Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 486 - Current Fengdu City (1)  

Chapter 486: Current Fengdu City (1)

“How… how did you know?”

Daoist Zhai Xing could not help but be surprised.

After the Cultivationless Age, the inheritance of the Maoshan lineage had finally escaped the status of scam artists.

However, because there were many restrictions on cultivating the Maoshan Techniques, it had always been a small force.

Up until now, there was no fixed mountain occupation. They were probably still rogue cultivators.

Apart from the three of them, not many people knew the name Maoshan, let alone its reputation.

However, this person in front of him could directly expose his inheritance.

Could it be that Maoshan really had a deep relationship with the netherworld?

Daoist Zhai Xing’s surprised expression directly verified that Jiang Li’s memory was correct.

The three reckless uninvited guests in front of him were the famous Maoshan Daoists in his previous life.

The reason why he could recognize the other party was because there was an obvious difference between the Maoshan orthodoxy and other sects.

Apart from cultivating themselves, Maoshan Daoists also cultivated affinity and human connections.

To put it bluntly, it was to build connections. Under the efforts of generations of Maoshan disciples, they finally succeeded in spreading their connections all over the world. There were “allies” everywhere.

The three founders of Maoshan were disciples of the orthodox Supreme Clarity lineage.

Their connections were extremely strong, which gave them a foundation.

After that, Maoshan established its own sect and happened to be in the golden age of cultivation. It had a long history and countless disciples had become immortals.

After these Maoshan Immortals ascended, they did not like to gather together like other forces.

They still liked to make friends and relied on their relationship with the various forces to send recommendation letters everywhere.

They let the disciples who became immortals enter the official organization structure of the Heavenly Court to take up positions.

As time passed, their network of connections grew larger and larger, becoming stronger and stronger. In the end, how many people in the world would not give them face?

Maoshan also relied on this network to develop a unique “talisman imparting” ceremony.

After taking in an official disciple, his master would lead him to burn incense and offer sacrifices to his ancestors. He would light the sky lantern and report the name list to his ancestors.

After helping him officially enter the Dao, his name would be recorded in the Maoshan Dao Talisman.

The disciples were divided into five levels according to the “Heavenly Jade Altar Tablet”.

They were collectively known as: “Supreme Three-Five Merit Talisman”. For short, it was called “Merit Talisman”. It was the booklet that Jiang Li had just obtained.

The Supreme Righteous Alliance’s Might Talisman, or in short, Alliance’s Might Talisman, was a fourth or fifth-tier title.

The Supreme Clarity Three Holes Five Thunder Talisman, known as Five Thunder Talisman, was a third-tier title.

The Supreme Clarity Three Caves Talisman, known as Three Caves Five Thunder Talisman, was a second-tier title.

The Supreme Clarity Great Cave Talisman, known as the Supreme Clarity Talisman, was a first-tier title. It was usually only given to Daoist Masters and not outsiders.

This so-called Dao Record was equivalent to the title of the Divine General.

After the Maoshan Daoists obtained the “Talisman”, they could become famous and possess the status of a Heavenly Official. They even had the authority to utilize a certain number of protective divine weapons.

Think about it, this disciple had just entered the sect and the higher-ups had already decided on his position and arranged it clearly.

Even if one’s cultivation was insufficient and they could not become an immortal, they could still take the salary of the Heavenly Court in the Netherworld after death.

This reputation was really impressive.

In the current cultivation world, because the higher-ups no longer existed, pure “Daoists” were no longer as popular as in ancient times. The current style was usually to practice whatever they had, like Jiang Li who was good at drawing attention to himself.

As a result, Jiang Li felt that their dressing was a little strange when he saw it just now. Later on, when he heard that it was a Merit Talisman, he felt that it was even more familiar. Now, he could be certain.

The Heavenly Court had long collapsed back then, so this Merit Talisman was naturally useless!

However, he was very interested in the people from Maoshan.

With his impression of Maoshan in his previous life, these Daoists knew very well about the various sects in the Netherworld.

Jiang Li was having a headache over the progress of the Netherworld Illusion. Now, these three Maoshan Daoists happened to bump into him.

They were like lost travelers who had captured three experienced guides. How could they bear to let them leave so easily?

This could be the power of the “High-Grade Merit Blessing” that had specially sent him the people he needed.

“Daoists of Maoshan, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Jiang Li sized them up a few times before waving his hand and removing all the artifacts on them.

“Lock the two of them up.”

“That Zombie King, stay behind as a guard. If there are any prisoners who want to escape, suck their blood dry.”

The new Fengdu City Lord had given them face but not completely.

“Fellow Daoist… my disciple was naughty and mischievous. He made a mistake, but his nature is not bad… Fellow Daoist, can you give him another chance?”

A ball of black ghost tears wrapped around the fat and thin disciples and disappeared from the ghost city.

Daoist Zhai Xing could not stop him and could only plead again.

In his opinion, this City Lord was also a human and was easier to talk to than demons and ghosts.

However, Jiang Li ignored him and took out a bottle of medicinal pills to let the fox demon heal.

Jiang Li still had an impression of this fox demon. It was the first small demon to come out and offer treasures when his first Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn opened.

Later on, he directly took her in as an official employee of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn. He did not expect that she had already formed a Demon Core and had even climbed up the hierarchy of the inn. It seemed that her talent and comprehension were both excellent.

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