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Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Southern Seal Kingdom

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Faced with the crowd’s doubts, Jiang Li could only explain that it was due to a special cultivation method that he had no choice but to do so.

They all knew that Jiang Li often stayed in the graveyard to cultivate. It did not seem unreasonable for him to bring a coffin when he went out now…

After settling the procedures, everyone rented a spirit colt carriage from the sect and set off.

The distance between the Southern Seal Kingdom and the Southern Seal Kingdom was not far. If they traveled day and night in the carriage, they would arrive in three days.

After all, it was impossible for the sect to let their disciples run too far to carry out missions.

Jiang Li and the others were seated in a carriage. They followed the path that someone had cut out and sped towards a certain direction.

During this period, they could not help but stop to rest and start a fire to cook.

Yu Banxia and the rest had experienced it before, so they knew what to take note of when they went out to camp.

Along the way, they did not have to worry about food and drinks. Lu Qianqian, that petite girl, actually sang well. From time to time, she would sing a few songs, bringing a lot of joy to the boring journey.

In this world, the Great Mountain Region was only a small region in the Nine Provinces and was relatively barren and remote.

However, to Jiang Li and the other Qi Refinement realm cultivators who could not fly, the vastness was unimaginable.

In any case, Jiang Li still could not remember how many mortal kingdoms there were in the Great Mountain Region.

The Southern Seal Kingdom was one of them. In terms of size and population, it was less than a third of the Great Goose Kingdom that Jiang Li originated from. Moreover, it was backed by a desert of sand. The land was dry, and its population was less than ten million.

It was said that this incident had a wide range of influence. There were as many as two thousand children who were unconscious. It was only because of this that the King of the Southern Seal Kingdom could no longer sit still and paid a price to send people to issue a commission in the Southern Seal Kingdom.

As they got closer and closer to the end of the journey, Jiang Li felt a bit strange.

The air became even drier. The soil along the way gradually turned from rich black soil to yellow soil and sand that were even more unfavorable to plant growth.

It was midsummer, and the flowers and trees by the roadside were supposed to be full of life.

However, at a glance, all the plants in the forest appeared to be wilting. The leaves of many plants were dyed with a withered yellow color of autumn.

Jiang Li had a Wood attribute spiritual root, so it was inevitable that he would be more sensitive to such matters than others.

Looking at the map provided by the sect, there was a huge desert behind the Southern Seal Kingdom that had no clear boundaries.

If the governance of the desert was poor and the soil was severely sandy, it was not impossible for the fertile land of the Southern Seal Kingdom to lose nutrition and moisture.

However… he looked at his surroundings. There were trees everywhere, and on the land around the villages and towns of the Southern Seal Kingdom, there was a large plot of rice farmland. So that was not it…

He muttered to himself as he had a bad feeling. Could the large-scale coma of children be related to this phenomenon?

After passing through the last dense forest, Jiang Li and the others stuck their heads out from the carriage. They finally saw the location of this mission, the Southern Seal Kingdom.

[Overdose of Clear Sight Pills, Added Status: Enhanced Clear Sight]

[Enhanced Clear Sight: Dynamic Vision increased by 200%, Vision Range increased by 200%, Night Vision increased by 50%. Duration: ∞] (−)

Jiang Li himself was a cultivator, and he had sharp ears and eyes. Coupled with the effects of this buff, his eyes could already be used as binoculars.

With his current astonishing vision, Jiang Li could clearly see the city walls when others could only see them vaguely. In the farmland outside the city, the hardworking farmers could be seen, along with the soldiers who were guarding the city gate listlessly.

There was no martial law in the capital of the Southern Seal Kingdom. The soldiers and residents were very lax. It seemed that this country did not lie about the mission. There were no casualties and no clear enemies.

However, when Jiang Li and the others’ carriage approached, they still did not see any children playing in the fields.

The spirit horses in the cultivation world were abnormally divine, and the carriage they pulled was also the size of a small room, far exceeding the standard of ordinary carriages.

Most importantly, there was a black coffin tied to the top of the carriage.

Therefore, all the peddlers and foot soldiers they met along the way looked at the carriage with a strange gaze.

However, to them, anyone who could sit in a carriage was definitely a noble. No one dared to be disrespectful.

“Tsk, these country bumpkins dare to stare at us. They really don’t know anything. They don’t have any respect for immortals.”

Although they were only at the lowest level of the Qi Refinement realm in the cultivation world, in the eyes of mortals, they were no different from immortals.

Although it was somewhat shameful for them to say this, it was not wrong in the mortal countries.

It was just like how every time the Immortal Ascension Pavilion was selecting disciples with spiritual roots, the ruler of a kingdom had to bow and follow by his side.

“We have to show them what we can do first.”

The carriage stopped in front of the city gate. Yu Banxia reached out a hand and a fireball grew bigger in his palm. Soon, it was the size of a basketball.

Flame Creation Art.

Yu Banxia had a strong fire attribute spiritual root, so he had chosen this technique with Jiang Li back then.

A few seconds later, the fireball suddenly shot upwards. As it flew, it turned into a vivid and lifelike flaming bird. It circled in the air for a while before disappearing with a puff.

Yu Banxia’s flaming bird might be useless in actual combat, but it was more than enough to scare people.

This was especially true for the ignorant commoners of the uncivilized era. They would kowtow to a tiny monster, let alone an immortal like this.

In an instant, everyone near the city gate, regardless of age or gender, knelt down in a crowd.

“The Immortals of the Scripture Storage Valley have arrived! Why is the King of the Southern Seal Kingdom not coming out to pay his respects?!”

Driven by spiritual qi, the sound waves spread out.

After shouting, Jiang Li and the others urged their spiritual horses into the city. How could they, as immortals, wait for mortals?

The carriage slowly moved along the straight main road. The crowd knelt on both sides of the carriage, and no one dared to look up at the carriage.

Very quickly, in the direction of the royal palace, another carriage was rushing over. However, the other party clearly did not dare to crash into the immortal carriage, stopping at the end of the road from afar.

A middle-aged man dressed in gorgeous clothes ran over while surrounded by a group of servants.

“Lord Immortals! Are you the Immortals of the Scripture Storage Valley? I’m the King of the Southern Seal Kingdom, and I’m here to welcome you!”

The servants were also kneeling on both sides of the road. They did not dare to speak.

As for the middle-aged King, he clasped his hands and bowed. It had been a long time since he had done something like this.

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