Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Spiritual Root Seed?

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“Right, I should get a water basin.”

From the look of the white-haired Scaled Demon’s rock, Jiang Li was 70% sure that there was a Scaled Demon’s egg inside. This was the white-haired Scaled Demon’s child.

Then the question was, what was the use of an egg of a Scale Demon?

He brought over a basin of water, which was filled with half a bucket of well water. Then, like beating an egg, he placed the rock above the basin. His thumbs pressed between the cracks of the rock and he slowly increased his strength!

Jiang Li was now a true internal force martial artist. His strength was comparable to a pair of iron pincers, and the nails that were infused with internal force were even sharper and tougher than daggers.

The originally imperceptible crack became larger bit by bit. One could see that inside, there was originally a type of white mucus that stuck the stone together.

He suddenly exerted strength!


A round object fell out from the rock and landed on the water basin, causing some splashes before floating on the surface of the water.

This… was a seed?

[Name: Spiritual Root Seed?]

[Type: Trash]

[Grade: Unknown]

[Note: Not recommended for consumption.]

He had guessed wrongly. What was hidden in this stone was not the egg of a Scaled Demon, but something that had been appraised as the spiritual root seed

Spiritual root… Could it be the spiritual root that he was thinking of?

This thing was called a spiritual root seed. Could it be that if it was planted in the soil and watered, it would grow a spiritual root?

Jiang Li was a little confused. Shouldn’t spiritual roots be an abstract form of cultivation talent?

Apart from his descendant root1, he did not think that he had any physical organs that could be called a “spiritual root”.

Moreover, after reading the appraisal result, there was a question mark behind the name of the spiritual root seed. This was a situation that had never happened before. Jiang Li also did not understand what it represented.

“Strange thing.”

After confirming that there was really nothing else in the rock, Jiang Li picked up the seed and studied it.

Apart from the hard shell of the seed, he did not discover anything else.

After some consideration, Jiang Li found a clay pot in the backyard of the dormitory. After filling it with soil, he watered it with water before planting the seed inside.

This thing should be quite valuable. The appraisal skill indicated that this thing could not be eaten. Since it was a seed, there should not be any problem looking at it.

He placed the pot on the table by the window on the second floor so that the sunlight could shine through the window.

During this time, Yan Hong came again and sent over the monthly allowance from his 19 lackeys.

The monthly allowance of low-grade spiritual root disciples was one spirit stone, five Qi Nourishing Pills and five Qi Recovery Pills.

There were a total of 19 spirit stones, 95 Qi Recovery Pills, and 95 Qi Nourishing Pills.

The two of them first took back their capital, which meant that Jiang Li had taken eight spirit stones, while Yan Hong had taken back two.

Then, they split the remaining items equally.

Although the 19 lackeys did not say it out loud, they were still unhappy about it. It seemed that they would need to be given some psychological counseling after some time.

“Jiang Li, I heard that a disciple with a high-grade spiritual root would need at least ten days to get into the Qi Refinement realm. The slower ones would need a month.”

“Disciples with medium-grade spiritual roots usually need one to three months, and this is under the condition of meditating every day.”

“As for the inferior-grade and low-grade spiritual roots, there’s no need to even mention them. Many disciples were unable to draw qi into their bodies even after the first year of the new disciples’ term ended.”

After such a long period of cultivation, both of them felt helpless.

“I’ll take it slow. Once I draw qi into my body, I’ll be able to use medicinal pills to aid me. At that time, things will be much easier.”

They ate dinner together again. To be honest, the food in the outer sect of the Scripture Storage Valley was quite good. There was no limit to the amount of meat and vegetables they could eat.

However, all the new outer sect disciples were not in the mood to enjoy delicacies.

The two of them ate very quickly. After complaining about how difficult it was to master the cultivation method, their bodies went back to meditating honestly.

In the following half a month, Jiang Li spent most of his time exploring the cultivation method.

He had attended several public lectures in the Outer Sect Study Hall.

This study hall actually had classes every day, but it was usually basic studies and reading classes.

The social structure of this world was very backward, and knowledge and popularization were very low.

Therefore, the usual classes were targeted at these new disciples who were still illiterate.

The weekly elder lecture was the thing that was truly valuable.

For example, the history of a cultivator’s origin, the interpretation of cultivation methods and terminology, the common errors of a cultivation newbie, the things to take note of when taking medicinal pills, etc.

Just like the classrooms in his previous life, the disciples loved to listen to the stories of the cultivation world that the elders and senior brothers talked about when they were bragging.

Such trivial knowledge rarely appeared in books, but it was essential knowledge on the path of cultivation.

Just a little bit of information from these elders would be able to save them a lot of trouble.

“Today’s lesson was really timely. I’ve been stuck at that part for five days without any progress. Tonight, I can definitely improve further.”

Yan Hong was extremely excited, as if he was about to break through to the Qi Refinement realm.

“Me too. Previously, I only noticed the effects of time on cultivation and neglected everything else. No wonder I feel so strange and sluggish every time I cultivate.”

Jiang Li was also enlightened.

“Oh right, where’s the thing I asked you to help buy? Is it here?”

“Yes, I’ve already bought it. It’s in my courtyard. However, spending a spirit stone for something like this is a huge loss for you this time.”

Yan Hong looked depressed, but Jiang Li did not seem to mind.

The same thing had different value in different people’s eyes.

Moreover, Jiang Li wanted it urgently, it was inevitable that the price would be a little higher.

When he returned to Yan Hong’s backyard, there was a log that needed at least two people’s arms to wrap around it.

Jiang Li went forward to take a look at the tree-ring. This tree was 69 years old, even older than his two lifetimes combined.

“Not bad, not bad. Thanks, brother. This is a big help.”

This was naturally a ghostwood tree. As it was just an ordinary ghostwood tree trunk, it could be bought in the secular world with money.

However, it was not easy to find an old ghostwood tree that was over 60 years old. Furthermore, he was in a sect in the cultivation world and was unable to borrow the power of the mortal world. Naturally, he could only spend an expensive spirit stone to purchase it.

He reached out to hug the tree trunk and exerted strength with his feet. The internal force of the ‘Age Tiger Technique’ spread throughout his entire body. The tree trunk, which was at least 400 kilograms in weight, was lifted up and carried on his shoulders.

“I’m going back. With the help of this thing, prepare to call me Senior Brother.”

Jiang Li was very confident. He carried the heavy tree trunk and walked far away.

Due to the fact that the class ended rather late today, the moon was already hanging high in the sky. He did not return to his dormitory directly, but instead headed towards a remote wasteland in the outer sect.

In this half a month’s time, he was not some ignorant fool who did not listen to outside matters and had already basically understood the basic terrain of the outer sect.

The place he was going to was a graveyard, a burial ground in the outer sect!

In the conversation with Yu Banxia, he had learned that the Scripture Storage Valley recruited 600 to 700 disciples every year, but the number of outer sect disciples was always around 8,000.

According to his understanding, there were only a few dozen outer sect disciples who could advance to the inner sect through the outer sect competition or breakthrough in cultivation every year.

What about the other disciples? Where did they go?

Some died because of a mistake in their cultivation…

Some disciples died in fights…

Some died during a mission…

In short, every day of a year, one or two people in the outer sect would die.

After many years, this unique scenery of the outer sect graveyard was finally created.

Under the moonlight, tombstones were erected next to tombstones. Burials were stacked on top of each other, and a cold wind was blowing. Ghost flames were floating in the air, and from time to time, ghostly wails could be heard.

The size of the graveyard did not look any smaller than the outer sect residential area, but the burial mound was still so crowded.

Jiang Li carried the ghostwood tree with him. His footsteps were very heavy, and from time to time, the crisp sounds of cracking could be heard.

Every inch of the ground below was probably covered in bones.

“Don’t blame me~ Don’t blame me~”

With such a large number of burial grounds and such a long history, it was normal for the place to become haunted.

Because this was a cultivation sect, any ghost or spirit that appeared would be easily dealt with. In the outside world, this place would definitely be a dangerous location for the living beings and the paradise of spirits and ghosts.

After finding a slightly flat piece of ground, Jiang Li lightly snorted and directly smashed the ghostwood tree on his shoulder into the ground.

“Damn it! My internal force is almost depleted.”

After resting for a while, he recovered completely.

Jiang Li hurriedly made preparations. He did not come here for a casual walk.

He threw off his shoes and stood with his feet apart, burying his bare feet into the soil. The cold and slippery feeling made him feel somewhat comfortable.

Under the moonlight, his shadow overlapped with the ghostwood tree.

Jiang Li slowly opened his hands. From the shadow, it was as if two branches had grown out of that ghostwood tree.

Standing there, Jiang Li closed his eyes and began to visualize and cultivate the “Ghost Wood Art” in the gloomy graveyard.

“Ghostwood! Ghost within the Wood!”

“Its roots drink the water of the Netherworld! Its leaves cover the moon in the sky!”

This time, Jiang Li felt that his cultivation session was far different from before. He could clearly feel the icy cold Yin-Wood qi energy within his reach, and it was still growing denser.

That was for sure. Although the outer sect disciples were not of a high rank and were not strong, they were still cultivators. After a cultivator died, the Yin qi and grievous aura produced by them would naturally surpass that of ordinary people.

Over the past 200 years, more than 10,000 outer sect disciples had been buried in this graveyard.

Therefore, even if it was not originally so, this graveyard had already been turned into a land of extreme yin.

As for ghostwood trees, they were Yin attribute in nature and could lure ghosts. In the secular world’s tradition, such trees were not allowed to appear around the graveyard.

However, this time, Jiang Li carried an old ghostwood tree that was over 69 years old and stood within the outer sect’s graveyard.

In an instant, a cold wind howled as dense Yin qi began to gather in Jiang Li’s direction. Ghost flames ignited in the air, and the number of wisps became more and more erratic.

Over a hundred green ghost flames surrounded Jiang Li and slowly drifted along with the Yin qi vortex.

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