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Chapter 227 - Nine Nether Tree Realm

Chapter 227: Nine Nether Tree Realm

The situation now was similar to the situation of the Benevolent Travel Temple. However, the roles were completely opposite.

Under the surprise attack of Jiang Li and the other elite cultivators, the lives of a large number of low-level disciples of the Hundred Tempering Mountain were harvested like grass.

Some Core Formation cultivators could still resist stubbornly, but the situation was not optimistic. Only by relying on poisonous pills, medicine men, and explosive medicinal pills could they occasionally turn the tables.

However, as the warships in the sky arrived one after another, the Spirit Cannons continuously bombarded the ground, destroying the threatening buildings and restraining the Golden Core cultivators.

A large number of main cultivators jumped down from the flying ship and joined the battle. They began to continuously advance.

Under the circumstances of the three sects joining forces, the number of Foundation Establishment and Core Formation cultivators was greater than the other party’s. Their strength was completely enough to crush the other party.

Under such circumstances, even if everyone took pills, it would be useless! In a short period of time, there were a lot of casualties.

However, during this period of defeat, despite the Hundred Tempering Mountain cultivators bitterly enduring the attacks, they did not receive the powerful support of the sect. Instead, another wave of even more enemies showed up.

As the volcano erupted, the hundreds of artifacts flickering with dazzling spiritual light spewed out as if they were free and randomly landed in various places of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

Every bit of spiritual light was worth at least hundreds or thousands of spirit stones.

As the saying went, artifacts without an owner were meant for those who found them.

The rogue cultivators and cultivators from the small sects who were originally watching could not hold back anymore and rushed forward crazily!

They shouted that they would eliminate the demons and defend righteousness. Under the banner of the justice of the Heavenly Dao, they began to attack the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

After all, to a large number of rogue cultivators, they had never touched a real artifact in their lives.

The scene of artifacts flying everywhere was something they could not resist at all. It was possible that if they casually picked one up, their fate would directly change.

In this kind of sect war, it was also a good time to make a killing. Any legacy of a Hundred Tempering Mountain disciple could make them rich in one go.

In the beginning, some rational or timid cultivators maintained a wait-and-see attitude.

However, when they saw with their own eyes that a cultivator had already picked up an artifact and successfully left the battlefield, greed completely suppressed rationality and fear.

A large number of rogue cultivators and disciples of low-level sects surged into the battlefield, causing the entire battlefield to begin to become chaotic.

From the looks of it, they seemed to have boosted the momentum of the three sects’ alliance army and caused considerable casualties to the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

However, the cultivators of the Hundred Tempering Mountain did not want to see them, and the cultivators of the three major sects did not want to see them interrupting either.

There were good and bad mixed together rogue cultivators with extremely low quality and without any cooperation, and they similarly caused quite a bit of trouble for Jiang Li and the others.

It was as if a large number of ragtag soldiers had suddenly been mixed into a well-trained regular army.

They did not run around in an orderly manner and would interfere with the cooperation of the regular army, causing their combat strength to decrease.

At this moment, the volcano erupted again, causing a large number of rogue cultivators to be even more agitated. There were even rogue cultivators who did not care that this was a battlefield and directly started to attack and seize artifacts.

Jiang Li looked at the battlefield that quickly became chaotic, and then he looked at the volcano that had spat out a large amount of artifacts twice.

He did not believe at all that this was a natural phenomenon of the Hundred Tempering Mountain. Someone must have deliberately done this, and their goal was very obvious. It was to attract this group of short-sighted rogue cultivators to enter.

However, why did the Hundred Tempering Mountain specially use so many artifacts to attract more cultivators to attack their sect?

Something was amiss. There must be something he did not know yet.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

On the battlefield, a few medicine men suddenly self-destructed. Terrifying poisonous qi spread out wantonly, instantly poisoning a large number of rogue cultivators.

These medicine men hidden among the ordinary disciples were indeed very vicious and dangerous. They were all emotionless humanoid bombs. As long as they could cause enough damage, they would not even mind self-destructing among their own people.

The three great sects had long known about the information about the medicine man and were prepared in advance. Although it was still very easy to cause casualties, they still had methods to deal with it.

However, low-level rogue cultivators who generally did not even have protective artifacts could die when they encountered such a poison.

After they joined the battlefield, the number of deaths began to rise exponentially. Countless deaths and injuries formed rivers of blood…

Wait, was there too little blood flowing out?

Only then did Jiang Li suddenly notice that after these cultivators died, their blood flowed out and practically seeped down the moment it touched the ground. The speed was extremely swift with almost no pause.

How was this soil? Even blood in the desert could not penetrate the sand so quickly.

He poured the Nine Nether spiritual qi into his eyes again. When he looked again, he discovered that most of the dead cultivators no longer had souls.

Another rogue cultivator fell to the ground. Jiang Li stared fixedly at him and noticed that as soon as that person breathed his last, his soul had just left his body when it was captured by some force from the ground and was pulled into the ground without any ability to resist.

“Big Brother Qiao, why are we here instead of snatching artifacts?”

In the chaotic Hundred Tempering Mountain, a few rogue cultivators cleverly left the bloody battlefield and were carefully fleeing in one direction.

“What do you know? How many lives do you have to snatch hundreds of artifacts in a chaotic battle between tens of thousands of cultivators?”

“Use your brain. It’s definitely right to follow your Big Brother Qiao.”

They passed through many dilapidated buildings and were a little disappointed when they saw the two empty treasure vaults.

However, they quickly discovered a large rolling green plant in front of them. On that plant stood hundreds of sect cultivators with powerful auras. It was the assault team from the Scripture Storage Valley.

They did not dare to approach too close. They found a corner not far away and stopped to wait quietly. Near them, there were also some rogue cultivators who had come here before them. It seemed that they had the same idea.

“Look, those sect cultivators are not stupid. If we follow them, we will definitely be able to find the true benefits. This is the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s Spiritual Medicine Garden and raw materials warehouse. There are many good things inside.”

“Remember, when they open the door of the warehouse, we’ll rush in. Don’t stop for a moment and fill the bags before leaving!”

That rogue cultivator surnamed Qiao had once worked in the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s mine and was fortunate enough to come to the Hundred Tempering Mountain to deliver ores. Therefore, he still remembered where their warehouse was.

He did not expect that today, he would have the chance to snatch it from the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

“Big Brother Qiao, those are the disciples of the Scripture Storage Valley. Are we really going? They won’t attack us, right?”

The rogue cultivator following him was still a little worried, but this “Brother Qiao” did not mind at all.

“What’s there to be afraid of? They’re a righteous sect. We’re not their enemies, and we’re also here to help them. We have a share of the credit for breaking through the Hundred Tempering Mountain, so we can naturally have a share.”

“The door is open. Let’s go!”

As soon as the door opened, the rogue cultivators rushed out as quickly as they could.

They were afraid that if they were late, all the good things would be snatched away.

However, at the next moment, a dark green light enveloped them.

Calling rogue cultivators a ragtag army was already praising them. They were more like a group of bandits who only wanted to rob and run. They only cared about the benefits in front of them and did not have any morals.

After Jiang Li and the other disciples of the Scripture Storage Valley discovered that the medicinal pill treasure vault and artifact treasure vault had been emptied in advance, they did not give up.

Instead, he decisively took a step back and stood in the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s herb garden, spiritual material storehouse, and spirit mine storehouse.

As expected, the finished pills and artifacts were all packed away. However, they did not have the mood to waste manpower to move more of the larger and more inconvenient spiritual materials and mines.

Only the most precious portion was taken away, and most of the ordinary spiritual materials were still piled up in the storeroom.

This also included a large number of high-quality materials produced from the Misty Mountain Range.

From the number, it was even more than the nearly 20% share of the Scripture Storage Valley. It could be seen how many low-grade sects the Hundred Tempering Mountain had exploited during this period of time to take their share of the mining.

If the Hundred Tempering Mountain relied on these spiritual materials to secretly develop for decades, they might really be able to keep up.

However, by committing such deeds, they were bound to fall sooner or later. They were unlucky and had just started to do bad things when they were discovered by Jiang Li.

Later on, a series of extreme actions caused the situation to become so terrible. Before they could digest the benefits, they were beaten up.

Now, these things that the Hundred Tempering Mountain could not take away happened to benefit him.

After all, in the cultivation world, storage artifacts as formidable as the Yin Burial Coffin were rare, and even the four great sects were unable to find an Earth-rank storage artifact.

On Jiang Li’s side, he had just opened the door of the warehouse and was about to collect the spoils of war with the Yin Burial Coffin.

However, a large group of rogue cultivators and cultivators from the small sects discovered this place. They did not even greet him and wanted to charge in without a word to seize the benefits.

They were probably thinking that the three great sects were righteous and could not attack them in front of so many people.

Moreover, they also felt that they were allies who had fought side by side with the three major sects and were here to eliminate demons and defend righteousnesses. They were also qualified to share the spoils of war of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

Jiang Li looked at the group of cultivators who wanted to sneak into the warehouse and Medicine Garden, but he did not want to let them do as they pleased.

In addition, under his careful observation, he also discovered the underground array formation that covered the entire Hundred Tempering Mountain. Its use seemed to be to collect flesh, blood, and souls.

Jiang Li did not know what the Hundred Tempering Mountain wanted to do, but since he discovered their plan, he should stop it.

Under such circumstances, he could try the new spell technique he had comprehended recently.

Jiang Li pressed his palms together. The robe on his body suddenly bulged as he released seemingly endless Nine Nether spiritual qi.

The forest that twisted around each other like a group of snakes did not shrink because of the rogue cultivators’ entry. Instead, it quickly expanded outwards.

The Nine Nether spiritual qi seeped into the ground, hijacking all the roots in a large area and quickly transforming and accelerating their growth.

A large number of dark green and sinister plants broke out from the ground and fused with the tree tide beneath Jiang Li’s feet. The range and scale directly increased by ten times, forming a terrifying wooden world that swallowed all life.

This was the special spell technique of the Nine Nether Dao Scripture that Jiang Li had comprehended when he broke through to the Foundation Establishment realm in the aspect of the Nine Nether Wood.

However, the expenditure of this spell technique was too great. Even someone as powerful as him could not withstand it alone.

The current Jiang Li could only execute it completely after fusing with the Nine Nether clone.

Dance! Nine Nether Tree Realm!

Dark green trees that were dozens of meters tall rose from the ground like monsters, swinging their trunks and branches freely.

The rogue cultivators who wanted to rush in were directly drowned by the tree world. They did not even make a splash.

This was a spell technique that had consumed 80% of Jiang Li’s and his clone’s spiritual qi in an instant. Every single giant tree was not something that cultivators below the Core Formation realm could deal with.

Even if five or six Golden Cores joined forces, they might not be able to break through this tree world.

Then, the huge trees directly surged into the warehouse and medicine garden. Even the soil, spiritual herbs, shelves, and spirit mines were violently swept over and stuffed into the Yin Burial Coffin.

In just a short fifteen minutes, the two large warehouses and a medium-grade spiritual farm had completely disappeared. Not even a single piece of spiritual soil was left.

Then, Jiang Li formed another hand seal. The tree world did not seem to have changed much above.

But underground, a large number of roots grow.

While destroying the hidden array formation underground, they surged towards the battlefield.

Just like the inverted statue in the underwater graveyard, it took away all the corpses from the ground and dragged them into the coffin.

Roots with spiritual qi also formed a network underground to intercept the souls that were sucked into the ground.

Although the casualties on the battlefield were still so high, under his capture, the flesh, blood, and souls stolen by the array formation were greatly reduced.

However, the commotion caused by Jiang Li’s Nine Nether Tree Realm was still a little too great.

He had originally thought that since cultivators above the Golden Core realm were suppressed by the seniors of the three major sects, they should not be able to free themselves no matter what.

However, a gray medicinal pill flew over from somewhere and easily passed through the dense Nine Nether Tree Realm, appearing in front of Jiang Li.

Then, a shadow appeared on the pill and transformed into a robed figure in front of him.

“You’re the one who killed Elder Tingxin?”

The robed phantom looked at Jiang Li as if it was satisfied with him?

“You’re indeed a handsome young man. It’s your honor to die at my hands.”

When he heard these indifferent words and saw this indifferent face, Jiang Li’s hair immediately stood on end while his pupils constricted, and he shouted in his mind that his life was over!

Wasn’t this the Hundred Tempering Mountain Sect Master, Situ Fengzhu?! Wasn’t he fighting the Shu Mountain elders! How could he be distracted and appear here?

Before he could think further, the gray pill shot out and hit him.


Jiang Li’s figure suddenly flew backwards, smashing apart several huge trees that he had created before finally stopping.

A mouthful of blood flowed out of his mouth and out of his nose. He had seven broken ribs.

“Oh? You’re still fine?”

Situ Fengzhu was slightly surprised, but if it was not for the Dragon Imprisoning Lock that wrapped around his body blocking it and the Nine Nether clone outside suffering most of the damage, Jiang Li would have been heavily injured even if he did not die.

However, after spitting out two mouthfuls of blood, Jiang Li felt a little more at ease.

The other party’s clone could only unleash the strength of a Nascent Soul cultivator. The strike just now was even weaker than Situ Tingxin.


Jiang Li shouted loudly and let his fellow disciples escape in all directions. He sank and directly fused into the huge tree behind him!

In the next moment, the huge tree was instantly pierced by the pill. However, Jiang Li’s true body could not be seen within.

“Hmph, Wood Escape? Let’s see how many times you can run!”

Among the five elements, each had its own escape technique. Earth Escape and Water Escape were the most common, and Jiang Li was using Wood Escape at this moment!

The illusory figure turned around and instantly discovered Jiang Li’s location. The pill shot over again, and another huge tree was directly interrupted from the middle.

Amidst the fragments that filled the sky, there was a trace of blood, but Jiang Li was still not seen.

The escape technique he had grasped was not high-grade, and it was far from comparable to the Earth Dust Scripture. However, with the enhancement of the Nine Nether clone, it was completely enough to make him become extraordinary.

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