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Chapter 231 - Fighting the Demons With Force, Helped by the Heavenly Might

Chapter 231: Fighting the Demons With Force, Helped by the Heavenly Might

“Jiang Li! What do we do! The disciples can’t hold on anymore!”

Jiang Li, who was standing in the air in front of the fleet, had already become the leader of the cultivators present.

He waved his hand and shot out a large number of wooden spikes. After the wooden spikes stabbed into the monsters, they immediately grew in an explosive manner and pierced through them from the inside out.

He raised his hand and smashed out with his iron fist. The spiritual qi that was highly compressed by the huge force exploded forward like a cannonball, piercing everything 500 feet in a straight line.

Coupled with his Dragon Imprisoning Lock, Immortal Slaying Flying Sword, and his tireless attacks, Jiang Li’s killing efficiency was extremely shocking.

10… 100… 1,000… 10,000… The number of monsters he had killed was already uncountable.

However, there were still too many of them. It was as if a torrential flood was pouring towards him. No matter how hard he worked, he could not stop them all.

That was a terrifying number that could only be stopped by twelve top-notch cultivators and more than 50 Nascent Soul cultivators.

He was still at the Foundation Establishment realm after all. Even if his strength was exceptional and was considered a genius, how could he withstand it?

The 33 warships behind him only shot three times before the strange tide of monsters arrived. They could only rely on the cultivators to fight.

Although there were experts like Chu Yunxuan, the sword cultivator clone, Golden Cores, and so on who repeatedly used large-scale spell techniques to clear the area, the effects were still very limited. If they killed a batch, more would come.

The most terrifying thing about these monsters was that they were endless.

Jiang Li’s heart turned cold when he saw this. This was more than half of the elite cultivators under the three great sects, yet they were actually suppressed to this extent.

The other cultivators were not perpetual motion machines like him. On the contrary, in an intense battle, the speed at which cultivators consumed their spiritual qi was extremely shocking.

If this continued, in less than four hours, when their spiritual qi was exhausted, the people of the three great sects would all die here!

If that was the case, not to mention soaring in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region, it was hard to say if they could recover from their hundreds of years of decline.

In this group, Senior Sister Qi Yu, Senior Sister Liu Mulan, Senior Brother Liu Bai, Senior Brother Xiang Yuanba, Junior Sister Shenshan Qiuhua, Chang Wanzhou, Master Le Yuan, etc…

Since Jiang Li started cultivating, most of the people he knew were among them. He did not want these people to die here!

“Eldest Senior Brother! Brother Tang Yan! Buy me some time!”

When they heard Jiang Li’s call, Eldest Senior Brother Chu Yunxuan and the sword cultivator clone Tang Yan immediately walked out from the crowd.

In the absence of Nascent Soul cultivators and above, Eldest Senior Brother Chu Yunxuan should have been the leader of the Scripture Storage Valley. However, his reputation might not be able to suppress the Golden Core elders of the other two sects.

Moreover, although his Square Heaven Seal was extremely powerful, the expenditure was too great and could not be sustained. It was not suitable to block the fleet.

If they could not take the lead, they would not be able to unite the three-way alliance.

Therefore, he did not stand out at that time. Instead, Jiang Li stood out as a newbie with a Foundation Establishment cultivation.

Moreover, with his outstanding performance and powerful strength, he successfully subdued the cultivators present.

Chu Yunxuan’s bearing and self-restraint were extraordinary. He did not have any thoughts of envying the talented just because his fellow disciple was outstanding or felt a need to kill Jiang Li quickly.

Of course, ever since he was taught the Square Heaven Seal, the position of the next Valley Master was already set in stone. It was basically impossible to change.

However, he saw that the junior brother who needed to rely on their protection a while ago could already stand in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Even with his temperament and bearing, he felt mixed emotions. Letting his junior brother stand in front of him, as the Eldest Senior Brother, was really embarrassing.

At this moment, when he heard that Jiang Li needed help, he did not say anything and directly tore open a bloody path and flew to Jiang Li’s side.

On the other side, the sword cultivator clone had also left the Five Elements Sword Formation. With Burning Rainbow in hand, he charged to his side.

Chu Yunxuan looked at the sword cultivator clone, Tang Yan. He knew this person too. He had once helped him deal with a Golden-Winged Condor in the wilderness.

This person later became a dazzling rising star of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak. His performance in the Misty Mountain Range Competition was abnormally outstanding. He did not expect that he would have a relationship with Junior Brother Jiang.

“Thank you for helping me, stall them for 30 breaths of time!”

After Jiang Li said this, he turned around and landed on the ground.

There was no need to mention the sword cultivator clone. Out of his trust in his Eldest Senior Brother, Chu Yunxuan, the latter would definitely not refuse.

As soon as Jiang Li left, an enormous pressure descended on the two of them.

Chu Yunxuan shook his sleeve and threw out a small golden seal. The small seal swelled in the wind and quickly transformed into a mountain-sized Square Heaven Seal. It smashed horizontally forward, and everywhere it passed, all the monsters were smashed into mush, immediately clearing out a large area of vacuum.

However, the method of using the Square Heaven Seal was still to smash downwards. After the seal descended and landed, it no longer posed a threat.

However, it did not matter. The sword cultivator moved forward.

His right arm suddenly bulged, swelling to three times the original size. Veins bulged, and his skin tightened, causing his capillaries to rupture.

This was the effect after infusing spiritual qi into his right arm. The two energies collided in his arm, and a huge amount of energy erupted from within.

World Horizon Fire Beacon Sword!

Shu Mountain Myriad Sword Technique!

Liquor Fire Asura Sword!

In the next moment, sword lights covered the sky and earth!

A large number of monsters were cut into pieces by the sword light and burned to ashes. The sword cultivator clone used his newly obtained strength to erupt with astonishing strength.

After Jiang Li landed, he did not stop at all. He pressed his palms together, and the spiritual qi that he had just recovered flowed out like a floodgate.

Giant wooden roots pierced through the volcanic ash and monster corpses on the ground and rose from the ground, spreading towards the surroundings, forming a huge ring-shaped forest.

Nine Nether Tree Realm!

On the same day, Jiang Li had actually used the large-scale spell that had reached the Golden Core realm, Nine Nether Tree Realm, twice.

A huge amount of spiritual qi was extracted from his body in a short period of time.

This did not look like the Spirit Surge Technique that was flowing at a uniform speed. The spiritual qi that surged out suddenly caused his meridians to feel intense pain. If not for his extremely solid Dao Foundation, if it was an ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator, they would have died long ago.

“All disciples of the three sects! Enter the tree world and focus on defense! Leave the sky to me!”

After waiting for ten breaths, Jiang Li flew back into the sky. He loudly commanded everyone to descend into the ring-shaped tree world.

He dragged his exhausted and painful body and actually wanted to stop the countless monsters in the sky alone!

“You’ll fight alone? How can that be possible!”

“No! We can’t leave you here alone!”

Chu Yunxuan and the others almost did not dare to believe Jiang Li’s decision.

However, Jiang Li was very determined to let them bring the sect disciples down to set up defenses.

“Eldest Senior Brother! Believe me! I’m confident!”

“If you don’t go down now, it’ll be too late!”

More than half of the fleet’s flying ships had been lost. A large number of cultivators had lost their bunker defense, and their casualties were rising even faster.

If this continued, the casualties would definitely be shocking!

In the end, for the sake of the overall situation, they could only listen to Jiang Li’s decision and fall into the Nine Nether Tree Realm that Jiang Li had just executed, and they relied on the tree world’s giant barriers to defend themselves!

Jiang Li, who had emptied 80% of his spiritual qi again, stood alone in front of the group of monsters.

In his hand was an ordinary-looking coffin.

With his current strength, he was already able to protect some of his secrets, so long as he did not let outsiders know about the Earth-rank artifact. Even if he revealed some of his other abilities, no one would dare speak ill of him.

With a raise of his hand, the lid of the coffin automatically slid open, and a bone-chilling cold aura immediately surged out.

In the next moment, an extremely large number of Soul Burial Ghost Soldiers surged out from the coffin!

They were connected by the Yin Burial spiritual qi. They waved the Yin Weapon Talisman Blades and formed a black cloud that killed and devoured souls as they faced the group of monsters from the other world.

Soldiers were nurtured for a thousand days, only to be used in war one day!

Jiang Li had collected these million ghost soldiers for a long time and had practically never used them before. He only used them as the advancement conditions of the Yin Burial Coffin to make up the numbers.

However, in the Yin Burial Coffin, they had always enjoyed the best spiritual qi, the densest Yin qi, and Qin Shuman’s guidance and training.

After such a long time, these million ghosts also quickly grew from ordinary ghosts to this.

Although a single ghost soldier was at most an ordinary Qi Refinement realm ghost, with the advancement of the Yin Burial Coffin, they had also undergone a magical transformation and obtained the ability to fuse together and increase their strength.

As long as every ten ghost soldiers fused together, they could reach the Foundation Establishment realm. If more ghost soldiers fused, they could even become stronger.

As for the monsters on the other side, most of them were only at the Qi Refinement realm and Foundation Establishment realm. However, because there were too many of them, they forced many cultivators into a bitter battle.

Now, the number of Soul Burial Ghost Soldiers that had reached a million was just enough to fight them!

This was also the reason why Jiang Li had to separate the battlefield in the sky and ground. This was because the sword techniques of Benevolent Travel Temple and Shu Mountain would instead cause greater harm to the ghosts.

If they mixed the battlefield together, the allies might cause more damage to them.

It was better to separate the battlefield and let the Soul Burial Ghost Soldiers use their full strength.

The black ghost cloud and the flesh monsters collided, and intense fighting occurred in every space.

Every second, hundreds of monsters would be pierced through and their internal organs would be dug out.

Every second, a large number of ghost soldiers would also have their souls torn apart and turned to ash.

This ominous black cloud began to rain flesh and hail non-stop.

The cultivators defending the Nine Nether Tree Realm below looked at the raining flesh and blood, as all sorts of emotions arose in their hearts towards Jiang Li.

“Senior Brother Jiang Li is… so powerful!”

“This Little Junior Brother actually secretly hid such a method! Impressive!”

“I shouldn’t have compared myself to Junior Brother Jiang. I lost from the beginning!”

“The Scripture Storage Valley has really picked up an incredible treasure. When he grows up, the Scripture Storage Valley will not be far from prosperity!”

“This time, I owe Senior Brother Jiang Li another life! Brothers! Kill!”

After the many cultivators below landed in Jiang Li’s Nine Nether Tree Realm and regrouped to set up the array, they finally heaved a sigh of relief.

This huge dark green forest of activity originally looked sinister and terrifying. After many disciples of the three sects saw Jiang Li’s spell technique, their hearts were filled with fear, and they felt a little uncomfortable facing Jiang Li. They were afraid that they would be swallowed by this terrifying forest!

However, at this moment, they felt extremely at ease staying in the center of the ring-shaped tree world.

The thorns, the flowers that spat acid, and the mushrooms that spread poison all made them feel reliable and safe.

The ground monsters that could not fly ran over. The Nine Nether Tree Realm blocked their momentum first.

After the monsters entered the forest, all the surrounding plants would use all methods to kill them.

The Nine Nether Tree Realm greatly reduced the number of monsters and slowed down the speed of the monsters. This gave the cultivators of the three major sects room to unleash their strength.

The Shu Mountain sword cultivators formed a sword formation again, and the flying swords entered the forest to kill the enemy.

The body cultivator from Benevolent Travel Temple flew through the forest and tore the monsters into pieces.

The cultivators of the Scripture Storage Valley used various spell techniques to form a deep strategy to make up for their lack of mid-level attacks.

For a time, relying on the Nine Nether Tree Realm, they finally resisted the enemy that was like a flood.

All of this was thanks to the man above!

Jiang Li first stood at the front of the fleet alone, enduring the most ferocious and violent impact, scattering the terrifying group of cultivators behind him.

Later on, he consumed a large amount of spiritual qi and forcefully used the Nine Nether Tree Realm to build this combat environment for them.

Not only that, after Jiang Li allowed them to safely retreat to the tree world, he even relied on his own strength to endure the battlefield in the sky.

With such loyalty and heroism, the many cultivators below felt that they owed him their lives.

They desperately waved the artifact in their hands, hoping that after killing these monsters, they could quickly go up and help the Foundation Establishment realm Jiang Li!

This time, the three great sects owed Jiang Li a huge favor.

As long as he made an announcement, it was likely that he could even hold a competition to find a Dao Companion.

At this moment, Jiang Li, who was in the sky, appeared to be able to cover the battlefield with a wave of his hand by summoning a million ghost soldiers. He was extremely awe-inspiring and was the greatest contributor to this battle.

However, he was actually not very optimistic.

The reason for that was because the casualties of the Soul Burial Ghost Soldiers were simply too high and too fast.

Most monsters only knew how to use their bodies to attack, and ghosts were quite resistant to that chaotic power.

However, ghosts without an outer shell were still too fragile. They could not withstand a few attacks before their souls were destroyed.

In just half an hour, he had already lost 80,000 Soul Burial Ghost Soldiers!

How long had it taken for the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn to accumulate resources and nurture the Yin Burial Coffin? Jiang Li had never experienced such a loss since he started cultivating.

Even after paying such a price, there were very few gains.

He wanted to plunder the souls of the monsters to make up for his losses.

However, the souls obtained after killing those monsters were actually shattered!?

Heaven knew how things with shattered souls survived, but the souls of these living monsters did not make sense. They were all broken pieces.

He could only collect these fragments and the blood of the monsters as compensation.

Even Jiang Li felt the pinch of such an aggrieved battle.

If they continued fighting, they would have to face an unknown world. The enemies were almost endless.

They were only in the Great Mountain Region. Half of the forces of the three sects still had to deal with the various obstructions of the Hundred Tempering Mountain. How could they possibly win?

Damn it, those rogue cultivators were either dead or running. Even if they were present, that bit of strength was useless!

Contact the sect and get the Sect Masters to come and help? But even if the Sect Masters of the three sects could agree, it was far from enough!

The current battlefield could not last for so long!

What should he do! Where should he find reinforcements that were strong enough?

Jiang Li could not figure it out no matter how hard he thought about it, but right at this moment, a green and purple light suddenly shone on his face. A moment later, a deafening explosion sounded.

He raised his head to read, his face instantly turning as black as the bottom of a pot.

In the sky above this ghost black cloud, an even thicker and more terrifying black cloud had unknowingly rolled up.

Purple-green lightning flickered and condensed in it, containing the power of destruction and punishment!

This was a tribulation cloud!

Damn it! It had to be at this time!

Who killed too many people just now?

Jiang Li had the Yin-Yang Golden Core protecting him, so he was confident that he could escape unscathed from the lightning tribulation.

However, his million ghost soldiers were all creatures of extreme Yin. They were innately afraid of lightning and were extremely prone to lightning strikes. If they were struck by the lightning tribulation, heaven knew how many would be left.

As for the many cultivators below, after being interrupted by the lightning tribulation and being entangled by the monsters, they would probably be completely annihilated here!

Jiang Li stepped on the air and shot towards the sky. He planned to use his body to lure the lightning and get the coffin to quickly put away the ghost soldiers and escape.

In the next moment, a terrifying bolt of lightning descended from the sky with the fury of the heavens.

Jiang Li flew up to face it head-on. He opened his mouth and was about to curse when the bolt of lightning that was thicker than a water bucket brushed past Jiang Li in the next moment, and it did not even touch him.

A burnt smell came. He looked down. Behind him, a huge eye covered in spikes like a sea urchin followed silently like a phantom.

Earlier, even Jiang Li did not notice it, but it was already charred by the lightning.

Jiang Li’s expression that was as black as the bottom of a pot immediately cleared up. He turned around and gave a thumbs up!

“Good job!”

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