate faster." Yuan said.

"I understand." Meixiu nodded.

Feng Yuxiang's voice suddenly resounded, "I would give you a cultivation technique but I don't have any, and as a Divine Beast, we don't really need any cultivation techniques since we absorb the spiritual energy in the air naturally. Of course, having one would help, but it won't help me since I cannot increase my cultivation base because of the curse."

"Xiao Hua, what about our cultivation technique? Do you think Meixiu can learn it as well?" Yuan then asked her.

"If Sister Meixiu agrees to help Xiao Hua with her legacy," she replied.

"What do you think, Meixiu?" Yuan then asked her.

"Okay." Meixiu nodded.

"Great! Thank you, Xiao Hua!"

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Sometime later, Yuan and Meixiu made their way towards Long Chen City, and since Yuan was wearing his Inner Court uniform, the guards allowed them to enter the city without paying any fees, even greeting them with respect.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, the world was taken by surprise when COPlayerAuctions, the leading market for Cultivation Online, announced their latest high-profile auction.

"What?! There's going to be a Divine-grade treasure being auctioned off later?! Impossible!"

"It's real! The website made an official announcement just a few minutes ago! They have also verified the treasure!"

"Heavens! Who could possibly sell a Divine-grade treasure at this stage of the game, much less have one?!"

"I can only think of Player Yuan when it comes to having Divine-grade treasures!"

"Could this treasure be one of Player Yuan's treasures?!"

"That's very likely, but the website didn't mention Player Yuan's name, which is odd considering that it would definitely bring more attention to the auction if they attached his name to the auction!"

"Who knows, really. We can only wait for more information about this auction."

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While the news spread from the peoples' mouth, it was also mentioned on the news and the internet, especially Player Yuan's dedicated forums which blew up with speculations regarding this auction being related to Player Yuan.

[Player Yuan might have auctioned off his Divine-grade treasure!]

[There's a high possibility that this treasure belongs to Player Yuan!]

[The auction will start at a whopping 100 million dollars, becoming one of the most expensive auctions right off the bat!]

While the internet raged with excitement, the Legacy and wealthy families out there began preparing their money for the treasure.

"What a damn pity this Divine-grade treasure is only an instrument! If it was a sword or any other weapon, I wouldn't be so hesitant about joining the auction!"

"Then should we ignore this auction?"

"No, let's still try to buy it. Who knows when such an opportunity might arrive again. However, we won't go all out."

Many people had the same sentiment towards this auction since the Divine-grade treasure was only an instrument and not an actual weapon.

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However, not every family had the same opinion. In fact, it was the complete opposite for wealthy families with a musical background. In their eyes, the zither, one of the most popular instruments ever since Player Yuan's debut at the Zither Competition, was akin to the holy grail, something they must get their hands on!

Thus, it was a chaotic scene across the world for most musical families and companies.

Meanwhile, at the Yu Family, Tang Lee slammed the table with an excited expression on her face after hearing about the auction, and she said, "We must get our hands on this Divine-grade zither!"

Yu Yong nodded his head in agreement and said, "Not only will this benefit our players since most of them use the zither but we might even get to know this Player Yuan's identity if we manage to buy it."

"I will call our accountants right now. We can't let the other families get their hands on this treasure!" Tang Lee immediately pulled out her cell phone and began calling people.

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