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Chapter 238 - I, The First Generation Alliance Leader!

Chapter 238: I, The First Generation Alliance Leader!

In this meeting, the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region did not reach a deal with the Mu family of the Peach Forest. Instead, there was a considerable conflict and it could be said that they had made more enemies.

However, this might be the best outcome for the Great Mountain Region.

After chasing away outsiders and using external pressure to unite the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region, they directly unified the originally loose righteous path alliance and formed a new organization called the Great Mountain Alliance.

This would be the first step to stabilize the Great Mountain Region.

However, before that, there was a crucial problem that needed to be resolved.

“Since we want to form an alliance, should we choose the alliance leader first?” Someone in the crowd said.

The noisy and excited venue fell silent.

This sentence pointed to the core problem that everyone cared about.

The Great Mountain Alliance could unite the resources of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region. If one became the alliance leader, the benefits he could obtain would definitely be extraordinary.

They could be modest in other places, but on such a key issue, they could not be modest at all.

If they gave in, they might lose the benefits that they would gain in the next few hundred years.

The atmosphere instantly became slightly heavy.

“Cough cough, our Beast Control Sect will volunteer ourselves. If everyone supports us, my sect’s spiritual beast eggs will be 50% off in the future…”

The Beast Control Sect’s Sect Master summoned up his courage and spoke first. However, after he finished speaking, the scene was still silent and did not answer him. He could only withdraw his head in embarrassment.

Clearly, any faction with brains knew the immense value represented by the position of alliance leader.

Was he worthy of such a reward?

After a while, someone spoke again.

“The Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak is the leader of the righteous path. The Sword Head Shenshan Jianyi is extremely righteous and has unparalleled strength. I think he is the most suitable candidate for the alliance leader.”

As expected, the first to be recommended was Shenshan Jianyi. Many of the surrounding sect representatives started to agree, but most of them remained silent.

Although the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak was the leader, they could not monopolize the Great Mountain Region.

“You’re wrong, you’re wrong. The mannerism and strength of Sword Head Shenshan are naturally respected by everyone.”

“However, Shu Mountain sword cultivators cultivate their bodies and mind all year round. They are not good at handling the troublesome matters of the Great Mountain Region.”

“If the position of alliance leader holds back the cultivation of Sword Head Shenshan, wouldn’t that be our fault?”

“In this aspect, Daoist Wushe brought the Scripture Storage Valley to the top sects of the Great Mountain Region in a short 200 years.”

“Moreover, the plot of the Hundred Tempering Mountain was first discovered by the Scripture Storage Valley. If they did not act in time, the Great Mountain Region would probably be in flames of war now.”

“Daoist Wushe has the ability and merits to be a more suitable candidate for the alliance leader position.”

Another few sects began to speak rationally. After so many years, there were many friends who would support the Scripture Storage Valley.

“In terms of merits, in order to resist the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s plot, Benevolent Travel Temple is the sect that has suffered the greatest losses in this war.”

“Master Le Ku lost an eye and an arm because of this. Is he not qualified to become the alliance leader?”

“Other than the respected Abbot Le Ku, I don’t accept anyone else!”

The three great sects did not say anything, but the other second-rate sects below still did not have any chance to emerge.

The subordinate sects that were related to the three major sects were very sensible at this moment.

They all began to list the recent achievements and deeds of the three great sects. The argument was very lively.

As a subordinate sect, they would naturally be able to obtain more benefits when their backing was strong. When benefits were related, they naturally could not keep quiet when their backing was involved.

However, as the argument became more and more intense, the situation gradually became uncontrollable.

“The Benevolent Travel Temple can’t be said to have made a contribution, right? I heard that they wanted to take control of the demonic artifact, so the Demon Sect took the opportunity to invade them.”

“If not for their mistakes, the three great sects would not have to suffer such a huge loss this time!”

This sentence was heart-wrenching.

Dharma Master Le Ku’s expression turned ugly.

“Who hasn’t done anything wrong? It’s just that it was covered up well. The Scripture Storage Valley caused the destruction of the mortal city, Cloud Stream City, a few months ago. Many people in the cultivation world know about this, right?”

Daoist Wushe’s face darkened.

“Cloud Stream City was destroyed by the lightning tribulation. It was done by the elder of the traitor in the sect. The Scripture Storage Valley has already executed him on the same day. This is already enough to prove Daoist Wushe’s righteousness and decision.”

“Why don’t you say that the previous Southern Seal Kingdom was destroyed by the sword lights, but the murderers are still out there…”

This time, even Shenshan Jianyi’s expression changed.

The subordinate sects of the three sects became more and more noisy. From the beginning, they praised their own sects, but gradually, it evolved to exposing each other and attacking the other two top sects.

The originally joyous and harmonious venue suddenly became filled with the smell of conflict and almost started a fight.

If this continued, the Great Mountain Alliance established less than four hours ago might be dissolved on the spot.

However, this was normal.

In the competition for the throne of a mortal emperor, brothers and sisters would often fight each other, let alone the alliance leader of the cultivation world who had millions of times more power and authority.

If not for the fact that they were surrounded by enemies, it would be normal for them to fight.

“Enough! Stop!”

The entire venue gradually fell silent after Shenshan Jianyi shouted. Only then did the sect representatives realize that they had lost their composure and could not help but feel some lingering fear.

Where did they get the guts to criticize the three great sects in front of them? If they settled the score after this, how terrible would that be?

Of course, they were only the ones who spoke up. The true core conflict was still between the three great sects.

However, before such huge benefits, even though they knew the importance of unity, the three great sects would definitely not let themselves fall behind others.

In this matter, if someone gained something, others would lose out on it. The three great sects could stand not obtaining something, but they could not accept others getting it.

The Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, Scripture Storage Valley, and Benevolent Travel Temple had similar strength.

However, if one of the Sect Masters obtained the position of alliance leader, it was inevitable that they would give benefits to their own sect.

The other two sects did not have the ability to regulate the alliance, and as time passed, there would really be an irreparable gap.

Therefore, they had to compete.

This caused them to fall into a helpless cycle. The current Great Mountain Region could not endure another civil war.

What could they do to stop the three sects from competing?

Take turns being the alliance leader?

This was a possible solution.

However, to cultivators, the sense of time was different from mortals.

If the term was too short, there was no way to do anything.

However, if the term was set a little longer, it might also develop the idea of making full use of the authority before it ended, causing the alliance leader to not do anything while in power and only think about poaching benefits for themselves.

The final outcome might be even worse.

Was there really no other way?

“I don’t think any of us can be the alliance leader.”

After a moment of silence, Shenshan Jianyi looked at the other two Sect Masters and said.

Daoist Wushe and Abbot Le Ku pondered for a moment before nodding and agreeing to the other party’s suggestion.

Under such circumstances, this was the only way to stabilize the Great Mountain Region.

“That’s right. All cultivators above the Nascent Soul realm cannot be chosen as the alliance leader.”

“At this time, perhaps it’s time to give the young people a chance.”

In order to better mobilize the resources and strength of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region, a leader was essential.

However, this alliance leader’s absolute authority could be reduced slightly. It did not need to be so high.

For the sake of internal conflict in the Great Mountain Region, it was best for this alliance leader to be restrained when exercising his authority to ensure fairness.

This way, even if this alliance leader was not that powerful, he could still convince people.

To put it bluntly, this alliance leader could not be too strong. Otherwise, the three great sects were afraid that they would not be able to control the situation.

They had to consider such a candidate.

The upper echelons of the three major sects gathered together and began to discuss intensely.

This person could not be too strong or too weak. He had to have enough achievements and ability to pass. It was best if he was someone that everyone liked.

On a seat not far away, Jiang Li looked at the chaotic venue and clicked his tongue in wonder. Indeed, in places with many people, things would become infinitely complicated.

This was similar to some of the joint venture companies in his previous life.

If the major shareholder was fully in charge of the company, it would not take long for the other shareholders to lose everything because of the constant shorting of the company.

Under such circumstances, as long as the other shareholders were capable, they would stop the major shareholders from continuing to control the company. A general manager who did not have much equity, but was smart and capable, and could be monitored could solve this problem very well.

This was not as far as to call the alliance leader a puppet. However, he could not rely on his authority to act recklessly.

Moreover, at a time like this in the Great Mountain Region, becoming the alliance leader was considered to be taking responsibility to repel external danger. It was not a position to enjoy life.

Jiang Li sat beside his master and was silently watching the show. He was guessing who would become that lucky person, or rather, unlucky person.

According to the current situation, the alliance leader should be chosen from one of the three great sects’ Nascent Souls.

However, it was also not easy to monitor Nascent Soul cultivators. If they were bold enough, it was not impossible for them to choose a Golden Core cultivator.

Just like the previous Mu Chunyang who relied on his family to intimidate others, as long as there were top cultivators standing behind him at all times, he would not be underestimated when negotiating with others.

On the contrary, it could sometimes have unexpected effects.

“Master, I think you are quite likely to be chosen. The Sect Master and the Ancestors aren’t participating in the competition. There aren’t many Nascent Soul cultivators who are your match, right?”

Everyone knew Elder He’s iron fists. If they were assessing strength to choose the alliance leader, the possibility of him being chosen was really not small.

Jiang Li had already thought about it. If Elder He became the alliance leader, he would have to get himself a position like the “Chief Secretary”.

He did not have any other thoughts, but he wanted to help his master share some of the burden. He believed that his master could understand his filial piety.

“What nonsense are you saying? In this unstable situation, how can the position of the alliance leader of the Great Mountain Alliance be so easy to sit on?”

“I think Peak Master Wei of Shu Mountain has some hope.”

Elder He was very confident that he was definitely not capable enough, so he had never thought of this.

Letting him be the Head Elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall was already the limit. Even if he was given the position of Valley Master, he would not be interested at all, let alone the alliance leader of the Great Mountain Alliance.

Then, the masters of the three great sects who were gathered together and whispering started to look over.

As they spoke, these three old men who were countless years old even revealed strange smiles. It was unknown what they were discussing.

Their gazes were so bold that even the elders felt as if they were sitting on needles.

After a long time, they finally made their decision.

The three peak leaders of the Great Mountain Region Cultivation World looked over. Then, the Shu Mountain Sword Head, Shenshan Jianyi, spoke.

“This war against the Hundred Tempering Mountain was dangerous and ended with deep losses. It was a great calamity that our Great Mountain Region Cultivation World was fortunate enough to survive. If there were any mistakes, the hundred years of peace in the Great Mountain Region would be gone.”

“However, many outstanding disciples have emerged and played an indispensable role in this war.”

“Among them, one of the disciples discovered the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s plot first and made us prepare in advance.”

“In the defense battle of Benevolent Travel Temple, he killed the Second Elder of the Hundred Tempering Mountain and played a key role in helping the Six Divine Monks escape!”

“On the battlefield of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, he fought to the death and did not retreat. He led the charge and killed 120,000 enemies! He has made a huge contribution to the cultivation world of our Great Mountain Region!”

As Shenshan Jianyi spoke, Jiang Li felt that something was amiss the more he listened. The hair on his entire body stood on end.

The ten thousand cultivators who had just participated in the Hundred Tempering Mountain battle also looked over at him.

Their expressions were first puzzled, then surprised. In the end, smiles appeared on their faces and they showed a look of understanding.

Almost all of them owed their lives to the person mentioned by Sword Head Shenshan Jianyi.

At this moment, they did not care if it was reasonable or not. They only felt that it would be best for him to be the alliance leader.

“Scripture Storage Valley’s disciple, Jiang Li! Are you willing to be the first alliance leader of the Great Mountain Alliance?”

As soon as Shenshan Jianyi said this, everyone looked over.

Jiang Li was momentarily shocked speechless.

Although he was very outstanding, although he was very powerful, although his social relations in the three major sects were very good, although he was confident that he would sooner or later reach the peak of the cultivation world…

Jiang Li had never expected that these higher-ups would actually have such boldness to actually give the position of alliance leader to a Foundation Establishment disciple who had just cultivated for a year.


Under the gazes of all the representatives of the various powers in the entire Great Mountain Region, Jiang Li suddenly stopped being nervous, and the corners of his mouth slowly curled up.

He stood up and walked across everyone.

“I, disciple Jiang Li, will take on this responsibility!”

With Jiang Li’s speed of becoming stronger, if the three great sects only wanted to use him as a puppet or the honorary alliance leader, it was likely that they would regret it in a few years.

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