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Chapter 218 - : Relic Versus Black Lotus!

Chapter 218: Relic Versus Black Lotus!

“Old Demon Black Lotus! My Benevolent Travel Temple will not rest until you die!”

Abbot Le Ku and the three Nascent Soul elders chased after the other party crazily.

The more they fought, the more ferocious they became. Waves that seemed to tear through space continuously exploded in the sky.

Under the envelopment of the black lotus halo, the Relic Pagoda’s suppression weakened further. The temple’s protective array was already in danger.

At this moment, after receiving this kind of double damage from the internal and external collisions, it immediately could not endure the burden and several huge holes appeared in the air.

The flying ship had already flown to the top of the Benevolent Travel Temple. Taking advantage of the situation, a large number of demonic cultivator and rogue cultivator sect disciples rode their artifacts into the array formation.

They burned, killed, and plundered, committing all kinds of crimes in this thousand-year-old ancient temple that stood tall in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

This caused the entire Benevolent Travel Temple to no longer have a safe place.

Battles were happening everywhere. A large number of low-level disciples had nowhere to escape, but the fatal black circle was still expanding. Many disciples could not escape in time and were enveloped inside.

Ordinary Foundation Establishment disciples would not even be able to last a minute under the black circle of light before their lifespan would be snatched away and they would fall to the ground as dried corpses.

There was no need to mention the Qi Refinement realm disciples. The Buddhist light on their bodies would be instantly swallowed by the darkness.

Demon Awakening! Plant Army!

As Jiang Li retreated, he used the Demon Awakening Technique to summon a large number of small demons to assist the heavily injured monks in retreating.

However, due to the influence of the Sword Furnace in his body, he could only use 30% of the spiritual qi, so he was unable to summon powerful demons to participate in the battle.

“Master Le Yuan, what are you doing?”

Jiang Li and the others retreated repeatedly, but Master Le Yuan did not leave the black circle with them.

Instead, he pressed his palms together and ran towards the black circle. His feet increased in speed as he directly rushed into the death domain.

Master Le Yuan was enveloped by a black halo. Thick black qi enveloped him. Wrinkles appeared on his face, and patches of color appeared on his skin. He was aging at a visible speed.

However, Jiang Li discovered that the speed of aging on Le Yuan was far lower than other monks.

It seemed that there was indeed no such thing as an invincible power in this world. Although the power of this black circle was terrifying and strange, it was not impossible to resist.

From the palms of Le Yuan, a golden light was constantly emitting. It was that golden light that resisted the corrosion of the black lotus.

“What does he want to do?”

Senior Brother Xiang also stopped. The two of them looked at Le Yuan’s back and did not know why he had rushed into the black circle.

Master Le Yuan could not completely resist that force. Under the envelopment of the black lotus, he did not look too good.

Moreover, the closer he got to the black lotus, the slower his speed became. Clearly, he had suffered quite a bit of pressure.

However, before he could walk halfway, more than twenty black shadows suddenly fell from the sky and pounced towards Master Le Yuan who was advancing with difficulty.

Each figure had four arms and three eyes and did not look human at all. From the looks of it, they were quite similar to the sword cultivator clone that was in the form of an asura.

It turned out that this black circle not only enveloped downwards, but it also tore open the formation light membrane above their heads. Ordinary cultivators would similarly be attacked when they entered this black circle of light and their lives would be taken away by the black lotus.

However, these monsters were not like this. They were thrown off the ship and landed in the black circle of light.


The monsters did not leave the black circle and only circled around the black lotus. At this moment, as Master Le Yuan entered the black circle, he attracted the attention of all the monsters.

Twenty to thirty monsters brandished their four sharp claws and pounced at him.

Those monsters were very powerful and carried a strange power of chaos. Judging from their auras, they were basically all at the Core Formation realm.

Wasn’t this the Black Lotus Demon Army that had brought huge trouble to the Shu Mountain alliance army of the Scripture Storage Valley 200 years ago?

The Black Lotus Demon soldiers swarmed forward. Master Le Yuan was like a rag doll that was violently snatched by many children as he was torn apart by claws and fangs.

Moreover, after receiving the corrosion of the chaotic power carried by the Black Lotus Demon soldiers, his spiritual qi began to quickly dissipate.

In just a few seconds, his face turned red. This was a sign that the Palm Meditation Technique had reached its limit.


The pitch-black Dragon Imprisoning Lock flew over from behind and wrapped around his waist twice.

Jiang Li and Senior Brother Xiang Yuanba worked together to pull back. The Dragon Imprisoning Lock escaped from the monster’s mouth with Master Le Yuan and flew out of the black circle.

However, this pull was too powerful, almost breaking the other party’s Palm Meditation that had already reached its limit.

The three of them retreated for a while more. The group of four-handed Demon soldiers chased to the edge of the black circle and did not continue. Instead, they returned to the vicinity of the black lotus and continued to wander.

“Master Le Yuan, what are you doing?”

Jiang Li could not understand why the other party rushed into the black circle for no reason.

However, Master Le Yuan looked at his fellow disciples who were constantly swallowed by the black circle and the monsters who were constantly roaring in the black circle. His face was filled with pain and despair.

“It’s over, it’s over, it’s all over! Benefactor Jiang, Benefactor Xiang, leave quickly.”

Master Le Yuan urged Jiang Li and the other two to leave, wanting to rush into the black circle to seek death again.

Jiang Li saw that his expression was a little off and stopped him. After thinking for a moment, he asked again.

“Master Le Yuan, do you have a solution? Tell us, maybe we can help?”

The current situation could be said to be very, very bad. There were fights and chaotic battles everywhere, and there were enemy warships floating above their heads.

So what if they could break through the battle and escape outside the temple? They would still be targeted by others.

Jiang Li did not want to try the power of the warship’s spiritual qi cannon.

“It’s too late. The black circle has expanded. There are still those monsters blocking it. It’s already too late!”

Master Le Yuan actually broke through his meditation on his own. He opened his palms and revealed a golden bone-like pearl.

It was a Buddhist relic!

This was the benefit of becoming a disciple of the previous generation’s Divine Monk.

It turned out that there had always been a relic hidden in his hands.

No wonder Master Le Yuan’s meditation cultivation was so fast. It was because of such a treasure!

On the black lotus were five relics. As long as he struck another one, they would be able to overwhelm the black lotus!


Jiang Li and Senior Brother Xiang spoke at the same time, but in the end, Jiang Li was a step faster and took the relic first.

Originally, the best situation would be for a cultivator above the Nascent Soul realm to take the relic and break the black lotus.

However, in the current situation, they were almost about to be slaughtered. It was impossible to find a free Nascent Soul in a short period of time.

Moreover, the focus on cultivators at or above the Nascent Soul realm was too large. If they deliberately approached the black lotus, they might even attract the powerful obstruction of the enemy.

From the looks of it, it would depend on the two of them to send this key item to where it should be.

“Junior Brother Jiang, my cultivation level is higher than yours so I should go!”

As the disciple who was the first to enter Elder He’s tutelage, Xiang Yuanba treated himself as an elder brother. Usually, he would show concern, so how could he let his junior brother take such risks?

However, Jiang Li shook his head and did not agree.

Jiang Li held the relic in his hand. The Anti-Demon Golden Skin on his body reacted, and its power increased by several times.

“Senior Brother, I have the Overlord Body Art, so my speed is faster. Now is not the time to be modest. It’s more suitable for me to go.”

“Also, Senior Brother, you have to be bait to lure those guys away. You might be in even more danger than me.”

Now was not the time to be polite. Jiang Li directly stated his plan in a few words, bluntly asking his senior brother to act as bait and draw the enemy away.

There were 20 to 30 Demon soldiers, which meant 20 to 30 Core Formation cultivators. Although they did not have any intelligence, they were so powerful that even he was afraid of them.

He might not be able to charge through with brute force alone.

After Senior Brother Xiang heard this, he only hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

Whether it was more dangerous to use it as bait or to go deeper into the enemy depended on the risk of death.

As long as he lured away enough monsters, Jiang Li would be even safer. Moreover, he had seen Jiang Li’s monster-like defense.

Although he did not understand how it was possible, he was indeed inferior.

Just as Jiang Li had said, it was more suitable to leave it to him.

“You guys… if Benevolent Travel Temple can survive this calamity, we will definitely repay you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he directly cut open his wrist. Blood that carried golden threads surged out from the wound. He forced out his cultivation and blood essence.

Using the method of sacrificing his own cultivation, he increased the chances of Jiang Li and the other person succeeding.

The golden blood poured into the relic, and a warm current immediately enveloped Jiang Li.

[Enshrouded by the Buddhist light of the relic. Added Status: Buddhist Light Relic]

[Buddhist Light Relic: Buddhist light protects the body, becoming invulnerable to all evil. The comprehension of Buddhist cultivation methods has increased by 100%] (− +)

Jiang Li nodded at his senior brother who stopped hesitating. They charged towards the sides of the circle of light.

Senior Brother Xiang was the first to rush into the black circle. The monsters were immediately attracted to him and rushed in his direction.

After silently counting to three, Jiang Li plunged into the black circle.

Upon entering, he realized how terrifying the power of the black lotus was.

Under the enhancement of dozens of statuses, Jiang Li’s resistance was astonishing.

However, even so, after being enveloped by the black circle, he felt that his spiritual qi, life force, and stamina were quickly draining away.

Furthermore, as he got closer to the demonic lotus, the speed at which he lost it became faster.

On the interface, one point of life, spiritual qi, and stamina would be deducted every second from the beginning.

Soon, it became five points of health, five points of spiritual qi, and five points of stamina loss per second.

One had to know that Jiang Li currently had many high-level resistance statuses such as the Buddhist Relic, Overlord Body Art, Yin-Yang Golden Core, Sword Heart, and so on.

His overall resistance should not lose to a Golden Core cultivator, or even surpass them.

If it was an ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator, the impact they would suffer would be a hundred times greater than his.

At this moment, the Black Lotus Demon soldiers also sensed Jiang Li’s existence.

Although Senior Brother Xiang fought desperately, a portion of the Demon soldiers still separated and rushed towards him.

Jiang Li did not stop. He shook his hand and threw out the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, wrapping it around the two Demon soldiers who did not know how to dodge.

Then, green light flickered on his right hand, and a wooden sword grew out from his hand. The Asura Sword Heart was stimulated.

Asura Sword Heart Slash!

A bright sword light with traces of blood-red flashed past and cut the two Demon soldiers in front of him into pieces.

Senior Brother Xiang risked his life in obstructing them so there were only four Demon soldiers who came to stop Jiang Li, allowing him to move uninterrupted.

After dodging the falling corpses, Jiang Li picked up an iron ring on the ground. Then, he stepped on the air and directly rushed towards the black lotus above him.

However, he looked puzzled at this moment.

When he activated the Asura Sword Heart earlier, the three deductions that had reached 20 points per second seemed to have suddenly disappeared for a second.

Not only that, but the two Demon soldiers seemed to have lost their animosity towards him at that instant. That was why they were easily killed by his sword light.

However, there was no time for Jiang Li to think. At this moment, the flying ship in the sky threw another 20 Demon soldiers down and wanted to stop Jiang Li.

If he was caught by them, he would definitely be stalled to death here.

With a thought, the Asura Sword Heart was stimulated with all his might, causing his eyes to be dyed red as sharp killing intent seeped out from his body.

On the other hand, the Demon soldiers that pounced towards him excitedly suddenly stopped, and they glanced at Jiang Li with puzzled gazes before ignoring him.

Jiang Li actually brushed past them without any bloodshed.

The asura power in the Asura Sword’s heart also came from the Black Lotus Ruins. Could it be that these Demon soldiers treated him as one of them?

After passing through this obstruction, Jiang Li was already extremely close to the black lotus. With his speed, he would only be able to touch it for a moment!

The demonic cultivator above was shocked when he saw the Black Lotus Demon soldiers suddenly stopping. He did not care about the black circle’s indiscriminate damage and directly jumped down from the flying ship. He struck out with the Demonic Palm to stop Jiang Li.

However, it was already too late.

Jiang Li took the initiative to press the relic onto the black lotus.


Although this relic was not augmented by the Six Clarity Incantation and was unable to completely reverse the demonic transformation of the lotus platform, this was enough to crush the subtle balance between the two forces.

The Buddhist power at the center of the lotus platform began to swell, rivaling the demonic qi in the lotus.

The eyes of the six monks inside lit up, and the tightly closed lotus flower petals finally exposed a crack!

“Kid! How dare you ruin our grand plan! You’re courting death!”

A Nascent Soul realm Demonic Palm grabbed at Jiang Li like it was grabbing a chick, as if it wanted to crush him in exasperation!

Jiang Li had only entered the cultivation world for a year. Being able to fight a Core Formation cultivator was already his limit.

In front of a Nascent Soul cultivator, he was still so weak and helpless.

However, just as the monstrous Demonic Palm was about to grab Jiang Li, it suddenly stopped, and it was unable to move at all.

A large hand that was covered in wrinkles grabbed the right hand of the demonic cultivator tightly.

With a bang, blackish-red flesh was squeezed out from the gap between the fingers. The monstrous Demonic Palm was directly crushed into a meatball!

As for the demonic cultivator, his expression turned from ferocious to terrified.

Six giant monks had appeared beside him at some point in time.

He was at the Nascent Soul realm and was a renowned True Cultivator in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

However, in front of these six people, he was also helpless and only slightly better than a chicken.

In an instant, this demonic cultivator was torn into pieces.

Jiang Li was beside them. This violent scene shocked his young heart deeply.

After the six of them crushed the Nascent Soul demonic cultivator, they looked at Jiang Li.

Before he could speak, the six super monks bowed to him in unison.

“Little friend of the Scripture Storage Valley, thank you for everything you’ve done for the Benevolent Travel Temple. We can’t thank you enough!”

“It’s dangerous elsewhere. Little friend, stay here for the time being. Leave the rest to us!”

The six monks each shot out a golden light that landed on the Relic Pagoda. Immediately, the Buddha Pagoda emitted a golden light that instantly suppressed it. The black circle that spread out immediately dissipated from the demonic lotus that was experiencing a battle of Buddhist and demonic energies.

“Hundred Tempering Mountain! You colluded with the demonic cultivators to attack our sect!”

“Today! We’ll definitely let you all taste the Vajra’s wrath!”

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