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Chapter 215 - Demonized Buddha Lotus!

Chapter 215: Demonized Buddha Lotus!

It was obvious at a glance that the golden lotus flower was an extraordinary item. With just a glance, it was dazzling.

If this thing was exposed in the Immortal Ascension Assembly, there would be no need for the monks to waste their breath. At the very least, there would be a few thousand young people who would immediately convert to Buddhism and stop dreaming about other prospects.

After his eyes adapted to the dazzling golden light for a long time, Jiang Li saw that there were six old monks sitting cross-legged on the golden lotus.

It could be seen how large this lotus platform was. Six burly old monks sat on it, and the space seemed more than enough.

These six people were clearly in seclusion for this Buddhist treasure.

It was no wonder that they could not come out to deal with the esteemed guests of the Scripture Storage Valley these few days.

After all, to them, no matter how important something was, could anything be more important than the birth of a Buddhist treasure?

Moreover, to cultivators with long lifespans, three to five days was really nothing.

“Disciples, recite the scriptures to welcome the birth of the Buddhist treasure!”

A monk shouted loudly. The tens of thousands of disciples below immediately calmed down and chanted Buddhist scriptures in unison.

The six Divine Monks also responded. With a wave of their hands, they triggered the golden lotus that they sat on. Buddhist light scattered out and landed on all the cultivators present.

However, the Buddhist light that landed on Jiang Li and the others was clearly much thinner.

[Enshrouded by Buddha Light. Added Status: Golden Lotus Buddha Light.]

[Golden Lotus Buddha Light: Heart stays at peace. Expels evil and destroys malice. Mind+1, Enlightenment+1, Constitution+1. Duration: 30 minutes] (− +)

Jiang Li looked at the status on the interface. As expected, the effect of this bit of Buddhist light was not very good.

It was basically slightly better than a Concentration Incense.

When he was young, he might have been excited, but now, it was better than nothing.

This was because the Buddhist light was distributed to more than ten thousand cultivators present. These disciples of Benevolent Travel Temple would even use Buddhist cultivation methods to actively draw and absorb the Buddhist light.

Although Jiang Li and the others were at the front, the Buddhist light that they could receive was also minimal.

At this moment, just as all the disciples of the Benevolent Travel Temple lowered their heads and seriously chanted the Buddhist scripture…

Jiang Li discovered that the group from the Hundred Tempering Mountain opposite him was not interested in this Buddhist light at all. No one took the initiative to absorb it. They only looked at the golden lotus and seemed to be doing something. In fact, there were less than half of the people present.

In order to prevent any conflict between the two sides and tear down their temple, the Benevolent Travel Temple’s people specially arranged their positions very far away, so Jiang Li did not pay too much attention to them. Now, looking at their actions, there was something strange about everything.

Logically speaking, such a rare event should be something that everyone wanted to witness. No matter how small the bonus was, it was still something. Ordinary people would not reject it.

Something was amiss and Jiang Li instinctively became vigilant.

He looked left and right before following the gazes of the Hundred Tempering Mountain cultivators and casting his gaze towards the golden lotus platform.

This time, he saw something. At the bottom of the lotus platform, there seemed to be a dirty spot.

In the thick golden color, a spot that was not glowing was quite conspicuous.

Jiang Li widened his eyes and took a closer look. There seemed to be something stuck there.

“This is… a worm?”

On the resplendent Buddhist lotus, there was a fat and strong leech that was as thick as an adult’s arm.

Jiang Li frowned and had just sensed that something was amiss when the blood leech exploded.

A ball of smelly blood that was pitch-black dyed the bottom of the golden lotus dirty.

The lotus platform that should not have been tainted was like a sponge at this moment. With a blind effort, it absorbed all the evil blood.

In the next moment, monstrous demonic qi suddenly surged out, tearing apart the golden light that enveloped it and breaking through the auspicious qi that filled the sky. Dark clouds rumbled as they covered the surrounding area.

The golden Buddha Lotus instantly shed its Buddhist light and turned black. The Buddhist power that poured out of the lotus platform also suddenly transformed into vicious demonic qi!

The tens of thousands of monks present spat out a mouthful of black blood when they were struck by this huge change. They had actually drawn the demonic qi into their bodies without any defense and were injured on the spot.

“What’s going on! Six Clarity Incantation! Not good!”

The expressions of the six Divine Monks sitting on the lotus platform changed drastically. They had clearly completely eliminated the demonic nature of this lotus flower, so how could it suddenly turn from Buddha to Demon!

They were just about to escape and use the Six Clarity Incantation to suppress the demonic lotus again, but the petals of the lotus suddenly closed inward, forming a confined space that directly locked the six of them in.

The few monks immediately wanted to break out of the lotus, but the quality of this lotus platform was extremely high and firm. Moreover, it had experienced the process of transforming from a demon to a Buddha before transforming into a demon again. Its resistance to Buddhist power was extremely shocking.

As a result, with the methods of these six people, they were unable to escape for a time.

This lotus platform had once eaten people!

In the confined lotus space, chaotic and evil demonic qi surged out and crazily corroded their Buddhist bodies.

If they could not escape in time, these six Divine Monks might die here.

“Damn it! The Relic Pagoda! Suppress it!”

Abbot Le Ku, who had been staying in the Relic Pagoda and did not leave, was shocked when he saw this scene.

He hurriedly activated the Benevolent Travel Temple’s core Relic Pagoda. A golden light enveloped the sky and was about to suppress the demonic lotus again.

However! Stab!

A strange black vajra staff pierced through the monk’s back and chest!

“Kong’e! You! It’s you!”

“What have you done!”

His Buddhist body was pierced through and intense pain assaulted him. A strange demonic qi surged into his body from the black vajra staff.

Abbot Le Ku took three steps forward and turned his head to look at the monk, Kong’e, who he had always respectfully addressed as his Uncle-Master!

Due to his identity, from the day that the demonic lotus entered the temple, he was assigned the responsibility of guarding it.

After 200 years, the monks of the Benevolent Travel Temple burned incense and continuously chanted scriptures, spending a lot of effort to cleanse this lotus platform.

However, at this moment, the lotus platform that had been purified from a demon to a Buddha with great difficulty had actually failed!

Kong’e had actually suddenly attacked him for no reason. Moreover, his attacks were vicious and ruthless. This time, he was definitely going to die.

Without a doubt, this matter was definitely related to the other party!

“What did I do? Martial Nephew Le Ku, you’re really ignorant. Can’t you tell at this point?”

Monk Kong’e’s expression was twisted to the extreme. From his face, one could see excitement, hatred, and various other expressions. It seemed that he had long wanted to stab with the staff.

He took out a brocade box from his bosom and casually threw it to the ground, breaking it into a few pieces. On the surface of the broken piece, there was a layer of slippery and disgusting mucus. This brocade box should have contained something disgusting before.

Kong’e walked to the place where the Buddhist lotus was originally placed. He stepped on the ground and shattered it, revealing an empty rectangular secret compartment below.

“Martial Nephew Le Ku, do you understand now? I’ve been waiting for a long time today!”

Abbot Le Ku was no fool. His expression instantly turned into extreme shock.

It turned out that all these years, while the monks in the temple were constantly purifying the demonic lotus, someone had been secretly stealing the demonic qi.

Today, he replenished the demonic qi, causing the lotus flower that had finally turned into a Buddhist treasure to instantly return to its original form!

The person who did this vile act was Kong’e!

“You! You! You’re not worthy to be a monk of the Benevolent Travel Temple! Men! Take Kong’e down!”

The green-black qi on Abbot Le Ku’s face churned incessantly, and the situation in his body was even worse.

Monk Kong’e knew his Abbot very well. If he wanted to launch a sneak attack, he naturally had to be fully prepared. Even if Abbot Le Ku’s cultivation was profound, an attack with this staff was enough to deal with him.

Le Ku sent a voice transmission out, wanting to summon the other elders to capture Kong’e. However, the screams and shouts outside the pagoda also sounded at this moment!

“Kong’e! Kong’e! Kong’e!”

“You actually colluded with the demonic cultivators to attack the sect!! I want to kill you! You are our greatest shame!”

Through the Relic Pagoda, which was the core of the Benevolent Travel Temple’s array, Abbot Le Ku immediately learned of the tragic situation in the temple.

His benevolent eyes instantly transformed into a furious gaze. He actually stopped suppressing his injuries and allowed the surging demonic qi to wreak havoc in his body before he pounced towards Kong E who was still complacent!

Outside the Relic Pagoda, Jiang Li was shocked when he saw the black lotus flower.

After changing its color, it looked a little familiar!

After realizing that something was wrong, before he could cut off his connection with the Buddhist light, it had already transformed into a demonic light!

Fortunately, the three of them were not Buddhist cultivators, so they did not have any Buddhist wisdom.

The connection with the original Buddhist light was weak to begin with. Although the process of turning from Buddha to Demon was a little sudden, it did not affect them much.

This was especially true for Jiang Li. The Buddhist light status on others had vanished, but his had not. It was just enough to offset that slight effect.

He raised his eyes and stared fixedly at the black demonic lotus, wanting to recall where he had seen or heard of this thing.

However, at this moment, the stone statues placed around the square suddenly exploded, and hundreds of black-robed cultivators jumped out.

Looking at the dense black qi on their bodies, it was almost identical to what Jiang Li had seen under the Demon Subduing Pagoda. They were actually a group of demonic cultivators who had used brilliant methods to hide in the stone statues and sneak into the temple!

Jiang Li slapped his forehead and cursed himself for being careless!

When he saw the group of people from the Hundred Tempering Mountain enter the temple, he subconsciously thought that the black color he saw in the dream was the group of cultivators from the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

Later on, because of the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s arrival, he changed his mind and did not want to verify it again.

Now, it seemed that he had seen this group of demonic cultivators hiding in the stone statues!

The wills and minds of demonic cultivators were different from ordinary cultivators. Under the influence of the demonic cultivation methods, all kinds of evil thoughts were tainted and would fill their consciousness.

Only they could produce such a degree of black color in the sound world’s perspective!

Their Buddha Treasure Golden Lotus had been tampered with and enemies were even brought into the temple undetected! This Benevolent Travel Temple was definitely infiltrated!

There must be a spy in their temple! This spy’s status was definitely not low!

However, he could not think too much at this moment because those demonic cultivators were not kind people. It was impossible for them to be merciful.

The group of demonic cultivators who jumped out of the stone statue waved their butcher knives in anticipation and began to slaughter the low-level disciples outside.

Among these demonic cultivators, the weakest was at the Foundation Establishment realm, followed by the Core Formation realm. There were even several Nascent Soul demonic cultivators present.

With this, the low-level disciples of Benevolent Travel Temple were even more helpless than lambs waiting to be slaughtered!

“Damn it! How can this be!”

“Le Xiu, Le Qiu, Le Chen, go help the Uncle-Masters escape!”

“Le Tan, Le Che, Le Chi, Le Hen, and all my Benevolent Travel Temple’s monks! Follow me to face the enemies!”

With the help of the Nascent Soul in his body, the elder of Benevolent Travel Temple, who still had a bloody trail on his mouth, barely stabilized his injuries. He roared and faced the demonic cultivators who were slaughtering low-level disciples.

However, the people who came were not weak. On the other hand, they were injured and there were disciples beside them. The monks were fighting with their hands and feet tied.

Moreover, this was not the only place where the invaders appeared. The other important areas of Benevolent Travel Temple were also ablaze.

They still had to spare some people to suppress the others and rescue the six Divine Monks trapped in the demonic lotus in time.

This was not a good condition to begin with, but they had to divert their strength and be restricted. Under so many difficulties, the dignified Benevolent Travel Temple was actually suppressed by hundreds of people on their own territory.

“Scripture Storage Valley, everyone from the Hundred Tempering Mountain! Please lend a hand! Benevolent Travel Temple will definitely reward you handsomely!”

When a Benevolent Travel Temple monk saw the two groups of people standing on the spot, he immediately asked for help.

Before Elder He could say anything, the Hundred Tempering Mountain took the lead to give their answer.

Ten disciples with indifferent expressions walked out from the crowd and spread among the monks lying on the ground. They brazenly self-destructed!

The terrifying poisonous fog instantly engulfed a large area, corroding the flesh and bones!

10% of the share for substitute refinement? That was just nonsense. They had long found a more suitable ally.

Since their actions had already been discovered by the Scripture Storage Valley, they would go all out and brazenly launch their plan to take down the Benevolent Travel Temple, one of the four major sects of the Great Mountain Region, and obtain the demonic treasure that was kept here!

As long as they obtained that demonic treasure, coupled with the hidden trump cards of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, they would not be afraid even if the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak and the Scripture Storage Valley joined forces!

In the end, only their Hundred Tempering Mountain would remain and rule the Great Mountain Region!

These ten self-destructing Medicine Men were all Foundation Establishment cultivators. The power of their self-destruction was at least ten times that of Ding Chuyi from the Great Mountain Region!

The terrifying poisonous fog exploded and corroded the ground, forming a purple-black poisonous swamp that surrounded the Relic Buddha Pagoda.

Even the soil and rocks had been corroded to such an extent. How could the monks in the poisonous fog still be alive?

The poisonous swamp even assimilated their corpses and continued to spread outwards.

The Hundred Tempering Mountain’s Medicine Men self-destructed from behind and dealt another heavy blow to Benevolent Travel Temple’s monks. They were stabbed in the back and suffered an unbearable blow.

Three waves of attacks in a row were interlinked and connected step by step, directly beating the dignified Benevolent Travel Temple until it could not find its bearings.

Jiang Li felt a chill run down his spine when he saw this scene. The lethality of having a traitor could really surpass an army of thousands.

As for Situ Tingxin, he clearly hated the Scripture Storage Valley to the bone.

If not for Jiang Li and Le Yuan, their Hundred Tempering Mountain would have been able to obtain the first place on the White Rankings. There would not have been such a situation now!

Therefore, when he saw that Jiang Li was also at the Benevolent Travel Temple, he was rather happy.

Apart from the ten Medicine Men, another group pounced at them.

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