Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 499 - Royal Descendant (2)  

Chapter 499: Royal Descendant (2)

Only then did he take out the brush. After washing away the ink on the tip, he discovered that the tip of the brush was still pitch-black. Every hair was straight and tough, and the cut was neat and round.

“This seems to be human hair.”

Jiang Li studied this brush, and the old man whose thoughts had been exposed sighed before continuing to explain.

“That brush was made with the last gift Prince Ning gave to Ink Scar Academy back then. He asked us to take care of his descendants.”

“The tip of the brush is made of that prince’s hair.”

The old man sighed as if he was recalling something from the past.

“Prince Ning? What do you mean?”

“That’s right, he’s a powerful prince from the cultivation dynasty back then.”

“Little friend, you should know by now that a storm of blood has stirred up in the cultivation world. This calamity was caused by another prince of the cultivation dynasty, the Blood Prince.”

“However, Prince Ning liked peace more. He had always been on good terms with the former directorate of our Ink Scar Academy.”

The Grand Secretary tried to convince Jiang Li with a bunch of foreign terms.

Unfortunately, Jiang Li had never heard of Prince Ning.

He did not even care about the past kings of the cultivation dynasty, let alone the few princes.

The winner took all. He never thought that there was a need to study a group of old antiques who had been swept into the trash.

It was just that the Blood King had used some method to make a comeback from Tragic Death City and were even entangled with the Myriad Slaughter Sect. It was really annoying.

But what about Prince Ning? From what this old fellow said, the female ghost Qin Shuman’s background was probably quite extraordinary.

“Little friend, pluck a strand of hair from the brush and place it in your palm. See how it reacts.”

Grand Secretary Meng Gu had done this before.

Jiang Li did as he was told and tore off a few strands of hair, but he did not place them in his palm. Instead, he took out a wooden table and placed it on it.

Sure enough, just like before, the hair immediately reacted. It was like a metal wire attracted by a magnet, flying towards Qin Shuman who was standing not far away.

“This is the bloodline connection! This lady has the bloodline of Prince Ning! She’s the legitimate descendant of the cultivation dynasty back then!”

“Now that the Blood King has appeared, the Eastern Region is in chaos.”

“When he was still the Blood Prince, he had once caused a terrifying rebellion in the last generation of the dynasty!”

“Now that he has reappeared in the world, he must want to restore the dynasty and enslave the entire cultivation world.”

“Once he opens the Epang Dragon Vein and obtains the national treasure of the Qin Dynasty, the entire Eastern Region will fall into chaos!”

The more Grand Secretary Meng Gu spoke, the more excited he became. His eyes revealed a strong light of mission, as if he was carrying the vast lives of the cultivation world of the Eastern Region on his shoulders.

“That will be an unprecedented calamity!”

“Miss Qin is the true descendant of Prince Ning, a genuine princess. She also has the qualifications to open the Epang Earth Palace.”

“Only she can save the current cultivation world of the Eastern Region!”

“Although I’m old and don’t have much lifespan left, please let me assist you in returning to the Epang Earth Palace to avoid this monstrous war!!”

As Grand Secretary Meng Gu spoke, he even began to kowtow to the female ghost, Qin Shuman.

If it was a young hero, they would definitely be infected by his bold and righteous words.

They would only hurriedly remove the shackles on the other party and work together for a great cause for the rest of their lives.

As expected of an old fart who had been a teacher for a thousand years. He had a strong grasp of the human heart and was very good at telling stories. His eloquence could easily arouse the desires of others.

On the one hand, it was the honor, mission, and responsibility of saving the people of the Eastern Region.

On the one hand, it was the Epang Dragon Vein, the national treasure of the Qin Dynasty!

According to his train of thought, as long as Jiang Li agreed, he could do a great deed of saving the world and even obtain the number one treasure in the Eastern Region.

It was as if power, beauty, wealth, and authority were all within reach.

However, Jiang Li curled his lips and sneered at this old fellow’s words.

Wasn’t this just the cultivation world’s version of a scam artist? How could there be such a good thing?

Grand Secretary Meng Gu’s words were most likely true.

However, Jiang Li did not believe in this old fellow’s character at all.

At that time, when he attacked Qin Shuman, he did not know about the Blood King’s invasion.

The divine art words he used were not polite at all. How could he have any intention of taking care of his old friend’s descendant?

It was obvious that he wanted to control Qin Shuman and use her as the key to obtain the dragon vein and ruins of the Qin Dynasty!

What? Prince Ning entrusted his hair and descendants to their Ink Scar Academy?

It was more likely that they killed Prince Ning and made a brush out of his hair.

Otherwise, why would the descendant of Prince Ning end up in the remote Great Mountain Region?

It was most likely to avoid these “loyal” powerful cultivators.

Jiang Li held his head and carefully recalled the history of the cultivation dynasty he knew.

He knew the level of the dragon vein. With the size of the cultivation dynasty at that time, it was most likely not a problem to nurture a dragon vein.

However, there was no news of the so-called national treasure.

Was this old man making things up?

No, it was very likely true.

When Jiang Li obtained the City God’s Ghost Head Saber back then, he had more or less understood that huge dynasty.

One of the things was rather strange.

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