Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Hard Skin Pill

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After applying it, the temperature in the alchemy room seemed to drop instantly.

A cool feeling lingered on his skin, resisting the heat of the outside world.

He took a few steps closer to the pill furnace. Although he still felt a bit hot, it was already within the acceptable range.

This thing is good!

Jiang Li’s eyes lit up. He decisively pressed the plus button for five seconds.

[Cool Skin: Increases Fire Resistance by 50 points. Duration: ∞] (−)

Another reliable buff obtained!

“Every two breaths, fan the flames!” The red-haired elder’s voice sounded.

Jiang Li stood at the opening of the pill furnace that Little Four had left him in charge. Then, he simply transferred Wood attribute spiritual qi into the small fan and gently waved it forward.

Just like what Little Four had said, it was not difficult.

The Wood attribute spell technique that he bought previously contained information on how to use a single attribute spiritual qi.

As he waved his fan, a green wind filled with vitality blew forward.

As the Wood element spiritual qi blew on the wood fire, the flames under the pill furnace instantly rose.

Jiang Li silently counted down the seconds. Two breaths of time was approximately five to six seconds. He then waved his fan, allowing the spirit fire under the pill furnace to maintain a stable burning state.

However, he was only at the Qi Refinement realm for a short period of time, and his spiritual qi was limited. This fan would consume a bit of his spiritual qi with each wave, so it brought him a lot of pressure.

He opened his personal interface.

[Name: Jiang Li]

[Age: 13]

[Race: Human]

[Spiritual Root Attributes: Wood, Yin]

[Spiritual Root Grade: Medium-Grade]

[Main Class: Qi Cultivator, Level: Initial Stage] (Accelerated Cultivation Speed of 500%)

[Sub-Class: Martial Artist, Level: First-Rate]

[Sub-Class 2: None]

[Health: 1380/1380] (+6 points/hour)

[Stamina: 1260/1260] (+1 point/minute)

[Spiritual Qi: 27/29]

[Strength: 4.6]

[Speed: 3.7]

[Constitution: 4.8 + 0.5]

[Mind: 1.3]

[Enlightenment: 1.1]

[Fire Resistance: 50]

[Cultivation Methods: Ghost Wood Art Qi Refinement chapter Level 1, Age Tiger Technique Level 8]

[Skill: Appraisal Level 3, Zombie Puppet Technique Level 0, Yin Attribute Spell Technique Level 0, Wood Attribute Spell Technique Level 0, Mountain Splitter Level 3]

[Positive Status: Slow Healing, Promoted Healing, Satiety, Body Strengthening, Manly Vigor, Cool Skin, Accelerated Qi Nourishment, Wood-Yin Infusion]

[Negative Status: None]

During this period of time, Jiang Li had broken through to become an internal martial artist and had also become a cultivator of the Qi Refinement realm. His attributes had undergone a considerable change compared to before. There were also many new columns that had not appeared before, and they had become more detailed.

However, he was indeed a novice who had just entered the Qi Refinement realm. His spiritual qi value was merely 29 points.

If he waved the fan every five seconds, he could only last for 2 minutes 25 seconds at most.

The timing was too short and did not match his masculine image at all.

Sure enough, he had to use the Qi Recovery Pills.

Jiang Li bit open the bottle cap and poured a Qi Recovery Pill into his mouth.

As soon as the Qi Recovery Pill entered his stomach, Jiang Li felt as if he had directly swallowed an effervescent tablet.

Threads of spiritual qi escaped from the pill and directly replenished his Qi Sea from the inside.

[Consumed Qi Recovery Pill, Added Status Qi Recovery]

[Qi Recovery: Restores 6 points of spiritual qi per minute. Duration: 30 minutes] (− +)

Recovering six points of spiritual qi per minute meant recovering one point in ten seconds. That was not enough.

Jiang Li glanced at the red-haired elder and Little Four discreetly, then brought the porcelain bottle to his mouth and downed half the bottle.

[Overdose of Qi Recovery Pills, Added Status: Accelerated Qi Recovery. After the status expires, the user’s Qi Sea will dry out.]

[Accelerated Qi Recovery: Restores 30 points of spiritual qi per minute. Duration: 30 minutes] (− +)

Followed by five seconds of pressing the button as usual.

[Accelerated Qi Recovery: Restores 30 points of spiritual qi per minute. Duration: ∞] (−)

What? The Qi Sea dries out? Sorry, the status would probably not expire in this lifetime.

Jiang Li looked at this buff and was still slightly disappointed. Was this the upper limit of the Qi Recovery Pill? He still could not recover spiritual qi every second.

However, one point of spiritual qi recovered every two seconds was already more than the expenditure rate. At the very least, as a disciple who fanned the flames, Jiang Li was able to become a perpetual motion machine.

Of course, he still had to keep up the pretense.

Jiang Li puffed up his cheeks and swallowed air every ten minutes or so.

He was pretending that he was still holding the pills in his mouth and swallowing them one by one.

In fact, this was also a common thing in the cultivation world. One could free up their hands to deal with enemies or do things. The speed of consuming pills was the fastest like this. It was a very practical technique.

The Skill Imparting Elder had taught him before, so Jiang Li’s actions did not seem too abrupt.

About 1.5 hours later, Jiang Li was already sitting at the side.

Due to Elder Red Hair’s request to fan the flames more intensely, Little Four was worried that he would not be able to hold on and had already replaced him.

Right at this moment, the pill furnace suddenly emitted a muffled bang as the spirit fire below slowly extinguished.

With a wave of Elder Red Hair’s hand, more than ten round pills flew out and landed on a jade plate on the table, emitting a hot medicinal fragrance.

Jiang Li noticed that a few of the pills were charred to varying degrees. Clearly, they had become waste pills.

The remaining pills looked pretty good.

They were different from the original small black pill. The normal version of the “Experiment Hard Skin Pill” had a gray, cracked texture on the surface and looked very magical.

[Name: Experimental Hard Skin Pill]

[Type: Medicinal Pill]

[Grade: Medium-Grade Yellow-Rank]

[Note: A pill that has not been tested for safety, advised to be taken with caution.]

It actually became medium-grade Yellow-rank directly? Jiang Li began to look forward to it.

“Jiang Li, come and have a taste. Don’t worry, I’ll guarantee that you’ll be fine.”

Jiang Li took an experimental Hard Skin Pill. The temperature had not completely dropped yet. After gently blowing on it, he placed it into his mouth and swallowed it.

[Consumed Experimental Hard Skin Pill. Added Status: Strengthened Skin.]

[Strengthened Skin: Skin strengthened by 50%. Duration: 30 minutes] (− +)

Oh, this was not bad. Jiang Li could already feel it. He was now very resistant to beatings, and his skin was much tougher than before.

It was just like processing a cowhide and making it into leather armor. It was already rather difficult for ordinary mortal swords to break through his skin.

But before he could rejoice, his vision went dark and his legs went weak, almost causing him to fall to the ground.

[Consumed Experimental Hard Skin Pill. Added Status: Anemia]

[Anemia: All attributes reduced by 30%, stamina temporarily reduced by 300 points. Duration: 3 hours] (− +)

Why was there… a different negative status!

This time, it was not over just yet. Immediately after, his stomach rumbled, and a feeling of wanting to release arose spontaneously.

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