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Chapter 1391 Han Zexian's Legacy(2)

Chapter 1391 Han Zexian's Legacy(2)

1391 Han Zexian's Legacy(2)

"Hey, Brother Tian, want to check out Han Zexian's legacy?" Kulas suddenly suggested one day during their training.

Tian Yang raised an eyebrow and said, "That place is most likely crawling with people from the Immortal Clans."

"We don't have to look at it closely."

"We'll only be going there to look at the sealed entrance, you know? As far as I know, nobody has been able to open it."

"We are only a few hours away from it, so we might as well go take a look."

"If you say so." Tian Yang nodded.

Kulas retrieved his flying treasure, and they set out toward Han Zexian's legacy, following the directions provided by the jade slip.

They stopped moving a few hours later when they encountered a massive mountain standing majestically in the middle of an empty plain. This mountain was so incredibly conspicuous that it could be spotted from miles away, yet it wasn't found by anyone until a year ago.

However, those who have been to this specific area before swore that the mountain did not exist when they passed through this area over a year ago. Many speculated that the mountain had appeared after a specific condition had been met, but that condition remains unknown to this day.

A large group of people were gathered at the base of this mountain, all of them surrounding a massive sealed door. This door seemed to be made from some sort of metal, and its color was pitch black, as dark as the void.

Suddenly, a dozen of these people flew into the air and started bombarding the mountain with powerful martial techniques, causing the entire place to shake. The identities of the people in this group consisted of renowned experts from powerful families and sects, all of them having an Immortal cultivation base outside the tomb. Yet, no matter how much they attacked the mountain, they were unable to leave behind a scratch on the mountain, let alone destroy it.

These experts stopped attacking after consuming all of their spiritual energy and rested for a few hours. Once they restored enough spiritual energy, they started bombarding the mountain again, using powerful treasures this time.

"How long have they been doing this?" Tian Yang couldn't help but wonder out loud.

Kulas shrugged, "Who knows, but knowing their stubborn nature, they've probably been at it for a long time now."

"Hey, look over there. That annoying woman is there, as well." Kulas pointed at the conspicuous beautiful young lady in the crowd. Even in a sea of people, Ren Xia stood out like the mountain in front of her.

"She looks bored." Tian Yang smiled.

Suddenly, Tian Yang heard a familiar voice inside his head.

'You, who was qualified to find my legacy, approach the mountain.' Han Zexian's voice resounded, beckoning him to seek the legacy.

Tian Yang swallowed nervously. Even if he wanted to approach the mountain, he couldn't do so without being noticed by the Immortal Clans.

'The Immortal Gu Clan must be aware of Gu Lim's death by now. If I go there in my current appearance, they will, without a doubt, recognize me!'

Unfortunately, he used up all of his Appearance Reforming Pills long ago.

He turned to look at Kulas, who was his last hope, and asked, "Do you happen to have any Appearance Reforming Pills on you?"

"Nope, I have never even touched one in my life." Kulas immediately shook his head.

"Why? Do you want to hide your face and take a closer look at the mountain?"

"Well… Han Zexian just spoke to me in my head, and he wants me to approach the mountain."

"What?! If that's true, you might be the key to opening the sealed doors!"

"That won't matter if I cannot even get close to it." Tian Yang sighed.

Kulas looked at the crowd again and said, "The Immortal Gu Clan is by the entrance, so it'll be impossible for you to get close without being noticed by them."

Tian Yang then said, "Even if I somehow manage to hide my face, having you by my side will still give my identity away. Forget it. We can come back later when the Immortal Clans give up."

"That will probably take years… What if someone else takes the legacy before then?" Kulas said with a bittersweet smile.

"I'll take my chances. Let's return to training." Tian Yang said.

"If you say so."

However, just as Kulas turned around and sped away, an invisible force stopped the flying treasure from moving.

"Huh? What's going on?" Kulas was puzzled when the flying treasure came to an abrupt halt, and it was not as if it had run out of spiritual energy.

"Did something happen?"

"The flying treasure… it's—"

Before Kulas could even finish his sentence, the invisible force pulled it, sending it flying toward the mountain.

"What in heaven's name?!"

The flying treasure crashed into the mountain a moment later, and Tian Yang and Kulas were knocked off it, falling to the ground and landing directly in front of the sealed doors.

"Who dares?!" The Immortal Clans were startled by their sudden and rough entrance.

The experts there immediately released their pressure as a precaution.

"W-Wait! It's me!" Kulas raised his hands and said.

"You… Aren't you Kulas from the Immortal Might Clan? What are you doing here?"

The people there quickly recognized him.

However, their focus on Kulas was short-lived, as these experts quickly noticed that the sealed doors, which had remained closed for the past year regardless of their efforts, had inexplicably opened!

The experts were so shocked by this phenomenon that they didn't even bother giving Tian Yang a single glance and rushed to the doors.

"The door to Han Zexian's legacy has been opened!" The experts announced with excitement as they entered the door.

However, the moment the first person to enter the door took a step inside, his entire body exploded into a bloody mess, terrifying the others behind him.

"Sect Master Cheng!"

"Oh, my heavens!"

"What happened?!"

Suddenly, Han Zexian's voice resonated loudly, his anger reverberating through the surroundings, "Those who lack the qualifications yet dare to seek my legacy will be met with a swift death!"

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