Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Pill Testing Disciple

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Jiang Li glanced at the noticeboard. Many of the missions on the noticeboard for the initial-stage Qi Refinement cultivators were long term.

These missions could be divided into several categories.

One: ‘Physical labor’, this kind of mission was mostly issued directly by the sect, and it was the mission with the least difficulty and the lowest remuneration amongst all the missions. Cleaning, transporting supplies, and other heavy and dirty work belonged to this type.

Ordinary healthy mortals could do it. It was also for those disciples who had yet to draw qi into their bodies a year later.

Two: “Technical labor”, these missions were mostly issued by the sect’s mining factories, spirit fields, herb gardens, and other organizations. The mission content was mostly about mining, farming, reclaiming spirit fields, and other jobs.

Due to the difference between the excavation of spirit mines and the planting of spiritual materials and plants in the mortal world, disciples often needed to reach the Qi Refinement realm and master certain techniques before they were qualified.

Three: “Spiritual qi labor”, experienced outer sect disciples would know that this kind of mission was actually quite difficult.

For example, the mission of the disciple fanning the flames of the pill furnace needed them to continuously send out spiritual qi of Fire or Wood for two whole hours. Ordinary Qi Refinement disciples would not be able to withstand it. The Qi Recovery Pills in the reward would usually be consumed on the spot.

If one did not have a certain amount of accumulation in the initial-stage Qi Refinement realm, or rather, Level 3 in the information panel for Jiang Li, it was best not to try. Otherwise, one’s Qi Sea might be damaged and one’s cultivation level would decrease. The gains would not make up for the losses.

Four: “Harvesting labor”, such missions were usually done outside. The mission issuer would state a specific material, and the location information would be provided. The disciples would then go and search for it.

This was also the only mission that an initial-stage Qi Refinement realm disciple could take on. During the course of the mission, there would often be some unexpected gains, extra income, and the favor of many opportunists.

However, because they were out of the sect’s territory, there would often be a certain amount of risk in the process of gathering the items. Disciples needed to have a certain degree of ability to protect themselves and also a certain amount of knowledge about spirit materials.

Five: “Injury labor”, this kind of mission was more controversial. It was famous for being quick to earn money, but every time they carried out a mission, they could not avoid some injuries, it was completely up to luck. This was the same as selling their life and body in exchange for spirit stones.

The “Ghost Needle Grass” and the “Pill Testing Disciple” missions were both similar. It was fine to collect Ghost Needle Grass, even if there was some bleeding, the swelling and pain in the palm would pass after a few days.

To a large extent, the action of being a pill testing disciple was a gamble. The sect would not feed you poison, but the effects of the newly developed pills and the side effects would require a bold and tough disciple to experience them personally.

All in all, as long as one did it, they would basically be able to succeed. The only difference was the price one had to pay.

Jiang Li licked his lips and suddenly smiled. He really liked some of the missions there.

The swaggering and smiling Jiang Li walked to the counter in the Mission Hall.

The female disciple at the counter, Su Xuewei, saw a disciple in front of her walking over with such a confident smile. She thought that he was going to take on some earth-shattering mission, or perhaps he had just completed some unbelievable task.

She hurriedly sat up straight and put on a smile to receive Jiang Li.

“Junior Brother, do you want to accept a mission, distribute a mission, or submit a mission?”

Indeed, this was a disciple who sat behind the counter in the Mission Area and easily handled the paperwork to obtain a huge remuneration. Could it be that someone really thought she was an outer sect disciple?

In the sect, these disciples who stayed in key positions and worked leisurely while receiving generous rewards were all inner sect disciples.

Some of them were extremely talented, some were promoted from the outer sect, and some were even born in the inner sect from birth.

Of course, the high and mighty inner sect disciples were not born with Foundation realm cultivation. They would also go through the Qi Refinement realm. At that time, they would take up these “official” positions, and Su Xuewei was one of them.

She might be young and her cultivation level was not high, but she could address all the outer sect disciples as Junior Brothers or Junior Sisters.

“Lit… Senior Sister, I want to accept this mission!”

Jiang Li almost called her little sister, but he changed his words in time and handed over a slip of paper with the words “Pill Testing Disciple” written on it.

After all, although the reward for this mission was high, it was not much different from the “human volunteers” who tried new drugs in his previous life.

“Yes, yes. You want to accept the herb-picking mission, right? Which material? Is it the snake demon’s gallbladder?”

Su Xuewei glanced at the note, clearly not seeing what was written on it. She actually replied something completely different, her big eyes blinking as she waited for Jiang Li to continue, making him feel a little embarrassed.

“Cough cough, Senior Sister, you saw the words on it, but you didn’t see them completely. Why don’t you take a look again?”

Su Xuewei was stunned for a few seconds before she looked at the note again.

“Pill. Testing. Disciple.”

She read out each word, causing the disciples around her to burst out laughing.

She had thought that he was taking an incredible mission, but to think it was just this.

“Oh, oh, oh. Junior Brother, I saw wrongly. It should be the “Pill Testing Disciple” mission. Give me your outer sect disciple identity token and I’ll register you.”

Jiang Li wished he could stuff her mouth shut. Why did she think he handed her a note? She even said it out loud…

Fortunately, there were no disciples he knew around him. As long as he acted normally, only others would feel awkward.

Jiang Li’s expression did not change as he finished registering the information, and then he took back the identity token before turning around and calmly leaving.

“Junior Brother, you have to be at the Alchemy Hall’s Pill Chamber at nine in the morning tomorrow. Don’t be late!”

“Oh right, Junior Brother! Take care of yourself!”

Before leaving, the girl still shouted this, loudly in fact.

This time, even more people heard it without any suspense. Those disciples who looked very down and out looked at him as if they saw their own kind.

It was only Jiang Li’s first day in the Mission Hall, and he was already about to die of embarrassment.

“Alright! Thank you for your reminder, Senior Sister!”

He did not know if this senior sister was doing this on purpose, but it caused Jiang Li to be rather depressed. After all, he would be too embarrassed if news were to spread.

Forget it, reputation and strength were incomparable.

Now, they were mocking him for being a drug-tester. But when he becomes powerful one day, he would definitely let them know what it meant to be unable to climb up the social ladder.

So, should he consider wearing a mask next time?

As Jiang Li thought about this, he directly walked into the outer sect’s graveyard. He had to come here every day to stroll about and conceal his cultivation speed.

In addition, before buying a real zombie, he wanted to find a kind senior brother and borrow his body temporarily.

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