Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 201 - Hundred Beast Jiang Li

Chapter 201: Hundred Beast Jiang Li

Heaven, Earth, Spirit, Body and Qi, he was trying to establish five top-notch Dao Foundations at once. The expenditure of spiritual qi was beyond immense.

He was like a black hole, crazily absorbing the spiritual qi of the outside world. In addition, the Yin Burial Coffin also advanced at the same time.

With two spiritual qi black holes, the exaggerated suction force caused the earth vein to reverse the flow of spiritual qi.

Under the corpse of the Ghostwood Demon King, dense Yin qi was drawn in.

The Yin Burial Coffin refined and absorbed it endlessly, forming a pure Yin Burial spiritual qi. The Yin Burial spiritual qi was absorbed by the Nine Nether Wood and transformed into an even higher-grade Nine Nether spiritual qi. In the end, it was absorbed by Jiang Li who was hiding in the trunk of the Nine Nether Wood.

Jiang Li had already temporarily stopped using the Spirit Surge Technique. A steady stream of high-grade spiritual qi was filled into his bottomless body.

One had to know that the concentration of spiritual qi at this level and the amount flowing into him was more than enough for Golden Core cultivators to cultivate.

Although Jiang Li was currently breaking through and the gap in his spiritual qi had increased exponentially, this was only breaking through to the Foundation Establishment realm. The speed at which he absorbed spiritual qi was almost a hundred times faster than when ordinary cultivators broke through!

From this, it could be seen how terrifying the Dao Foundation that Jiang Li was constructing was.

In his sea of consciousness, a wisp of the profound and mysterious Dao Essence was quickly circulating.

The Dao Essence circulated on the ground of the mental world. The originally empty and desolate ground suddenly shook. Five tall mountains that were divided into five elements and were as steep as swords rose under the movement of the earth veins. Dense Earth Vein Spirit Essence flowed within them, forming a Five Elements Grand Array Formation.

The Dao Essence passed through another thick blood fog. Immediately, dense beast roars sounded from the blood fog. The violent blood fiends transformed into strange demon beasts. They flew or ran, surging into the Five Elements Immortal Mountain that was still rising. They occupied the mountain and roared at the sky.

The Dao Essence flew to the center of the five immortal mountains. There, an ancient tree with inverted roots was suspended in midair. Five thickest roots extended out and took root on the five immortal mountains.

Countless ghosts with the aura of the Nine Nether surrounded it and howled as they flew. On the Nine Nether Wood, a large number of vines and roots stretched out and danced in the air, capturing them one by one and turning them into nutrients for the ancient tree to grow rapidly.

The Dao Essence flew into the sky. Two forces of life and death, one white and one black, constantly revolved in the center. A ball of pitch-black tribulation lightning was released from it, and as it constantly rolled and spread, the terrifying purple lightning in the dark clouds constantly flickered and brewed. Finally, after a bolt of lightning fell, pieces of pure white snowflakes fell from the dark clouds in the sky.

Above the lightning clouds, there was a full moon and three stars that revolved around it.

The full moon represented the materialization of Jiang Li’s Bodhisattva Heart Sutra. As for the three stars, one was blood-red, one was bright, and the other was dark. They represented the three Parallel Minds of Asura, Sword Cultivator, and Nine Nether.

The full moon became brighter and brighter under the selfless nourishment of the three stars. Jiang Li’s sea of consciousness also continuously expanded and became larger.

The spiritual qi of the Five Elements Immortal Mountain’s Earth Vein Spirit Essence was endless. It expanded along with the spatial boundary and continuously formed solid layers. However, the Golden Core was not Jiang Li’s own. It could not be modified with the cheat, which meant that the lightning tribulation in the aura of life and death was limited to an extent.

Soon, the thunderclouds stopped expanding. In the outer mental world, one could see the pale white sky when they looked up.

If such a flaw was born, once his Dao Foundation was formed, it would be extremely difficult to make up for it later.

However, Jiang Li did not care and only quietly waited for the opportunity to arrive.

In the outside world, a dark cloud suddenly condensed in the sky above the basin.

Thick bolts of lightning flashed through the dark clouds from time to time. Judging from the scene, it was practically the same as the lightning clouds in Jiang Li’s consciousness.

Although Jiang Li’s Quintet Foundation Establishment was very strong, this was only breaking through to the Foundation Establishment realm. In theory, there was no need to transcend the tribulation.

However, the Yin Burial Coffin was different. It was currently trying to advance into an Earth-rank artifact.

In the cultivation world, low-grade talismans and artifacts were used by the lowest level cultivators.

Low-grade Yellow-rank to high-grade Yellow-rank were the artifacts used by ordinary disciples or slightly affluent rogue cultivators.

On the other hand, Profound-rank artifacts had already started to be rare. Even though Jiang Li had seen quite a few, it was because he interacted with the top members of various sects within his level. He had just started cultivating and had entered the Scripture Storage Valley’s inner sect a few months ago, so the people he interacted with were either elite disciples or sect elders.

However, even to the elites of some sects, a Profound-rank artifact was very likely the best artifact they could obtain in their lives.

It was because Earth-rank artifacts were truly too rare.

In the entire cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region, there were only a few Earth-rank artifacts that were publicly known.

Moreover, they were either the ultimate treasure of a large sect or the greatest asset of a peak cultivation mighty figure.

When such a precious treasure appeared, a few lightning tribulations would strike it. That was the basic etiquette.

This place was the remains of the thousand-year-old Ghostwood Tree Spirit. Even if there were no dark clouds, there would still be lightning strikes from the clear sky every few days.

Coupled with the slightly “evil” advancement method of the Yin Burial Coffin, the might of this lightning tribulation would probably be slightly higher.

However, Jiang Li naturally had his own thoughts and preparations for choosing this place to advance.


A bolt of lightning landed on the ghostwood tree stump.

One had to know that carbon was a conduit. The completely carbonized tree stump had already become the best conduit for the lightning tribulation, guiding the lightning all the way underground.

However, the root network of the thousand-year-old ghostwood tree was complicated and wide. The carbon network with good conductivity flickered with blue lightning underground. This carbon network easily scattered the lightning tribulation into tens of millions of tiny bolts of lightning.

By the time these tiny bolts of lightning reached the coffin from all directions, the dispersed power could no longer cause any truly considerable damage to it.

However, the Yin qi on the surface dissipated for an instant before becoming even denser and more condensed.

Ever since Jiang Li obtained the high-grade spirit stone and came up with the status [Spiritual Qi Infusion], seven to eight months had passed.

In the beginning, he used about ten high-grade spirit stones a day for free, but later on, the status was upgraded to 20 high-grade spirit stones a day.

It was an immeasurable amount of spiritual qi. Almost no sect would use it so casually.

Most of these were thrown into the Yin Burial Coffin by Jiang Li and transformed into Yin Burial spiritual qi. This was another important factor that pushed the coffin to advance.

With such a large amount of Yin qi, the bit that was scattered by the tribulation lightning was nothing.

After the scattered lightning penetrated the coffin, before they could wreak havoc, the Nine Nether Wood stretched out its roots to receive it and was guided to absorb it into Jiang Li’s body.

With the Heavenly Lightning Indestructible Zombie Core in his body, Jiang Li was completely unafraid of ordinary lightning.

The scattered lightning penetrated his body and stimulated his Dao Foundation to accelerate its transformation. In the end, it was sealed and absorbed by the aura of Life and Death. Finally, it turned into a thundercloud in his consciousness that assisted the Heavenly Tribulation Dao Foundation to catch up to the spreading speed of the Earth Vein Dao Foundation. Together, they spread to the ends of his mental world.

Seven days later, in the desert.

“Kill all the men and leave the women behind! Haha, let’s get to work!”

The only desert in the Great Mountain Region was not like this. This used to be a lush mountain range and there were also prosperous human countries.

It was because the ghostwood tree demon king was too violent in the past that its body transformed into a technique that absorbed all the vitality of all the living beings in this area, causing a large expanse of mountains and rivers to transform into a desert.

In the past, tens of millions of people had died everywhere, but today, they were still buried under the yellow sand. This was the origin of the name Grave Mountain Desert!

After the baptism of time, although this desert was still barren, there was a special spiritual material that was growing tenaciously.

Burial Mound Grass Mushroom, a low-grade material that could accelerate cultivation but had certain side effects, was sought after by rogue cultivators at the Foundation Establishment realm and below.

As for the Burial Mound Grass Mushrooms that grew in the desert, they contained less moisture and more spores. Their quality was far better than the ordinary ones on the market, and they could often be sold for more than twice the market price.

Thus, many rogue cultivators chose to form teams and enter this desert to try their luck.

As a result, some desert bandits who wanted to obtain it without any effort were born.

This time, it was a collection team that encountered a group of desert bandits led by rogue Core Formation cultivators.

The cultivators who could come to this vast desert to try their luck were at most at the Foundation Establishment realm. Most of them were weak Qi Refinement realm cultivators. If they did not bring enough supplies, even getting lost and the sandstorm might take their lives.

When they encountered desert bandits, the probability of them escaping was really not high.

Just as the five bandits attacked the group with their artifacts, a dazzling light pierced the sky not far away.

“Big Brother, look, what’s going on over there?”

A Foundation Establishment bandit was attracted by the multicolored light. His movements slowed down and he was almost chased away by his prey.

However, when he caught up to the few pitiful rogue cultivators and cut them down, he realized that his boss was also staring at the light just like him.

“Treasure light, this is definitely treasure light! Little ones! It’s time for us, the Five Desert Heroes, to rise up!”

“That treasure light! That treasure light! High-grade Profound-rank? It’s even higher!”

He gulped, still reeling from the huge surprise.

“Let’s go! Once we obtain that treasure, we don’t have to stay in this damned place anymore. Hahaha! I, Boss Sha, want to establish my own sect!”

They threw away the blood on the ground and allowed the few remaining victims that evaded the net to escape into the distance. They did not plunder anything and directly carried the artifacts that were still covered in blood as they flew towards the place where the multicolored light shot into the sky.

In the withering basin, a ray of light pierced through the soil and continuously shot up into the sky, dissipating the dark clouds in the sky.

The light scattered in the sky. Even under the scorching sun at noon, it was extremely dazzling. Even from 50 kilometers away, one could clearly see it.

“Boss, there seems to be something wrong with this place.”

A cultivator bandit took a few steps closer and entered the electric charge field in the basin. This caused the electric charge to become static, causing his hair to stand on end.

The pressure of the lightning tribulation was still lingering on this land, making all of the hair on his body stand on end. His entire body was rejecting this place.

“Fool, can a precious treasure appear in your pigsty? It’s normal for this place to be strange.”

A few rogue cultivators jumped in and approached the place where the light came from.

With the height of this light, they were definitely not the only ones who discovered it. If they were a little later, it was hard to say if the treasure would be obtained by them.

“It’s here. The treasure must be under the tree trunk. Quickly get rid of it!”

The few desert bandits used their artifacts to smash the ghostwood stump.

However, with their methods, it was impossible for them to injure the remains of a thousand-year-old demon king, even if it was carbonized.

“Damn it, what is this? It’s just a piece of rotten wood. How can it be so hard?”

“Wait, something’s coming out. Haha, my treasure!”

At this moment, a coffin emerged from the charred ghostwood tree stump.

Jiang Li opened the coffin lid and walked out while stretching.

This Foundation Establishment process lasted for a full seven days, making him spend a lot of effort. Fortunately, everything was worth it.

The power contained in Jiang Li’s body was absolutely capable of shocking everyone.

The extremely firm and peerless Dao Foundation was the key that would allow him to walk on a smooth and wide path to reach the Immortal Dao!


However, Jiang Li had just come out of seclusion when he noticed a wretched-looking middle-aged cultivator looking at him, or rather, the coffin behind him, drooling non-stop.

“Kid! Quickly hand over the treasure! Otherwise… ugh—”

The rogue cultivator at the Core Formation realm Void Core stage had only said half a sentence when the rest of his voice was stuck in his throat.

It was because a right hand that was like a pair of iron pincers grabbed his throat.

“Otherwise what? I’ll be nervous if you scare me like that.”

Jiang Li grabbed the other party’s neck with one hand. A dignified Void Core cultivator was actually unable to withstand a single blow from him.

With his neck grabbed, no matter how he struggled or resisted, the right hand did not loosen at all. Instead, it tightened.

Seven days of Foundation Establishment allowed Jiang Li to be completely reborn. At this moment, his height had already surpassed the scope of a child and was 1.85 meters tall.

His figure was no longer as burly as before. After his Dao Foundation restored balance to his body, it returned to being proportionately slim.

However, his strength did not disappear. Instead, an endless amount of brute force lay dormant in this Dao body.

On the well-proportioned right arm, from the wrist to the right shoulder, there were dragon scale-like patterns.

This was the Hundred Beast Blood Tattoo that he had created using the blood of a hundred beasts in the Demon Suppression Tower. It was the Body Dao Foundation of his Foundation Establishment realm!

Just this hand alone was enough to suppress this Void Core Desert Bandit in front of him.

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