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Chapter 641 - Dragon Python Reappears (2)

Chapter 641: Dragon Python Reappears (2)

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He even asked them not to consider his feelings and to follow their wishes.

The Earth Immortal mutation looked a little disgusting, but it was indeed quite powerful.

After the mutation, the secret techniques and Dao techniques that he was originally good at would not be able to be used. Even his domain power would not be able to be used.

However, correspondingly, in terms of physical strength and recovery ability, the Earth Immortal after the embryo was even stronger than before.

Coupled with the chaotic force field that seeped out of his body, it was enough to disturb the domain of other experts and not fall to a disadvantage because of the loss of the domain.

Although his combat ability would still decrease greatly, fortunately, he did not fall out of the range of the Earth Immortal realm.

It could satisfy Jiang Li’s expectations.

Although this new Flesh Mountain Blood Tattoo was ugly, it brought Jiang Li a terrifying ability.

In this way, the remaining thirteen Earth Immortals no longer had any room to bargain with Jiang Li.

After a moment of silence, they began to nod in agreement.

After all, the promise given to them by the Fengdu City Lord was quite lenient.

Apart from needing their help under specific circumstances, they usually only needed to refine pills and artifacts, repair array formations, patrol, capture ghosts, teach disciples, develop the territory, and do other miscellaneous jobs.

The twelve Demon Sect experts had relatively low morals and quickly agreed.

Now, only Grand Secretary Meng Gu had not spoken in this cell.

His old face alternated between green and white.

Jiang Li walked over and helped the Grand Secretary tidy up his long robe.

Such scholars often valued their reputation very much. If he forced them, it would probably be very difficult to achieve the result he wanted.

At this time, giving them a way out might have a miraculous effect.

“Grand Secretary Meng Gu, speaking of which, we only had a misunderstanding previously. We’re not really enemies.”

“In fact, Fengdu City saved your life. I hope you don’t mind the details.”

“You’ve been here for a while. What do you think of my Fengdu City?”

Jiang Li paused for a moment and continued without waiting for the other party to answer.

“The Sages often say that there is no discrimination in education.”

“But look at the billions of ghosts here. Most of them can’t even read. How sad is that?”

“Teaching is still teaching no matter where. Perhaps the Grand Secretary can try to fulfill the words of the Sage and establish the precedent of the Ghost Scholar…”

Jiang Li’s words were naturally nonsense. Who would let an Earth Immortal teach others how to read?

His words were purely meant to give the other party a way out.

Grand Secretary Meng Gu did not surrender because he was afraid of death. Instead, he had given up on his reputation to repay the debt of saving his life and teach these pitiful ghosts to become unprecedented scholars.

Grand Secretary Meng Gu had studied his entire life and had never heard of anything like “teaching without discrimination”.

After the last Earth Immortal agreed, Jiang Li took turns bringing them to the Human Emperor’s Hall to leave their names.

When it was all completed, the foundation of Fengdu City had already risen to a level that was enough to shock the world.

If he was willing to admit his identity and lead Fengdu City to join the Divine Judgment Hall, with Jiang Li’s contributions to Tragic Death City and Fengdu City’s current strength, even if he was not included, it was enough to make another high-grade Divine Judgment faction appear in the Divine Judgment Hall!

Apart from the increase in strength, now that this Grand Secretary had joined them, they could put on a good show for those guys.

The information from the twelve demonic cultivators and this righteous Earth Immortal from Ink Scar Academy should be enough to convince people.

A few days later, Wu Zi and Liu Gu, who had been sliding down the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, finally saw something other than endless darkness below.

It was a huge land floating in the void. The concentration of Yin qi was even more terrifying than the Netherworld Illusion.


Before they could see the full appearance of the land, they heard a loud dragon roar from below.

That was not the point.

The key was that the brush hanging on their waists suddenly moved.

These two brushes were distributed to them by the dean.

The material used was the hair of a direct member of the Qin Dynasty’s royal family.

Therefore, it was called the Imperial Brush and had a magical ability to detect the royal bloodline.

Now that there was a reaction, didn’t that mean that…

They immediately became excited and tore off a few hairs from the tip of their brushes.

They scattered the hair in the air and immediately flew in the direction of the dragon’s roar.

The thing that let out the dragon roar was definitely the Dragon Python formed by the last Nine Kings!

“Dean! We discovered the Dragon Python!”

They grabbed the jade pendant on their waists and shouted. They had made a huge contribution this time!

“Continue to approach carefully and be prepared to retreat at any time.”

A familiar voice sounded from the jade pendant.

The Ink Scar Academy’s Principal, Zhao Mingde, who was still standing at the edge of the Netherworld fragment, had a painting unfolded in front of him.

On the painting paper, countless ink stains gathered and floated, forming an image of Wu Zi and Liu Gu.

“No, listen. There are sounds of fighting below.”

After the two of them descended another distance, they suddenly saw a Dragon Python flying over from afar.

Behind the Dragon Python, thirteen figures chased relentlessly.

However, the thirteen figures did not seem to be together. They maintained a safe distance from each other and attacked each other from time to time.

“Wait, isn’t that Grand Secretary Meng Gu who disappeared some time ago! Why is he here?”

“Old Demon Heart Changing! That person is Old Demon Heart Changing!”

“There’s also the Sect Master of the Six Yin Sect! And the other missing Earth Immortals! Why are they here?”

The two Soul Formation cultivators did not dare to approach anymore. If they were swept into an Earth Immortal-level battlefield, they might lose their lives if they were not careful.

At this moment, because they had already reached the border, the fleeing Dragon Python paused and was surrounded by the thirteen Earth Immortals.

A terrifying stream of light erupted, and the space in this area collapsed under the pressure of the ability.

However, they were clearly unwilling to shatter the corpse of the Polar Mountain King.

After suppressing the Dragon Python, they began to attack each other. The scene was extremely chaotic, and this also gave the Dragon Python a chance to escape.

A moment later, the Dragon Python escaped from the collapsed space. Its dragon tail swayed and flew back into the depths of the black fog.

On the spot, only seven Dragon Python scales emitting a silver luster were left!

The thirteen Earth Immortals seemed to be a little afraid of the black fog. They did not pursue it immediately and turned to look at the dragon scales.

“If you give me all seven dragon scales, I’ll withdraw from this competition! How about it?” Old Demon Heart Changing sneered.

“Every scale is a ticket to the Epang Palace. Heart Changing, you are too greedy!”

The scene was silent for a few seconds before the thirteen Earth Immortals attacked together and grabbed the Dragon Python scale in the air.

After the blinding spiritual qi light erupted, the seven people who had obtained the scale scattered, and the other six chased after it.

Among them, one of them was Grand Secretary Meng Gu of Ink Scar Academy!

The fleeing Grand Secretary also saw the two scholars hanging on the chain.

After recognizing that they were juniors from Ink Scar Academy, he suddenly changed direction. After approaching the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, he shot the scale at the two of them.

“Leave quickly! Hand the scale to the dean!”

After shooting out the dragon scales, Grand Secretary Meng Gu resolutely turned around. He waved the brush in his hand and formed a wall with ink words to block the demonic cultivator experts chasing after him.

Wu Zi and Liu Gu did not dare to stay any longer. After grabbing the scale, they immediately climbed up at full speed to escape.

Soon, they disappeared.

However, after the two of them disappeared, the thirteen Earth Immortals who were originally ready to fight immediately stopped.

They looked at each other and smiled. They had finally completed their City Lord’s order.

It was naturally simple to deceive two Soul Formation cultivators.

However, behind them was Ink Scar Academy’s Dean, Zhao Mingde, who was staring fixedly at them.

Therefore, they were not just pretending just now. They fought seriously.

A few of them even had some grudges against each other. The battle was very real.

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