Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 229 - The Eyes Opposite

Chapter 229: The Eyes Opposite

Soon, Ma Liuqi’s flesh and blood began to contract. All the energy in his body turned into nutrients that were quickly absorbed.

After receiving the blood sacrifice of a Soul Formation cultivator, the luster of the Black Lotus quickly recovered. As it recovered, circles of black miasma spread out.

With the rogue cultivators who had been lured in and the disciples of the Hundred Tempering Mountain Range who had died, they should have been able to achieve the blood sacrifice requirements for the Black Lotus.

However, under the obstruction of Jiang Li’s Nine Nether Tree Realm, although there were enough deaths, the effect of the blood sacrifice was not just a little short.

In order to make up for the gap between the thousands of cultivators, Ma Liuqi, who was thought to be a traitor, became the best example of the blood sacrifice.

It just so happened that the one who found all the earth veins and made Ma Liuqi, the First Elder, take the blame for no reason was Jiang Li.

If Jiang Li knew that his influence had indirectly caused the death of a top cultivator above the Nascent Soul realm, he would definitely feel extremely honored.

“Stop him!”

A few top cultivators of the three major sects attacked the Black Lotus together, wanting to stop the recovery of this demonic artifact.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

A phantom image of the lotus flower that suddenly appeared blocked their attack.

How powerful were the combined attacks of the twelve top-notch cultivators?

This could be seen from the Nascent Soul cultivators behind them who had been blown back more than a hundred meters by the aftershock.

However, the lotus flower phantom shook a few times before finally persevering. Inside its lotus, there were also several top-notch cultivators striking out spiritual qi to support this membrane of light.

Although their numbers were inferior, it was not a problem to rely on the Black Lotus to protect themselves.

However, no matter what they did, even using their disciples as blood sacrifice materials, what they wanted was not only the defense of the Black Lotus.

Old Demon Black Lotus made a few seals before opening a gourd and pouring a pure black blood onto the lotus platform.

If Jiang Li was here, he would definitely be able to recognize that this was the blood of madness extracted from the Asura’s corpse!

It seemed that after the battle of the Black Lotus Divine Sect, this person still had a portion of the blood of madness in his possession.

The four-handed Demon Soldiers that appeared in Benevolent Travel Temple should have been created with it. Now that it was poured on this Black Lotus, who knew how it would react.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

A muffled heartbeat sounded from the Black Lotus. It was as if there was a huge heart slowly beating within.

With every heartbeat, Black Lotus’s body would swell. This demonic artifact was recovering its original strength and size.

At this moment, an hour had just passed. The broken earth vein gradually recovered from the chaos and flowed underground again.

However, the Earth Fire Hundred Cave Mountain, which had recovered the power of the earth vein, did not erupt with Earth Fire lava. Instead, under the guidance of a certain array formation that had been set long ago, the energy was evenly distributed to every corner of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

In next to no time, the strange formation that Jiang Li had noticed earlier floated up from the ground.

Jiang Li, who was flying in the distant sky, was slightly surprised when he saw this. So formations could be used like this?

The edge of the super-large array formation slowly rolled up and folded towards the middle.

This huge array formation that covered the entire Hundred Tempering Mountain actually turned from a flat surface to three-dimensional. Looking again, it was also a huge lotus flower.

A large area of the array formation had been damaged by Jiang Li’s Nine Nether Tree Realm earlier, but this did not seem to affect the entire array formation. However, after folding into a lotus flower, there were only two to three lotus petals missing from a certain direction.

As the huge lotus flower combined, the lotus platform had already recovered to its original size. It shook slightly and immediately resonated with the entire array formation.

Crack! It was as if something had been torn apart. It was also like a black bolt from the sky.

A small crack suddenly split open from the top of the lotus platform. This space was like a mirror, creating a hundred-meter-long crack.

Then, with a buzz, the air began to tremble violently. An energy that was completely different from spiritual qi surged out from the gap.

As soon as it appeared, the energy and spiritual qi produced a strong reaction.

A large amount of spiritual qi suddenly surged out like a tide. To be more precise, it was expelled from the area covered by the huge lotus!

“Situ Fengzhu! What did you do!”

The stronger a cultivator was, the greater their reliance on spiritual qi. This could be seen from the fact that in the Age of Non-Cultivation, Immortals and Buddhas were the first to die and disappear, while the low-level Qi Refinement cultivators could last until the next era.

The surrounding spiritual qi was suddenly repelled by a strange force, making them feel intense discomfort.

Although it was not to the extent of causing their bodies to explode with spiritual qi and die like the true Cultivation Doomsday, this environment still greatly weakened their combat strength.

Moreover, the strange energy that filled the Hundred Tempering Mountain was still constantly trying to corrode their bodies.

However, this effect was not only targeted at them. The elders of the Hundred Tempering Mountain were also repelled by this power. The only person who was not injured was Old Demon Black Lotus.

“Damn it! What did you do!”

They launched another powerful attack, but the power that landed on the Black Lotus still failed. It was even transferred to the crack, causing it to spread out a little.

The crack grew larger again, and an even larger amount of strange energy came from inside.

As this force seeped into the Hundred Tempering Mountain below, Black Lotuses grew out from the ground. As the lotuses and energy spread, the entire Hundred Tempering Mountain began to change greatly.

First, color. Apart from blood, everything began to lose its bright color.

Black, gray, white, and blood color. On the Hundred Tempering Mountain that was corroded by the strange power, there was no longer a fifth color. It was almost as monotonous as the sight Jiang Li saw in the sound world.

Then, they became irritable. The entire Great Mountain Region started to become irritable.

The flat teeth of the spirit colt in the stable fell off, and it grew a set of black fangs that were sharper than tiger and wolf. It turned its head and bit at its own kind.

The docile spiritual crane shed all its pure white feathers, and its wings grew hook claws and ugly wing membranes. Then, it directly killed and swallowed the newly born chicks in the nest.

In the area corroded by the strange energy, animals began to grow sharp teeth and claws. Fear, reproduction, survival, and other instincts disappeared, leaving only anger and killing.

Everything started to attack each other. Even the rats started to bite the cats and dogs.

Even the plants began to secrete poison and grow spikes, preparing to harm everything that approached it.

In a short period of time, everything in this region was filled with malice.

“This reaction! Damn it! They opened that place!”

“Situ Fengzhu! Do you know what you’re doing! This will destroy the entire Great Mountain Region!”

The Hidden Sword Elder and the Guardian of the Scripture Storage Valley, who had experienced this before, were furious!

At this moment, a touch of red suddenly appeared behind the black crack. A feeling of being spied on by a powerful creature surfaced in everyone’s hearts.

However, one eye was looking over through the gap, causing the group of people standing at the designated point of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region to be silent!

The redness quickly disappeared from the gap, but the ominous feeling did not weaken. Instead, it became stronger.

Boom! Crack!

The black crack suddenly shook and quickly spread out. An incomparably terrifying impact passed through the crack.

It was as if a huge creature had punched fiercely behind the gap. The force was simply terrifying.

The higher-ups present were blown back repeatedly by the impact.

The flying ships of the three major sects, who were twenty miles away from the crack, were actually blown to the side by this impact, almost causing their ships to collapse and their people to die.

This was only a fist that leaked out a little force, but it was actually so powerful!

What kind of existence was the owner of that fist? If he was allowed to come here, the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region would probably be destroyed.

However, another violent wave of impact followed immediately after. The black cracks that formed from tearing space spread out like a spider web.

The even more terrifying aftershock caused the Nascent Soul cultivators present to almost lose their footing and appear abnormally miserable.

The distant flying ships were directly overturned, blown several kilometers away.

However, this time, there was an additional pool of sticky blood below the spatial crack, as if it was boiling.

The fist that had brazenly struck the spatial crack also seemed to have suffered some injuries.

The edges of a torn paper were sharp enough to cut through the skin. The edges of a torn metal were sharp enough to behead a person.

Space had no mass but was extremely stable and could support all things. Space had no thickness but was vast and had no boundaries.

How sharp was the torn space? Even the owner of the fist opposite the crack was bleeding.

From the blood, there was an ominous and crazy aura. Fortunately, the creature on the other side seemed to be in pain and finally stopped attacking.

However, this was not the end.

A monster with three wings and black fangs darted out of the crack.

This monster’s appearance was extremely twisted and strange. At a glance, it was definitely not something that could be born in the cultivation world of the Nine Provinces!

It shook its head and flapped its wings in the air before charging at the top cultivators below.


A sword light flashed past in an instant, killing the thing on the spot. Only an ugly cry was left in the air.

“Do you feel that you want to kill it the moment you see that thing?”

The Hidden Sword Elder of Shu Mountain asked. The others had ugly expressions as they felt the same.

Earlier, when they saw this monster, an intense feeling of disgust and anger surged from the bottom of their heart. This feeling would definitely not dissipate if they did not kill the other party.

At their level, it was already very difficult for anything to affect their minds.

However, that disgust and instinct seemed to be the instinct of all living beings of the Nine Provinces Continent. They wanted to kill the thing that invaded their home!

The black crack that had been attacked by an unknown creature twice had already expanded greatly. The longest crack stretched more than 500 feet up!

With the Black Lotus as the starting point, there were at least 300 cracks spreading out!

What was even more terrifying was that the width of the largest crack was enough to accommodate two carriages passing side by side.

Three seconds after the first monster cried out, the second, third, fourth, and then a hundred sounded! Two hundred soon echoed!

More and more monsters began to pass through the spatial rifts.

The strange eye appeared again. Behind the black spatial crack, it seemed to want to see the slaughter happen with its own eyes.

Due to the spreading range of the spatial crack being too large, a large number of deformed monsters surged out.

Some of them were directly cut into pieces after touching the edge of the crack. Broken limbs and debris rained down from the sky, dying a large area red.

Some were killed by the top cultivators present after successfully passing through the crack.

However, there were too many monsters. They surged out from the huge spatial crack as if there was no end.

Since the spiritual qi in the environment was completely expelled, they could not use large-scale spell techniques that required a lot of spiritual qi.

In an instant, more and more monsters gathered and crazily rushed out.

Three featherless birds with three wings and one leg!

An ugly beast with no head but a bloody mouth on its neck!

A disgusting ball of snakes coiled together by more than a hundred double-headed black snakes!

All kinds of things that were beyond the understanding of the cultivation world surged out from the spatial crack opened by the Black Lotus platform and spread out in all directions with a roar.

Without the support of spiritual qi, the twelve top-notch cultivators forcefully scattered the spiritual qi reserves in their bodies and surrounded them in a circle. They became existences like a dam and used various spell techniques and sword lights to tear them into pieces.

The monsters that escaped their blockade were swept through by the Nascent Soul cultivators. However, without the replenishment of the surrounding spiritual qi, how long could the powerful them last?

Dozens of miles away from the Hundred Tempering Mountain, many cultivators joined forces and were rescuing the warship that had been overturned by the shock wave.

After Jiang Li and Wood Dragon Rayquaza pulled back their flying ships with brute force, the Hundred Tempering Mountain was already enveloped by a dense black cloud.

Although the killing speed of the sect’s higher-ups was extremely shocking, the monsters that surged out of the spatial crack were too many and too fast. The black fog was still growing at a visible speed, so it could be seen how much pressure the higher-ups were enduring.

Jiang Li looked at the black cloud formed from monsters. The dragon blood in his veins boiled madly, and a strand of rage and killing intent surged madly in his chest.

This was his instinct but also his own intention.

The current peace in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region was created by countless righteous seniors who risked their lives.

Nascent Soul cultivators had a lifespan of a thousand years, and the founders of the Scripture Storage Valley had even longer lifespans. How could five of them die in less than 300 years?

Including the previous generations of cultivators from the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak and Benevolent Travel Temple, they had paid such a heavy price for destroying the demonic sects, expelling the demonic cultivators, and saving the Great Mountain Region that was in deep trouble.

However, now, the Hundred Tempering Mountain, which was enjoying peace and benefits, planned to sacrifice the Great Mountain Region, which had raised them, because they were unwilling to pay the price for what they had done. They planned to lure the enemies of another world into invading and destroying this region!

This kind of action was intolerable!

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