Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: New Disciples

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“Haha, young man, don’t be afraid. That’s why I said you were lucky. Joining our Scripture Storage Valley is your best option.”

“Our Scripture Storage Valley has tens of thousands of cultivation methods and countless incomplete secret texts. When the time comes, as long as you choose a dual-attribute cultivation method that is compatible with your own attributes, not only will you be able to cultivate both Yin and Wood together, you might even be able to achieve twice the results with half the effort.”

This was the first time Jiang Li had heard of a dual-attribute cultivation method.

However, this was also very reasonable. It was just like how the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak had a way to allow the talent of Sword Heart to unleash power that surpassed the limits of the spiritual root grade.

Dual-attribute spiritual roots were also a type of talent. When there was no suitable cultivation method, it would be of little value, and there was little use in forcefully developing it. Only by possessing a suitable cultivation method would one be able to fully display the advantages of having a dual-attribute spiritual root.

“Thank you, Elder!” After Jiang Li expressed his thanks again, he and the others followed a puppet to the backyard.

It was also a large ship, and its size was no smaller than the one that had sent them here.

However, what made people gasp even more was that such an exaggeratedly huge thing was quietly suspended several meters above the ground, floating slightly like a balloon.

When Jiang Li got closer, he discovered that there were some complicated patterns engraved on the ship that were similar to those on the Spirit Testing Array. He did not know what principles were used to counteract such a huge gravitational force.

“Jiang Li, let’s go!” Yan Hong stood on the gangway and could not wait any longer. He could not help but urge Jiang Li as he looked around.

A group of 21 people boarded the airship of Scripture Storage Valley under the lead of Jiang Li and Yan Hong.

“Hey, fellow disciples, it seems we have new companions.”

On the airship’s deck, twelve youths of the same age were chatting and laughing. When they saw Jiang Li and the others coming up, they all looked over.

“Hello, are you new disciples too?”

Yan Hong and Jiang Li naturally went up to talk, while the 19 low-grade spiritual root disciples behind them stood where they were, obediently not moving at all.

“Hello, I’m Jiang Li. This is Yan Hong.” He introduced himself.

“Haha, hello, I’m Yu Banxia. We’re all fellow disciples now, so let’s get to know each other.” Yu Banxia was very enthusiastic and brought them into their circle.

“This is Qu Qianfan from the Qu family of Wild Waves River. He has a high-grade spiritual root aptitude.”

A thin youth with bronze colored skin nodded at them!

If Jiang Li did not remember wrongly, this was also a martial arts family in the Pugilistic World. Their legacy technique, Heartbreak Sword, seemed to be very sinister and vicious.

“I’ve heard of you. I’ve long heard of the Jiang family’s Age Tiger Technique. If there’s a chance, we can exchange pointers.”

Qu Qianfan had been holding a thin sword the entire time. Although he looked very cold and aloof, after seeing the arrival of the new group and discovering that Jiang Li was someone of the same kind, he immediately greeted with a martial artist’s mannerism.

Little did they know that although Jiang Li came from a martial arts family, he did not understand these things at all.

“Brother Qu, you’re too polite. I haven’t practiced our martial arts to the point of perfection, so I won’t embarrass myself.”

Everyone was about to start cultivating, so why was he still thinking about martial arts?

“Haha, Brother Jiang, Brother Yan, let me continue introducing you.”

“This is Wang Liuliang, he has a high-grade spiritual root.” This was a young man dressed like a scholar. He waved the fan in his hand as a form of greeting.

“This is Lu Qianqian, she has a medium-grade spiritual root.” This was a very petite girl. She wore a beautiful blue cloud-patterned dress, and she looked shy and timid when she greeted anyone.

“This is Tang Wenxin, he has a medium-grade spiritual root. This is Kong Qingzhou and Pang Xiaowu. They both have medium-grade spiritual roots.”

When they reached this point, the twelve of them looked at Jiang Li and Yan Hong at the same time. Clearly, their self-introduction had been too simple. The grade of the spiritual root was what they were concerned about.

“Then, let me reintroduce myself. I am Jiang Li, and I possess a medium-grade spiritual root. This is Yan Hong, he has a high-grade spiritual root.”

Hearing this, the twelve people smiled again.

After all, everyone had just entered the cultivation world and were currently poor. Spiritual roots were the only criteria for making friends.

This could be seen from the fact that they were all disciples with medium-grade spiritual roots and above.

“Hmph! A bunch of outer sect disciples. Instead of focusing on cultivation, they are forming factions here. Truly ignorant!”

At this moment, a boy in a white robe walked out of the cabin. His robe was fluttering in the wind, and there was a word “Storage” embroidered on his chest with red threads.

This style was very similar to the clothes worn by Elder Weng Sanqi’s wooden puppet. It seemed to be the standard disciple uniform of the Scripture Storage Valley

That person spoke very arrogantly. For some reason, he reprimanded them out of nowhere. Seeing that everyone ignored him, he felt bored and walked back into the cabin after blowing on the deck for a while.

“Who is that? He looks about the same age as us. Could he be one of the senior martial brothers in the sect?” Jiang Li then asked them. Judging from their expressions, they should know each other.

“Humph! Him? He’s Qi Tianya, he has a top-grade spiritual root! A genius disciple from our batch! He became an inner sect disciple right after joining the sect. He just changed his clothes and he’s already putting on airs as an inner sect disciple. Humph!”

Yu Banxia’s expression was ugly. He was jealous and indignant!

“…A top-grade spiritual root. A genius who can enter the inner sect directly. No wonder he dares to speak like that.”

“If we can endure it, then we should endure it. After entering the sect, the difference in status between inner and outer sect disciples is extremely great, and the rules are strict. If we see him again, we’ll probably have to call him senior brother.”

“He’s an inner disciple, so he can take an elder as his master and receive guidance. He’ll receive more resources and better treatment than us. It might not be long before he leaves us in the dust.”

Everyone’s ‘enmity towards the talented’ was triggered and they started chatting.

Hearing this, Yu Banxia’s expression sank.

There were very few high-grade spiritual roots among the countless disciples. They could definitely be called geniuses. However, compared to top-grade spiritual roots, they were clearly much weaker.

After talking for a long time, Jiang Li and Jiang Yi finally recalled the 19 lackeys and told them to find a place to stay in the cabin.

“Brother Yan, Brother Jiang, why are you bringing them along? People with low-grade spiritual roots can’t help much. They’ll only be a burden to you.”

After Yu Banxia, Qu Qianfan and the rest found out about their aptitude, they started to despise them. Even before they entered the sect, their sense of class was already deeply rooted.

“Yes, we will pay attention to it. Spiritual root aptitude is indeed very important to cultivators.” Jiang Li smiled and did not say much.

No matter how poor their spiritual roots were, or even if they were mortals, they still had their own value. Otherwise, why would the cultivation world recruit so many low-quality disciples?

Without their diligent work to fill the bottom ranks, wouldn’t it be necessary for a high-level cultivator to clean the toilet himself?

As they conversed, they learned that Yu Banxia and the petite beauty Lu Qianqian both had a bit of Immortal Cultivator background. It was hard to say exactly how much power they had, but it also gave them a lot of general knowledge about the cultivation world.

According to what they said, those outer disciples of large sects were actually far from being as harmonious as everyone imagined them to be.

In the Scripture Storage Valley, the number of outer disciples was always around eight thousand.

They formed groups while competing openly and secretly, maliciously fought and robbed, and also bullied people while taking their money. These were all common occurrences.

Hence, in order to protect their own interests and defend against possible attacks, Yu Banxia decided to rope in the medium to high aptitude disciples to form a team.

Jiang Li and Yan Hong naturally had no objections.

They would not easily trust strangers who met by chance, but having more friends was better than having more enemies.

Jiang Li and the others were probably the last batch of disciples to arrive at the venue. After the sun set, the people standing on the deck could see that in the direction of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, there was a row of cultivators rising into the sky. After tossing out their flying swords, they rode on their swords and disappeared from sight in a few blinks of the eye.

It was still better for them. There were fewer disciples, so they could just let their senior brothers and elders take them away on their swords.

The Scripture Storage Valley however, recruited 600-700 people in this Immortal Ascension Assembly, it was impossible to bring them back without using this flying ship.

Soon, Elder Weng Sanqi and the other inner disciples returned to the ship, and the new disciples were chased into the cabin.

The speed of the flying ship was too fast and they did not have any cultivation. Without the protection of cultivators, how could they withstand the violent winds?

“Alright, everyone is tired. Go and rest. In two more days, we will be able to see the Scripture Storage Valley.”

Yu Banxia was more tactful and found two decent rooms for Jiang Li and Yan Hong.

The room was not big, but it looked rather exquisite.

Unlike the previous ship on the lake, this flying ship was clearly of a higher grade. There was even a round crystal embedded in the sideboard of the cabin.

The crystal was in the shape of a convex lens. If one looked out directly, the scenery would not be clear, but if they gently turned the dials around the crystal porthole, a ray of light would shoot out from the crystal and hit the wooden wall behind, showing a magnificent scene.

Unknowingly, another day and two nights passed.

When the light of dawn shone through the crystal lens the next day, the rumbling snores in Jiang Li’s room suddenly died down.

As he exhaled a mouthful of turbid air, a thin layer of dust on the ground was blown up. It did not dissipate until it hit the wooden wall two meters away.

“Did I finally break through to become an internal martial artist?”

[Name: Jiang Li]

[Age: 13]

[Race: Human]

[Main Class: Martial Artist, Level: First-Rate]

[Sub-Class 1: None]

[Sub-Class 2: None]

[Health: 980/980]

[Stamina: 860/860]

[Strength: 3.5]

[Speed: 2.9]

[Constitution: 3.9 + 0.5]

[Mind: 1]

[Enlightenment: 1.1]

[Martial Art: Age Tiger Technique Level 8]

[Skill: Appraisal Level 3, Mountain Splitter Level 3]

[Positive Status: Slow Healing, Satiety, Body Strengthening, Manly Vigor]

[Negative Status: None]

Jiang Li felt his blood essence and strength nearly double. He was slightly happy but did not pay too much attention to it.

If nothing unexpected happened, his martial arts cultivation would end here.

They were about to arrive at the sect and officially start their cultivation life. Even if he were to spend some time on martial arts, it would be a waste.

It was already a consolation for his family that he was able to break through to become an internal martial artist before this new life.

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